Man Submits CV disguised as doughnut delivery. Genius!!

When marketing professional Lukas Yla embarked on a new job hunt shortly after he moved from Europe to the US, he knew sending his CV via email won’t cut it in San Francisco’s competitive tech scene. So he opted for a different approach.

Instead, the resourceful creative came up with an intricate, but oddly witty, plot that included him dressing up as a Postmate courier and personally delivering his resume to employers under the disguise of a doughnut box.

To recreate the entire ensemble, Yla printed out an authentic-looking t-shirt and prepared a pile of doughnut boxes with the clever message “ Most resumes end up in trash – mine in your belly” hidden inside the package.

To make sure employers can reach him back if interested, Yla also included a short URL linking to his profile on LinkedIn .

In a world where people send hundreds of resumes via the Web to never hear back from employers, this goes down as a win in my score book.

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