The Important Stuff Won’t Happen. There’s Never a Right Time. Start Now…..

I used to procrastinate a lot. Though i still do, but not as much as before.
I would have a long list of goals I’d like to achieve. Then I’d come up with reasons why I wouldn’t be
able to achieve some of them or seemingly valid reasons why I’d have to wait for certain things to happen before I start working on those goals. Guess what. Nothing happened and I never achieved those goals.

A lot of people imagine things like:

“My life will be better when i get married…..”.
“I’ll start developing my dream app when I buy a laptop……..”.
“When I’m 30 I’ll know what I’m supposed to do………”.
“I know that some day, I’ll meet someone who will give me a connection to a job……”
“I’ll start touring Nigeria when I have a car…….”

Phew! No. There’s no moment, no one ever knows.

Why not make your life better now? Don’t wait on marriage.
Start saving N1000 weekly or monthly to buy a laptop. Santa Clause won’t dash you one on Christmas.
Do what you already know.
Go out there, pursue and apply for jobs aggressively, everyday, with all your energy.
Take a bus and go to Bauchi or Calabar!

No magician will snap their fingers. No switch will flip. A famous writer won’t collapse at your doorstep, hand you a pen, and croak out “This burden is yours now” before dropping dead.
If you keep waiting, nothing will happen. You’ll only remain the same way you’ve been in the past

If you’re anticipating some grand moment, then you’re wasting all of your time waiting for the universe to tell you what to do, when, really, the universe doesn’t know, doesn’t care, and doesn’t have time to give you that connection that will land you your dream job, deliver your dream boyfriend to your doorstep or even tell you when to start that business idea that you’ve always had.

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The universe is too busy doing other important stuff that it’s programmed to do.

Don’t wait for the universe, time or anything else to give you a sign to tell you what to do with your life. That’s crippling. Just do things. Anything. Anyhow. Right now! Make mistakes. You’ll learn and grow. Trust me.


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