GNLD Marketers In New Deception Tactics(with photos)

This article was culled from Nairaland. Please read and be aware.
The networking business in Nigeria is unarguably one of the fast rising
businesses. There are a lot of network companies in existence, some
online, some offline and others both. While a good number of
people have
benefited – and are still benefiting from network marketing, a larger
percentage have over the years met with disappointment and frustration
in the course of network marketing. People have employed several methods
of getting prospects to attend seminars over time. These methods
include personal relentless calls, reminder messages, posters and
handbills, and other forms of advertisement. One common feature of all
these methods is that they present the network marketing business as
very lucrative and guaranteed to attract others.
Surprisingly, some
network marketers have taken an entirely new approach to the business of
luring people to attend their seminars.

Let me share with you my encounter with a victim today (August 29, 2016) in Lagos.

out of the premises of Diamond Bank @Cele bus stop in Egbeda, Lagos, I
saw a group of boys cursing and complaining. In my usual curious nature,
I asked what the matter was. One of them told me that he came all the
way from Ogun State to attend a job interview which turned out to be a
GNLD seminar. Hear his account:
“I saw an advertisement placed for a
job in a milk factory with the manager’s phone number and a salary of
#3,000 daily. I decided to call the number and I was asked to come for
an interview in Lagos today. The “manager” even told me that the vacancy
expires tomorrow Tuesday. I had no money on me so I told my mother. She
lent me some money with an agreement that I’ll pay back when I receive
my first salary since the “manager” assured me that I’ll get the job. I
spent over #1,000 to get here only to discover that it’s GNLD that I
hate so much because of my past experience with them.

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All of the other guys or interviewed told me similar stories.
my concerns are these: Is it lawful for a person to impersonate a
manager of a non existent company? Is it not a crime to pass oneself as
someone you are not? Is it also not a crime to mislead the public in
such a despicable manner? What about the emotional and physical
inconveniences they are causing people, putting a lot of people in
unsolicited indebtedness?
As God would have it, I saw an advert
pasted on one of the electric poles close to the bank. I called the
attention of one of the guys to the advert and he confirmed that that’s
exactly the advert. I had to take pictures to post along with this so as
to alert people of the latest trend.

The trend may have been in
existence for some time now but I’m just getting to know of it. These
people have to be stopped. They need to pursue their business
legitimately not at the detriment of unsuspecting poor Nigerians.
For those of us in Lagos, please spread the word.


  1. i will put forward an advice, whenever u find such adverts flying around, google the name of the company, u will never find the name online, such companies have no official website. secondly u can call a frnd close to the veneu of the interview to spy on the company. like ask on nairaland

  2. It has been in existence since I was also tricked into attending their at cement bustop through job seeking as an office assistant. Infact I have been cursing that man since June because of the emotional and psychological stress I went through that day hoping that i was going for a job interview

  3. I was lured to that seminar in June through job seeking as an administrative assistant and I have been cursing that man since then due to the emotional and psychological stress I went that day hoping that I was going for a job interview

  4. I experienced it in Asaba few days ago. They wrote Vacancy! Driver, Cook, Secretary, receptionist wanted. They wrote their number. So I decided to call and a female voice directed me to come now that interview was on. Getting there I saw crowd. What I saw was a seminar. I decided to sit with them. When the speaker was talking, I noticed he was criticizing people be employed. Immediately I understood their pattern and excuse myself. I was so mad that I wanted to report to the police.

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