Sample Application Letter for Nigerian Railway Corporation(NRC) Jobs

If you need a sample application letter / cover letter to apply for the current Nigerian Railway corporation NRC recruitment exercise, here’s a good one for you.
Writing application letters / cover letters can be tasking; so I decided to write one and put it up here for you guys. Free!

(Put your address here).
(Put your city and state here)
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Nigerian Railway Corporation.

Dear Sir/Madam,

                  APPLICATION FOR THE POST OF (put position you are applying for here)
I am interested in the position of (Put the position you are applying for here eg: Confidential Secretary) advertised on the official website of Nigerian Railway Corporation.
Given my related experience and excellent capabilities I would
appreciate your consideration for this job opening. My skills and qualifications are an
ideal match for this position.
As a graduate of (put your degree/qualification here), I am eager to contribute my abilities, knowledge and experience to The Nigerian Railway Corporation, NRC. Given my background, I’m a strong advocate of  Nigerian Railway Corporation core values which includes Professionalism , Integrity,  Team Spirit, Respect for individual and Delivering on Promise. I believe I can
The Nigerian Railway Corporation achieve its vision of being a world class rail transport organization, providing safe,
efficient, affordable, reliable, widely linked network and customer
oriented service

Please find enclosed my resume and a list of my references. Feel
free to call me at (Put your phone number here), to arrange a time to meet. I look
forward to hearing from you.
The cover letter format can be Microsoft Word or hand-written. I recommend the later. And please ensure your CV contains your valid contact telephone number and email

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  1. It was noted that the cover letter should be written, are we to scan the hand written letter and send to the email provided along with the cv .its written not typed ,,

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