Ornamental Agro-Allied Enterprises Job in Lagos for a Farm Manager

Ornamental Agro-Allied Enterprises is a full service agriculture firm
offering professional farm management, Dairy Operation, livestock
operations management, agricultural consulting. We have a practical
understanding across the whole range of farming disciplines.

Ornamental Agro-Allied Enterprises is currently recruiting to fill the below position:

Job Title: Farm Manager
Job Description

  • To plan and carry out the day to day operational aspects of the
    stock and pastoral management, with the key objective being to maximize
    the productivity and profitability of the property, without compromising
    plant condition, stock welfare or human resources.


  • To maximise stock health and performance in balance with
    ensuring optimal pasture management on a daily, weekly and annual basis.
  • Special attention to be given to seasonal stocking ratios to ensure a focus on key classes of stock.
  • Contribute to the setting of farm policies, including the
    development programme, projected livestock increases versus livestock
    performance and understanding the annual budget requirements in
    conjunction with management.
  • Record keeping including stock performance and live weights,
    animal diagnostics, stock tallies (monthly stock reconciliation),
    rainfall, soil temperature, week and pest monitoring, hours kept by
    casual staff, vehicle maintenance and a full and comprehensive diary.
  • Attendance at any offfarm field days, discussions groups or
    further education as required for either personal or professional
    development as agreed on by management.
  • To ensure target weights are achieved in a timely manner and that stock are presented in an optimal state to their given market.
  • Timely organisation and implementation of the main stock
    priorities, including but no limited to shearing, docking, dagging,
    weaning, scanning, trucking and TB testings in conjunction with farm
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Animal Health:

  • Monitor animal health status and maintain accurate records in accordance with farm policies.
  • Ensure all animal health treatments are used in accordance with
    the manufacturer’s guidelines, specifically adhering to the outlined
    dose rate, stock suitability and associated withholding periods.
  • Abide by safe handling practices when handling and administering sprays, dips, drenches or any other AgChem products.

Business Management, Finance and Marketing:

  • Contribute to the farm policies and the annual development programmes of the property.
  • Actively participate in any team meetings relating to the operation and produce information pertaining to the stock as required.

Human Resources:

  • To assist management in identifying job requirements and recommending priorities and staffing needs.
  • Ensure a positive team atmosphere and establish a good working relationship with all other staff members.
  • Liaise with staff and contractors to ensure tasks are completed on time and to an acceptable standard.
  • Participate in any further education and upgrading of skills
    required for oneself and other team members through field days and any
    courses that relate to their responsibilities.
  • Record and monitor hours/tallies completed by contractors, and assist management in monitoring quality of work, as required.


  • Ability to contribute to a team environment, be a team player and add value to that team when required.
  • Good communication skills (both oral and written) with the
    ability to express oneself clearly and offer an opinion able to be
    supported through discussion and debate.
  • An understanding of the basic biology of stock, soils and plants ie. reproduction, growth, health, and so on.
  • High personal standards – discipline, loyalty, honesty and integrity.
  • Must be tidy, both in the workplace and around home.
  • Show a high degree of time management skills. 
  • Must be willing to take on responsibility, be confident at
    working independently and have the knowledge, experience and initiative
    to plan an effective, undirected day’s work.
  • Must be well acquainted with the seasonal feed requirements of
    the key classes of stock in terms of the animal health requirements and
    the ever changing feeding priorities.
  • Must be willing and eager to make the business grow successfully.
  • Must have good observation and deduction skills and the ability to act appropriately when situations arise.
  • to take constructive direction in a positive manner.
  • Good observational skills and a questioning nature, willing to
    challenge existing farm practices with supporting evidence, to observe a
    problem or potential opportunity, to think through the consequences and
    to offer suggestions.
  • To show a high level of stockmanship skills.
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  • Must be capable of general farm repairs and maintenance and farm
    development including but no exclusively fencing, water reticulation
    systems and general plant.
  • Must treat the employer’s tools, equipment and vehicles with care and respect.
  • Willing to work in with and incorporate advice from outside specialists.
  • Prepared to adapt new technology and adapt research findings to the farm situation.
  • Hand piece skills are essential to the position.
  • To maintain a team of suitable dogs, and have the skills to work them in an effective manner.
  • All stock including dogs, horses or other farm animals are cared for in a humane way.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should send their Application and CV’s to: careers@ornamental.com.ng

Application Deadline  30th October, 2016.

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