British Council Job in Nigeira for a Head of Examinations Business Development

The British Council is the world’s leading cultural relations
organization and creates opportunities for people in the UK and
worldwide to understand each other, to work together and learn from one
another. We see this as crucial to building secure, more
prosperous and sustainable futures for us all.
We build trust and
understanding between different countries and cultures and
develop strong international links that are of benefit to people
in Britain and the rest of the world.

The British Council is recruiting to fill the below position below:

Job Title: Head of Examinations Business Development, Nigeria      
Directorate or Region: SSA
Reports to: Country Exams Manager
Pay Band: Country Appointed PB7      
Duration of job: Indefinite       
Contact: Country Exams Manager    
Purpose of Job

  • To support Examination Services in Nigeria in expanding markets
    for examinations and related programme activity in order drive income
    growth targets and enhance service offering across exam products. 
  • To develop and promote the value of the exams offering to both internal and external stakeholders. 
  • Develop and execute a clear partner management strategy and work closely with colleagues across British Council Nigeria.      

British Council Operating Context

Nigeria is one of the largest economies in Africa. It is also the most
populous country with over 180 million citizens. The UK is its largest
trading partner. Nigeria holds significant political power in the region
and internationally and its society retains a positive attitude to the
UK. Therefore, there continue to be major opportunities for the UK and
BC to build on our strong existing relationships with the Nigerian
government, institutions and customers/audiences. However, there are
complex and substantial risks to this work i.e. security and

Nigeria is the British Council’s largest operation in sub-Saharan Africa
with offices in 4 cities – Port Harcourt in the south, Kano in the
north, Abuja the Federal capital and Lagos the commercial centre. We
also have a number of project offices across the country. Our 200 staff
work across a range of states delivering large scale contracts,
partnership programmes, examinations, projects as well as services in
Arts, Education & Society and English & Exams. We are already
achieving substantial impact and income (current annual income is £27.2
million) and have plans to grow and develop our impact further. Partners
and clients include government, public and private institutions,
foundations, private sector organisations and civil society. We work
closely with the wider UK mission including DFID and UKTI.

42% of Nigeria’s population is under 14. The government has recognised
that its Vision 2020 must address the aspirations of this young
population as part of its drive to achieve peace and prosperity. This
has led to unprecedented interest and investment in Education, the Arts
and good governance. This alignment with the UK’s priorities creates a
growth environment for the British Council. To be successful in this, we
are building understanding with our UK stakeholders of Nigeria as an
emerging economy with substantial commercial and development
opportunities as well as the challenges they may be more familiar with.
In this we seek to integrate our approach with that of the wider UK

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We are expanding and scaling up our existing programmes, contracts and
services in the Arts, Education & Society, English &
Examinations and developing offers to fill important gaps such as in
Skills. We are also working to ensure that we have a good balance of
partnership, customer services and client funded work across all these
sectors. To do all this we need to create the right enabling
environment. In addition to developing the professional and technical
expertise of our staff, we need to support them to build their
relationships within Nigeria, the region and the wider global network.
This will ensure we develop as well as adopt and use best practice.

We also need rigorous and compliant frameworks to support our work in
areas such as finance, tax & status, security, procurement,
compliance and quality management. We have new premises in Kano and have
a major premises project under development in Abuja. However, there is
still more work to be done, especially in Lagos and Port Harcourt to
ensure our premises and technology support our brand reputation for
integrity, innovation and professionalism..

The Exams business in Nigeria has grown significantly in recent years.
We doubled our income and volumes between 2011 and 2013. In 2014/15 we
delivered 90,000 examinations, this financial year the target is 100,000
exams on a turnover of £8.5m.  Nigeria examinations work encompasses
School exams, IELTS, and a wide range of academic and professional

Customer service, operational quality and compliance assurance are
critical to the business.  Nigeria’s operating context means that risk
management and contingency planning will be ongoing areas of focus.
Developing flexible and appropriate delivery models will be critical in
responding to the challenges of working across the country. There are a
number of initiatives underway to address these needs.  The Global New
Operating Model for Exams (GNOME) and Global Financial Change projects
are critical to our business plans.

The Head of Business Development role is a new role and the post holder
will have the opportunity to help shape the role and business
development team. The post holder will also have a working relationship
with the new Marketing Manager and Digital Manager roles based in the
Exams team.

Accountabilities, Responsibilities and Main Duties
Business Development and Marketing:

  • Business Growth – to develop and support country business growth strategy with Country Examinations Manager.  
  • To increase the number of examinations across Nigeria.  To identify new markets, customers and channels of promotion
  • Work closely with the product managers across Schools, IELTS and
    professional/university exams to identify new opportunities and manage
    new/existing external partners
  • Manage a database of clients/customers and create and manage a strategy for its use
  • Work with colleagues across Nigeria British Council in other
    SBUs to identify and devise joint promotional and partner events.  Help
    build external profile of examinations business with universities,
    government, corporations and other relevant external bodies.
  • Monitor market intelligence within the industry in terms of
    market development, new products, competitive activity, new customers,
  • To research, plan and conduct a number of promotional events – physical, digital and print to drive growth targets
  • To collect and analyse qualitative marketing data in order to contribute to market strategy and support business development
  • Seek and use customer feedback to identify promotion channels, and new market opportunities
  • Identify opportunities to maximise sales to existing customer groups
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Budget Management:

  • Assist Country Examinations Manager and Director of
    Communications in planning activity and then to assist on monitoring
    income and expenditure to agreed targets

Team Management and Leadership:

  • Serve as member of Senior Leadership Team
  • Represent Country Exams Manager
  • To contribute to Nigeria Exams team objectives by attending and contributing to staff meeting and working groups
  • Engage in successful relationship building within the organisation matrix and externally
  • Formulate and implement business development strategy for Exams across all product lines.

Staff Performance Management and Continuous Professional Development:

  • Recognise learning gaps and address these with training,
    coaching or shadowing and address performance issues quickly,
    effectively and in line with HR policy.
  • Ensure the continual professional development of staff by
    putting development plans in place and offering quality induction,
    training and coaching required
  • Ensure that own professional development and training is continued

Key Relationships
This list is not exclusive but demonstrates that the range of internal relationships reflects the range of external ones.
Key internal relationships include:

  • Nigeria Senior Leadership Team
  • Examinations Managers
  • SBU leads
  • Examinations Services staff
  • Director of Marketing and Communications
  • Director of Research
  • Regional Exams Team

Key external relationships include:

  • Exams Board representatives in the UK and SSA region;
  • Staff from DFID, FCO
  • Senior staff from educational institutions
  • Professional Bodies
  • Cambridge International Education
  • Venue staff
  • Enquirers
  • Candidates
  • Global and regional SBU external stakeholders

Other important features or Requirements of the Job
(e.g. travel, unsocial/evening hours, restrictions on employment etc)
Travel across Nigeria will be required. Lead on events in areas outside
of Abuja/Lagos is required, therefore, out of hours working including
overnight and weekend stays is required.   

Person Specification

  • Working together (more demanding)
  • Making it happen (more demanding)
  • Shaping the future (more demanding)
  • Creating shared purpose (more demanding)
  • Connecting with others (more demanding)
  • Being Accountable (more demanding)

Skills and Knowledge

  • Developing Business – Level 4
  • Using Technology – Level 3
  • Communicating and Influencing – Level 4
  • Managing Accounts and Partnerships – Level 4 (Stakeholder Management)
  • Analysing data and problems- Level 3
  • Effective Presentation skills.
  • Negotiating and Influencing
  • English Language proficiency to IELTS band 8.0 in all areas (or equivalent).


  • A minimum of Five years of proven experience in a similar role within an educational context (or corporate sector, public/NGO)
  • Demonstrable experience of sustaining/and or growing a product/service to meet income and impact targets.
  • Demonstrated experience managing relationships with external clients, partners and stakeholders
  • Demonstrates ability to understand scope of academic systems in accordance with quality assurance standards.


  • Experience organising promotional events such as roadshows conferences, etc.


  • Education to degree level or equivalent.


  • A business-related degree.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply

Click here to download BC Behaviour (pdf)


  • As part of the recruitment exercise, shortlisted candidates will undergo recruitment tests in Lagos or Abuja.
  • Interviews to be held in Lagos only.

Application Deadline  26th October, 2016 

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