Study this Scenario and Answer the following Questions (The Case of a Company Manager)

You own a manufacturing company and had a CEO/Manager who didn’t run the company efficiently, so you sacked him.

The open CEO position was advertised on Jozilla and about 50 persons applied
for the job. As part of the selection exercise, 
the necessary financial books, documents and history of the company were given to each of them and
they were asked to identify the company’s problem(s).

None of the candidates gave a satisfactory answer. Except one who said that the problem was the previous Manager
not remitting the full revenue into the company’s account and buying
substandard equipment at bloated costs. He pledged to return the company
to the right track within a short time. You give him the job.

This new Manager now sets about identifying other employees who may have
connived with the previous Manager, some were sacked, some funds were
returned, and you are happy to have employed him.

However, with
each passing month, you notice that the business itself was not thriving
despite the recovered funds and sacked employees. Whenever you ask why,
this new Manager tells you the same story as during the selection
exercise: “that the problem was the previous Manager not remitting the
full revenue into the company’s account and buying substandard equipment
at bloated costs”. He also talks about going after those who connived
with the former Manager and assures you that things will get better.

After a year and four months, the company is in a terrible state that
you are wondering if you had employed the right person after all. So
yesterday, you had a meeting with him to ascertain what was going on.
The meeting lasted for an hour and 45 minutes, most of which the Manager
used to talk about how the previous Manager and his cronies had nearly
run your company into insolvency.

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Now answer the following questions:
1. Has the present Manager done a good job? If yes, how?
3. If you were the Manager, what would you have done differently?
4. What would you advise the owner of the company to do?
5. In one word, describe the present Manager
6. Do you know someone who thinks like the present Manager? If yes, who?


  1. 1. Not quite. 20% of the work done.
    2. I would create a committee to look into the fraud and then focus on making the company more profitable.
    3. I would ask him to refinance some projects or restructure the company.
    4. APC
    5. Mr. President Buhari

  2. 1 No, he has not done a good job at all, he just made verbose promises and he is incompetent.
    2. I would have focused on delivering the promises I made instead of chasing a shadow.
    3 the manager needs to be replaced period..
    4 incompetent
    5. Yes, PMB

  3. 1. yes he has done a good job by recouping stolen cash and blockiing financial leakages, without which the business would suffer further.

    2. i would multi-task by carrying out policies that would help the company survive. while re- couping and fixing the mis-deeds of the past.

    3. i would advise that he be given some specific targets to meet if not he will be replaced.

    4. inflexible

    5. President Muhammadu Buhari

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