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British Red Cross (BRC) in partnership with the International Committee
of the Red Cross (ICRC) is currently looking for an experienced
candidate to work within the ICRC delegation in Abuja, Nigeria, to fill
the position below: 

Job Title: Cash and Markets Specialist
Role reference: REQ0000014GZ
Location: Abuja, Nigeria
Function: Cash and Markets Specialist – NRCS/NEMA Cash Preparedness Delegate
Proposed length of assignment: 3 months

  • There is an increased use of cash transfer programming (CTP) in
    humanitarian response; and it is widely recognized that cash transfers
    and vouchers can be appropriate and effective tools to support
    populations affected by disasters in a way that maintains dignity and
    choice for beneficiaries while stimulating local livelihoods, economies
    and markets.
  • The RCRC Movement has a long history of using cash transfer
    programming (CTP) in disaster and armed-conflict response and it’s
    recognized that adequate preparedness and organisational
    institutionalisation of CTP are critical pre-requisites for an
    organisation to rapidly deliver cash. ICRC and other Movement partners
    are therefore increasingly working together to improve the cash
    preparedness of key national societies in disaster and armed-conflict
    response prone countries and a CTP in emergencies framework has been
    developed, including guidance for key CTP preparedness measures to be in
    place before disaster or conflict strikes.
  • Nigeria Red Crescent Society (NRCS) is a long-term partner of
    the International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC). The NRCS is a
    frontline organization in humanitarian response and a member of the
    National Emergency management Agency (NEMA). The NRCS and NEMA respond
    to sudden onset natural disasters and armed conflict, including
    distribution of relief items and livelihood support after the floods in
    many parts of Nigeria and the humanitarian action in conflict affected
    areas in the north-east.
  • NRCS has implemented a limited number of cash based
    interventions with the support from ICRC, Total, Japanese Government and
    other Movement partners. These have almost exclusively been targeting
    small number of households. On the other hand, NEMA has capacity to and
    mandate to deliver large scale humanitarian response to disasters at the
    National level, but has limited experience in CTP.
  • Both NRCS and NEMA have requested the ICRC for capacity building
    assistance to enable them to acquire the skills that would allow them
    to deliver cash based assistance in future.
  • The NRCS/NEMA CTP preparedness will form part of on-going
    capacity building programme where the ICRC is trying to transfer skills
    and capacities to the local institutions that are expected to assume
    responsibility for humanitarian interventions in areas where civilians
    are affected by other situations of violence or natural disasters.
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  • Under the supervision of the EcoSec Coordinator, the Cash and
    Markets Specialist is responsible for providing technical support for
    the design and initial activities of the Cash Preparedness Project in
  • The CTP Advisor will support the CTP focal points at the Nigeria
    Red Cross Society (NRCS) and the National Emergency Management
    Authority (NEMA).
  • They will help NRCS and NEMA in the development of the detailed
    project description and related timeline / work plan, budget, necessary
    internal advocacy and preparation of a CTP preparedness at NRCS and

Main Responsibilities

  • The cash preparedness capacity building programme will be based
    on the specific needs of the NRCS and NEMA, but is expected to follow
    the cash preparedness model developed by the RC/RC movement. The
    delegate will help the recipient organisations in identifying their gaps
    in terms of capacity to deliver cash timely and at scale; as well as
    the activities to be undertaken to increase the organisations’ capacity.
    The capacity assessment and cash preparedness action plan will follow
    these four tracks:

    • Identifying enabling systems,
    • Developing suitable programme tools,
    • Adapting resources and capacities, and
    • Putting a communication and coordination mechanism in place,
  • Engage all the relevant internal stakeholders/departments (from
    both NRCS and NEMA) in the capacity assessment as well as in the in
    development of the programmes’ Plan of action and budget.
  • Work with NRCS and NEMA CTP focal points to harness strong internal advocacy to key stakeholders within the NRCS and NEMA to ensure ownership and buy in from the two organisations at all levels to the CTP Preparedness project.
  • Coordinate and engage ICRC and IFRC cash Delegates in the process when relevant.
  • The Delegate will provide technical support to for the capacity
    assessment as well as the design of the Cash Preparedness Project in
    general. They will be the responsible to produce the capacity assessment
    report and the complete and approved final version of the PoAs.

Main Tasks

  • Organise a start-up workshop for key stakeholders at NRCS and
    NEMA to ensure full understanding of the prerequisites of developing CTP
    and hence ensure a commitment and full buy in,
  • In collaboration with ICRC trainers, organise:
    • A half day cash training addressed to NRCS and NEMA leadership.
    • An in-house CTP training level 2 for NRCS and NEMA cash teams
    • NRCS and NEMA staff with previous experience in cash and
      familiar with the CTP Level 2 will be engaged in the facilitation as a
      mean to ensure sustainability and replication of trainings.
  • Facilitate the CTP preparedness gap analysis of NRCS and NEMA
    using the NS selfassessment tool to gather information on 1) enabling
    systems, 2) programme tools, 3) resources and capacities, as well as 4)
    communication and coordination and identify the gaps and the areas the
    need to be developed/strengthened.
  • Support the NS and NEMA to define possible disaster scenarios
    and the use of cash in relation to these. Link up with NRCS and NEMA
    contingency planning process in order to ensure maximum integration.
  • Support the CTP focal points identified at NRCS and NEMA
    headquarters in the development of the Plan of Action. Lead the
    participatory workshop to develop project description with Log-frame,
    the PoA and related budget.

    • The Plan of action should include, activities such as to
      produce the CTP SOP, a cash toolkit, replicate the CTP Level 2 training,
      conduct markets assessment trainings – including practical exercises-,
      sign framework agreements with FSP that can be activated at short notice
      when needed in accordance with financial procedures of the two
      organisations, develop CTP communication materials, develop a thoughtful
      risk analysis including mitigations measures and robust financial
      controls as well as support to NEMA on cash coordination.
  • Prepare/adapt the training materials, lead the training delivery and coach the local facilitators (ToTs).
  • Eventually, conduct some of the initial activities described in
    the PoA, for instance, development of a Cash tool kit adapting the
    relevant tools from the RCRC CiE Toolbox, or any identified as more
    urgent and feasible within the timeframe.
  • Prepare a handover report outlining key tasks to be follow up by
    the NRCS and NEMA Focal Points and the ICRC cash delegates until the
    arrival of the new Delegate to support on implementation.
  • Produce the end of Mission summary note on key deliverables, learning and outline on next steps and longer-term engagement
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Place of work

  • Abuja, with possible travel to selected NRCS branches and NEMA zonal offices in the field

Other Information
Planning Form
Main skills required for the post:

  • University Degree (Master in Economics or any other related
    field preferred though Bachelor is accepted) or equivalent experience
    from other field of qualification (e.g. Agriculture Economy, Business
  • Able to work in hazardous security environment with flexibility to work with unusual schedule with considerable travel if required.
  • 5 years previous experience in managing cash and markets based and capacity building projects
  • Fluent knowledge of English
  • Computer proficiency

Skills that may be acquired during the assignment:

  • Knowledge of relevant market assessment and cash transfer tools
  • Management of cash and markets based intervention throughout the project cycle
  • Languages required: English
  • Languages that would be an asset;
  • Proven ability to research, write reports and present findings on market assessment and cash transfers activities
  • Adult education skills and didactic methods,


  • Salary: £26,598
  • Package: Salary, monthly living allowances, accommodation, travel costs, full medical insurance

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply

Application Deadline  27th June, 2017.

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