Federal Civil Service Commission Recruitment Portal is Open again. Apply now.

For those who haven’t applied for jobs at the current Federal Civil Service Commission recruitment exercise due to the portal downtime and other issues, here’s another opportunity to apply. The website is up and better now.

FCSC put up a disclaimer on their recruitment portal that reads thus:


For avoidance of doubt, completion/submission of application on this site is free and at no cost to applicants.

Notice – 22/09/2016: The below
information applies to new registration only. If you receive a
successfully registered message after you click “Register” you will be
automatically logged in and can proceed to available jobs, select and
apply. (Click on the FCSC logo) Make sure your Email and Phone are
accurate, this is the only means the FCSC will use in updating you about
the status of your application.

Notice 20/09/2016: We’re now sending
emails to all those who successfully completed the registration process.
However, due to significant backlog of emails, it may take up to 24
hours for you to receive your activation notice email.

To proceed, visit https://vacancy.fedcivilservice.gov.ng/

If you experience any issues during your application process,  you might find this article useful.

Good luck.

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  1. These people are not serious, you can't even get to save your draft, their server is bad, once there is a problem along the road and u get a error report, you will have to start again from the first form, I have been on this for the past 16hrs now, I can even finish an application, it's quite sad. They should stop playing on our intelligence now, there is no point going through all these stress if it's gonna be like this till d close of the exercise now

  2. I av tried all efforts to make d registration successful but all was to no avail. I'm trying to apply for Surveyor Grade II, Grade Level 8,Federal Ministry of Works and Housing. Please how can JobZilla help?

  3. I've come to the conclusion that this is a fraud. "Man know man" fit don join for the matter. The advert for employment is just to fulfill all righteousness. Tomorrow we will begin to hear that 13000 applications have been received already. One day, Nigeria go better but certainly not today.

  4. Frankly Speaking this looks like Federal Service Service Scam to me…It is a shame that an individuals website can perform better than that Federal Government Ministries…

  5. The Recruitment Portal is currently undergoing scheduled maintenance.
    We anticipate to be back live by 2:00pm Sunday 02nd of October, 2016.
    Sorry for the inconvenience.

    Please try back soon.

    I anticipate we would me fed up and give up applying. I also anticipate 10000 persons have already applied.

  6. As far as am concern, the application is a big scam from those we hold in high esteem. "The teaching of politics is that government which was meant for the protection of public and comfort now becomes the greatest obstruction of the public and nuisance with which we have to contend".

    The annoying thing is that governments, it's agencies or parastatals should not be playing on the intelligence, time and resources of common man. It cost some people a lot of time to access the website and it repeatedly turn into a futility….

  7. To THE PERSONS IN CHARGE: Please you have to either suspend this application and rectify all defects experienced in trying to apply for these jobs. Try to make this things easy for the willing masses who have been trying all through the day to register and apply. I have done the registration and yet no notification was sent to my mail for me to continue from the link.

  8. This is unbelievable,unbearable and unpalatable circumstance on the fact that we can't see anyone commenting to testify the successful completion and submission of a whole federal government recruitment application. This is not good enough and only reflect the real pictures of the government will have in Nigeria. also a reflection and confirmation of the word of God which is forever settle in Heaven in the book of "Pro 29vs2 When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. Majority are in mourning situation already that tell us the give a hint on the kind of ruler we have in our blessed Country

  9. The word of God is forever settle in Heaven Prov.29vs2 say's clearly " When the righteous are in authority, the people rejoice: but when the wicked beareth rule, the people mourn. And now majority are already at the state of mourning now tell me you Name

  10. To be honest! is a terrible situation, but just try and refresh each application page until the last(1-18). I was able to complete mine and four others. 08038454301

  11. This is the WORST website I have ever come across in my entire life time. I think the developers of this webpage should be charged to court and their contract terminated. It is depriving Nigerians of the president's election campaign promises to the nation. Moreover the date line for the final submission should be extended.

  12. I am very sure that nobody has been able to complete the application. I have never seen a website like that, I believe they just programmed it that way to frustrate people from applying. It is really very unfair and very painful. I have been trying daily since almost two weeks now and have not been able to save even page one, therefore anytime I want to start again, it will be from page one. It is quite frustrating and disappointing. Please if they are not ready to recruit now, why the advert. It really look like a scam.

  13. I completed my application in one try. But my question is can one apply for more than one vacancies in different ministry?. Try applying at night or midnight. Please I need ans to my question asap.thanks

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