Please Avoid this Fake Nigeria Customs Job Recruitment

Nigerian Customs Service – Fraudsters have become more daring by the day
as they have now devised a new tactics to defraud unsuspecting job
applicants. The latest trick is to use fake customs letterhead
advertising for replacement in the agency.
Asking job seekers to send their applications to or call one Mr Usman on 09022898422 for the job application form.

Many people who do not know may easily believe the letterhead as it looks like the genuine one.

However, applicants have been warned never to fall victim to the antics
of the fraudsters as the Nigeria Customs Service does not do
replacements, and when it comes to recruitment, it is well advertised on
the National dailies.

People have been warned to take note as fraudsters are now using every
opportunity to defraud people using online scam and tactics.

If recruitment is not publicized, know that it is suspicious as most
Federal Government vacancies are made public. Also, people have been
warned not to part with any more when looking for a job.

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