Opportunity for Every Nigerian who wants to Travel and Work Abroad but do not have a Visa

Are you tired of living in Nigeria? Would you like to live and work in a developed country with world-class healthcare and standard of living? Do you want to 'Japa'?

If you answered YES to those questions, then make sure you read this page to the end because your life is about to change.

My name is Ngozi Nwachukwu and I'm the co-founder of this website - Jobzilla Nigeria. In 2022, I got really fed up with living in Nigeria and I started thinking of traveling to a country with a better standard of living. I talked to my friends abroad and they started sending me international jobs with visa sponsorship. After about six months of applying, I got a job as a Data Analyst in a notable tech company in the US. Today, I live in the US. I have access to world-class amenities and a better standard of living. That, my friend, is one of the best decisions I've ever made in my life.

And then recently, it struck me that there are many people in Nigeria who are not aware or do not have access to these types of jobs but are desperate to leave the country.

My question to you is - Do you know that there are companies abroad offering relocation assistance and visa sponsorship? Yes, you can apply and get their jobs from Nigeria. Other Nigerians have traveled this way. I did. You too can!

Applying and getting these jobs is a tried and tested way to travel and work abroad. However, these jobs cannot be found here on our website or on your regular job listing websites.

Hence my team and I created a Telegram channel, EXCLUSIVELY for PREMIUM USERS, where we share these international jobs with visa sponsorship for members to apply.

What will you get from joining our EXCLUSIVE Telegram channel?

As a premium member of our Telegram channel:

  1. You can apply and get very lucrative jobs that will sponsor your visa to countries like Canada, US, UK, Australia, UAE, Kuwait, Germany etc. Just like me.
  2. As a BONUS, we'll share remote jobs you can also apply for, that will pay you in foreign currency while you work from home.
  3. We will give you FREE international-standard CV and Cover letter template to help you apply for these jobs.
  4. You will get helpful tips on how to travel, live and work abroad.
  5. ...and much more!

Note: These services cannot be found here on our website.

How can you join our Telegram channel?

Everyday, our team spends thousands of hours scouting the internet for the hottest and most exclusive jobs from employers all over the globe, offering visa sponsorship and work-from-home opportunities to international candidates like yourself.

As a result, we charge a subscription fee of ₦5,000/month or ₦55,000/year to give you full access to our Telegram channel where you can apply to all the visa sponsorship jobs we publish, for a month or a year respectively. We charge this fee to help us run effective operations and pay additional staff.

However, we're making an offer of ₦3,000 for monthly subscription or ₦33,000 for annual subscription to the first 50 people to join the channel. HURRY NOW while the offer lasts!

Pay into our account: Guaranty Trust Bank, 0156626593 (JOBZILLA SERVICES)

Notify or send us your proof of payment via our WhatsApp number +234 813 901 2623. You'll be added to the Telegram channel as soon as your payment is confirmed.

P.S: If you subscribe up to 12 months (either by paying the annual subscription or paying the monthly subscription up to 12 times), and do not get a job abroad within 1 year, we'll give you back half of your money. GUARANTEED!!!!

Your dream life is just a job application away. Act now.

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