Joke of the day, (Conversation Between a Rat and Man).

Conversation Between a Rat and Man

Rat: (with tiny voice) Hello

Man: Hello, Who am I speaking with?

Rat: Na Mr. John be dis abi?

Man: Yes you are speaking with Mr. John, who is this please?

Rat: So you no recognise my voice abi? Na me your Room Mate

Man: You say what?

Rat: Your Room Mate Rat. I dey your Room now.

Man: I beg your pardon?

Rat: Which yeye beg you dey beg. I never chop since yesterday wey you waka comot. I check that place you dey put food i no see anything.
 I check kitchen nothing. I even check your Fridge no single food there. E be like say you wan kill me abi?
 No problem, I just say make I let you know say that your Certificate for inside your wardrobe wey dem write UNIVERSITY OF CALABAR, I don eat the ”CALA” comot remain “BAR”. Let me see which work you go take UNIVERSITY OF “BAR” find. Idiot.

Lol. Good luck in your job search peeps, and please keep your certificates safe.  Have a nice day.

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  1. O'boy, that Rat wicked o! So, na 'Cala' e come see chop while em no chop the 'Bar' make e leave 'Cala' So that the certificate go come read 'University of Cala' This one make sense past the 'University of Bar' Thanks man for this rip breaking joke. Thumbs up!

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