Career Opportunities in Nigeria at Medecins Sans Frontieres

Medecins Sans Frontieres is a private, non-profit international
humanitarian organization dedicated to providing medical assistance to
populations in crisis, without discrimination and regardless of race,
religion, creed or political affiliation.

Medecins Sans Frontieres is  recruiting to fill the positions of:

Job Title: Epidemiologist
Maiduguri, with possible travel within Borno State
Contract: 208 working hours per month and roster flexibility required.
Main Purpose

  • Carry out investigation, implement assessment and
    epidemiological surveillance systems/monitoring (if needed) according to
    MSF protocols in order to contribute to appropriate evidence-based
    decision making using well managed health data in emergency MSF France
    programmes in Borno State.

Job Description

  • Carry out key epidemiological activities in community based
    surveillance (mortality, malnutrition) and in outbreak investigation
    (description including time, place, people with emphasis on mapping when
    it is needed) and advise on the operational response
  • Maintain and develop if required community based surveillance to monitor demography, mortality, malnutrition
  • Monitor epidemiological trends of relevant outbreak-prone diseases
  • Guide activities of medical staff and community staff for
    surveillance and/or active case finding, including ensuring
    understanding of the need for consistent case definitions and data
    recording (briefing of all new staff)
  • Manage data systems and ensure accurate, high quality databases
  • Prepare regular written reports on progress and findings for
    medical coordinator/HQ and when appropriate to external
    collaborators/networks (MoH, other NGOs)
  • Implement initial Assessment (for emergency situation), rapid health assessment and (baseline or follow-up) surveys:
  • Where standard protocols are not available or appropriate,
    develop a protocol seeking extensive feedback and pilot testing of tools
    to ensure the objectives will be met robustly with support of HQ
  • Prepare / adapt routine documentation (survey forms, training
    materials, letters of request/notification, locally appropriate consent
    forms etc) with support of HQ epidemiologist
  • Prepare an appropriate sampling frame and sample selection guidelines with support of HQ epidemiologist
  • Hire, train and supervise survey staff, including ensuring staff exhibit required skills after training and pilot test
  • Manage data systems and ensure accurate, high quality databases
  • Analyze results and report on findings
  • Implement/maintain relevant epidemiological surveillance systems/monitoring
  • Provide training sessions to medical teams on relevant aspects of epidemiology to enhance team response capacity


  • Medical doctor (preferable), or nurse with a degree in epidemiology (not in public health)


  • Experience in field epidemiology
  • Experience in community based surveillance system


  • English fluent
  • Asset, good command of one or more of the following: Hausa, Kanori, Shuwa, Arabic


  • Use of epidemiology related analytical software (excel, Epi-info, STATA or SPSS)


  • People Management.
  • Commitment
  • Flexibility
  • Reactivity
  • Communication (oral and written)
  • Results
  • Teamwork

Job Title: Pharmacy Supervisor
Contract: 208 working hours per month and roster flexibility required.
Main Purpose

  • Ensure general functioning of the pharmacy and supervise
    pharmacy supply chain processes in accordance with MSF’s standards, in
    order to ensure its efficiency and operating availability.

Job Description

  • Define storage, stock management and supply processes, as well
    as hygiene and security procedures, tools, and protocols (controlling
    pests and rodents), implementing appropriate quality controls and
    records, in order to ensure good storage conditions (temperatures,
    humidity and light exposure) and availability of drugs and medical
    material. This will be done according to MSF protocols, national
    regulations and in cooperation with the logistics department.
  • Coordinate the delivery, reception and recording of
    international and local orders, in close coordination with the logistics
    department, updating stock files and informing line managers on their
    status (shortfalls, over-stocking, expiry dates), in order to
    permanently ensure security stock levels and ensure efficient management
    of stock.
  • Supervise orders of medical and drug material in order to ensure
    an efficient and appropriate consumption pattern under budget
  • Supervise the supply drugs to patients, according to medical
    prescriptions, informing them on consumption patterns and keeping
    conditions in order to ensure their therapeutic progression
  • Ensure efficient supply to other pharmacies managed/supported by
    MSF according to orders and stocks, and using cold chain when needed.
    Monitor and analyse orders of depending pharmacies in order to avoid
    ruptures of stock or having expired drugs.
  • Supervise, with the HR department, the associated processes
    (sizing, staff shifts, recruitment, training, performance evaluation,
    development and internal/external communication) of the pharmaceutical
    team and the nursing staff, in order to ensure both the sizing and the
    amount of knowledge required and to improve their dispensing
  • Report on drug consumptions and medical equipment dispensed
    according to protocols, informing on unusual patterns as well as
    forecasting future needs, in order to rationalise the budget and to
    ensure availability.
  • Records all items received and issued in computer (Isystock)
  • Assist in training of nursing staff regarding dispensing of drugs and their side effects.
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  • Essential, degree of Pharmacy Management or Nursing related studies, or medical profile


  • At least 1 year certified work experience as a pharmacy manager


  • Essential mission and local language


  • Essential computer literacy (word, excel and internet)
  • Results, teamwork, flexibility, commitment, stress management.

Job Title: Watsan Supervisor
20% MSF Abuja Office and 80% Field (Nigeria).
Contract: 208 working hours per month and roster flexibility required.
Main Purpose

  • During preparation, explo or response to emergencies: supervise
    the daily logistics activities and provide maintenance to the MSF
    equipments, facilities and infrastructures, according to MSF protocols
    in order to maintain the facilities in perfect conditions and
    collaborate in the development of the mission.
  • Supervise implementation and monitoring of water hygiene and
    sanitation activities during emergencies response according to MSF
    protocols, in order to improve health conditions of the targeted

Job Description

  • Monitor maintenance activities of infrastructures, management of non-medical stocks and equipment according to MSF standards.
  • Ensure the check and follow-up of facilities under the EPREP Log manager supervision.
  • Carrying out daily visits to the facilities, reporting any anomalies or problems to the EPREP log manager.
  • Evaluating rehabilitation needs and following up minor building
    rehabilitation work in accordance with instructions given by his
    supervisor, and accounting to him/her on progress
  • Checking that premises observe security norms (fire extinguishers present, electrical installations earthed, etc.).
  • Monitoring the consumption of mechanical and electrical vehicles/machines/devices
  • Planning together with EPREP log manager required checks and
    maintenance activities of energy systems/set-up according to MSF
  • According to the emergency scenario and defined team, coordinate and lead that team under his/her responsibility, in particular:
  • Defining each person’s tasks, supervising them on a daily basis
    and checking the quality of their work (punctuality, rigour, quality,
  • Drawing up working schedules.
  • Organising and leading meetings.
  • Participating in the recruitment of personnel for his team.
  • Attending logistics meetings and accounting for his activities.
  • Provide technical support
  • Collect logistics & WASH orders coming from different departments or health facilities,
  • Draw up and follow up orders according to the procedures in place.
  • Make local purchases according to MSF supply procedures
  • Ensure reception conditions of freight or arriving material as
    well as the organization and setting up of material before its shipment.
  • WASH Activities Supervision
  • Conduct WHS assessment in collaboration with medical teams,
    identifying WHS needs and recommends EPREP log manager on findings and
    appropriate responses. Participates in elaborating of WHS emergency
    strategies and response plans including resources in collaboration with
    the medical and logistical teams.
  • Provides support to the logistical and medical teams in their
    identification, implementation and monitoring of the Water, Hygiene and
    Sanitation activities in health structures according to the protocols of
    MSF (e.g. essential Water and Sanitation requirements). A particular
    support might be required to assure that environmental control measures
    are defined to address infection control issues related to patients with
    highly infectious diseases.
  • Implements and monitors the Water, Hygiene and Sanitation
    activities outside of health structures according to the protocols of
    MSF ( e.g. Public Health engineering in emergencies)
  • Perform the physical organization of materials and tools used in
    water, hygiene and sanitation activities outside of health structures
    in particular:
  • Inventory of stocks.
  • Receiving and processing orders for water, sanitation and hygiene material.
  • Check that the amounts received are recorded.
  • Check monthly consumptions.
  • Manage the watsan team involved in WHS activities outside of health structures in terms of:
  • Participate in staff selection.
  • Participate in staff training.
  • Ensure the daily work is done correctly.
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  • Technical diploma, desirable specialization in water and sanitation


  • Previous experience in technical works.


  • English is essential, Hausa language desirable.


  • Stress Management
  • Commitment
  • Flexibility
  • Results
  • Teamwork

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should submit their CV’s, qualifications and a cover letter with contact details to the MSF Admin’ Office in Borno (“Application Box” at the Watchmen Desk) 

Email to:


  • Please make sure to inscribe in the subject: position and place of work you apply for.
  • Please make sure to submit your application on or before the above closing date.
  • Only successful applicants will be called for interview.
  • No monetary transactions, neither demands of favours in kind,
    nor other types of favouritism will be tolerated in the recruitment
  • MSF reserves the right to refuse hiring of a candidate having
    benefitted from such acts. All illicit demands of these types may be
    pursued through the judicial system

Application Deadline  12th August, 2016.

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