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Want to learn how to write a good cover letter? This guide is for you. As a job seeker, you’ll frequently have the need to send cover letters along with your curriculum vitae as a way of introducing yourself to potential employers and explaining your suitability for the desired positions. You’re probably here because you... Read More
  Writing an application has become a daunting task for many people especially students. Although some topics in Nigerian schools are designed to teach students how to write an application letter, they soon discover upon graduation that they have no idea how to get it done. This leads to penning down terribly worded and designed... Read More
  The last decade has experienced an online explosion. Not only has there been the birth of numerous social media outlets which enable instant communication across long distances, but there has also been a remarkable shift in business.┬áThe internet community has become a means through which you can make money by simply leveraging on the... Read More