Stop Complaining of Unemployment. It's Your Fault! Not mine. Not the Federal Government's. Deal with it.

Imagine a handsome and well-to-do young man, a bachelor for that matter. He’s ready and set for marriage. He embarks on a search for his better half. He’s looking for a beautiful woman.
A down-to-earth woman. A peaceful, caring and loving woman. A woman who can take care of his home and children. Is that too much? Well, that’s his specification and choice. He has a need and he has to fill it.

Meanwhile, there are lots of spinsters out there looking to get married. As the saying goes, there are more women than men. In fact the “spinsterhood market” is condensed.

So why can’t this young man just pick one out of the many single girls out there. The reason is simple. He hasn’t seen anyone that fits his spec. He doesn’t care if the  “spinsterhood market” is condensed. All he cares about is the right woman who can fill his needs.

Naturally, Man, unlike God is selfish.

Analogous to the above scenario is the labour market. The ratio of job seekers to employers is about an alarming 1000 : 1, if not more.
Employers don’t care about the unemployed. No employers goal is to reduce unemployment rate in any country. Most times, there goal is to make money. Sorry. Man is selfish.

Every employer/company has needs. They need a good accountant who can manage their finances, They need an exceptional web developer who can manage their web site. The need an experienced Building Engineer who can manage their works and projects. Are you good, exceptional or experienced. They need to fill these needs.

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Lesson: Stop complaining. You annoy me when you do. Well, i guess my emotions and opinion don’t count in your life.
Quit saying there are no jobs. There are. There are things to do. People have needs. Find them, fill them. Get yourself equipped with a new skill.

Who doesn’t have just a degree today? Is that all you can offer? SMH for you.

Learn a computer program. Learn how to sell a product. Learn French. Get a Masters degree or even a PHD. Learn AUTOCAD. Learn PeachTree. Sharpen your convincing skills. Go out there and learn something that will make you stand out from the crowd. You’ll find employers begging to employ you.

Trust me on this. This sh*t works like charm.

I guess my opinion counts now.

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  1. Well said, but most times with all these hard earned skills put together you will still be under employed "financially and motivationally" you will be backward cos employers have ambiguous work load, closing hour and salary budget they will never reconsider i.e cutting cost, 9am-7:30pm cos they feel they are doing you a favour and the market of "cheap graduates" very dense for their exploits.
    The way forward is Self employment, involve in a trade you desire by accepting to take the Peanut salary, acquire the skills, save some money and start small.
    Plant the seed, water it and nurture it and you will reap the benefits in no time.
    My One Pound..

    • self employment is the way out of this saga, employers are slave masters for all i care. God has promised to bless the works of our hands and that whatever we put our hands to do will prosper. so y should i stick my butt to a chair from 7:30am to 6pm in d name of office work and take all the bull shit from my employer.
      I have desired in my heart to be an employer of labor, slowly but surely.

  2. Thanks for your piece of advice to unemployed persons. The part l like is where you mention "learn how to sell a product". Do you know that "marketing employment is never fill?" yes, that position is open for those looking for job vacancy to fill. Manufacturers are always looking for people who can sell their products. The thing with most graduates is that they feel that after spending years in school, they must work in an office not in the field. I hope many of them will learn how to sell a products like you suggested and not continue to suffer financially.

  3. Well said. I was pushed to do Masters cause of unemployment and really it is a blessing in disguise cause if I'd gotten a job I don't know when I will do it o. Started 2012 convocated last month ( public uni palava 2 years turn to 4 years) but the issue is I'm still without job experience and like you said no company want to train really except you are ready to Market for them( that's earsier to get but not all ladies love that part of every company). I apply through online job site offers and am sure that some of the hiring guys will look and smile cause there's still no experience except for all the abracadabra one will put in the cover and application letter (lol).
    Government should at least help out with recruitment and those people stealing our money should at least eat small small even rats dey leave little for the owner.
    It will get to a stage youths will revolt and luck up places out of frustration. I just pray we don't get to that.

  4. Please I request your permission to share your posts on my facebook page. Not only are your posts thoughtful, but they are equally incisive. Thanks for not keeping them to yourself.

  5. Nice write up, I think this piece is directly referring to me. After nysc, av being wasting precious time and sitting idly at ohm all in d name of searching for an office work. Gat some courage now. God bless u for this.

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