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RusselSmith is an ISO 9001:2008 certified asset integrity management
services company incorporated to serve the needs of the global oil and
gas exploration and production industry, using rope access
technology as our principal medium of access.
A career at RusselSmith offers you growth and a chance to make a
difference. Throughout our history, we have continued to help our
employees realize their dreams, whilst creating opportunities for them
to fulfill their personal and professional potential.

RusselSmith is recruiting to fill the job positions of:

Job Title: Facilities Assistant
Job Reference Code: RS-FMD-007
Location: Nigeria
Job Type: Intern
Summary of Functions
Facility Operations & Servicing:

  • Office space & work station allocation as required/on need basis
  • Energy Savings Measures & Initiatives
  • Energy Management – Weekly Diesel Supply
  • Energy Management – Monthly PHCN Recharge Credit
  • Energy Management – Daily Generator Checkup & analysis
  • Energy Management – Monthly Generator Servicing & Maintenance
  • Routine office & Staff Houses interior fumigation on Pre-scheduled basis
  • Routine office & Staff Houses exterior fumigation on Pre-scheduled basis
  • Routine A/C checkup & servicing on Pre-scheduled basis
  • Generator functionality & availability
  • Inverter functionality & availability
  • PHCN functionality & availability
  • Routine Water dispenser servicing on Pre-scheduled basis.
  • Weekly Supply of Water for office.

Facility Maintenance:

  • Facility Ambience & sanitation
  • Identification & notification of Health Hazards on the premises
  • Routine inspection of office & Staff Houses sanitation
  • Waste management – Disposal/Destruction of Hazardous materials
  • Waste management – Segregation & Disposal
  • Waste management – Sewage, Drains & Gully
  • Environmental Hazard management/planning & remediation
  • Routine checks & inspection of office & Staff Houses Supplies
  • Maintenance of reorder Level of materials & requisition
  • Routine Electrical repairs & maintenance on pre-Scheduled Monthly Basis
  • Routine carpentry repairs & maintenance on Pre-scheduled monthly basis
  • Routine office equipment repairs & maintenance as required/on need basis
  • Routine painting of office space on pre-scheduled basis
  • Implementation of defined preventive, predictive & corrective maintenance measures

Security Monitoring:

  • Monitoring & Tracking of company Assets/Property entrance
  • Monitoring & Tracking of company Assets/Property exit

Support Services:

  • Maintain, Challenge & Evolve Service Delivery
  • Meeting business operational needs
  • Timely quality service level delivery in line with requirements
  • Alignment of service delivery with Approved Policies & Procedures
  • Maintenance & actualization of optimal efficiency
  • Timely Escalation & Resolution of issues as & when required
  • Prompt Processing of Rendered Services Invoices
  • Provision of internal & external Customers with Compliant & Reliable Services
  • Courteous Customer Service Liaison
  • Provision of unparalleled service delivery to end users


  • Clerical & Administrative Support
  • File Management & Archiving
  • Planning & Meeting Organization
  • Stationary Inventory & Management

Educational Qualifications

  • Degree in Facilities Management or and other Management Courses.

Experience Required:

  • 0-2 years.

Skills/Qualifications Required:

  • Excellent interpersonal and Intrapersonal skill
  • Good written and oral communication skills
  • Good team spirit and project management skills
  • Good administrative and organizational skills
  • Good problem solving skills and initiative
  • Good relational and customer service skills
  • Strong quantitative skills such as statistics and data analysis skills
  • Good reasoning skills; multi-tasking skills and organizational skills
  • Strong analytical and data analysis skills
  • Exhibits initiative, responsibility and flexibility
  • Proficient in the use of Microsoft Office Tools

Physical Demands:

  • Regular use of the telephone and e-mail for communication is essential. Standing and Sitting for extended periods is common.
  • Hearing, vision and speaking within normal ranges is essential for normal conversations.

Work Environment:

  • The job is performed both indoor and outdoor in a traditional
    office setting. Activities include extended periods of standing, sitting
    occasional fast paced events and extensive work at a computer monitor
    and/or calculator.

Interested and qualified candidates should:
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Job Title: Coordinator, People Services
Job Reference Code: RS-OHP-005
Location: Nigeria
Job Type: Full-Time
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
Recruitment & Onboarding:

  • People Planning as per annual people plan and working out
    sourcing strategies from time to time for infusion of fresh and
    experienced talent.
  • Facilitate the interview process and feedback to ensure the
    defined staffing requirements while complying with established
    guidelines are met.
  • Coordinate the recruitment, selection criteria defining of vacant positions.
  • Monitor the coordination of the orientation and onboarding process of new hires.
  • Manpower Planning- Estimates future organizational structure and
    manpower requirements, audits human resources, plans job requirement
  • Coordinate the administration of entire life-cycle recruiting
    process from forecasting personnel needs and strategic sourcing to
    on-boarding and integration of employees for all assigned positions.
  • Assists and supports department managers and employees regarding resourcing issues.
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People Services & Reward:

  • Coordinate the employment process, employee probationary and
    confirmation process (background screening & credential
  • Employee Relations- Investigates a variety of Human Resources
    related issues (e.g. Wage, Harassment, Discrimination, employee
    disputes, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring that effective, legally
    compliant resolutions are arrived at in a timely manner and within
    defined guidelines.
  • Supports department managers and all employees regarding
    personnel issues. Answers employee questions regarding employee
    engagement, personnel policies, procedures and benefits; researches and
    disseminates timely information to managers and/or employees on
    personnel issues.
  • Coordinate meetings (Management, Mentoring etc.) presentations and seminar.
  • Monitoring the administration of the company’s pension scheme; and benefit programs.
  • Coordinate the management and allocation of office space and personnel administration
  • Coordinate the health and safety of employees and managing
    matters related to employee compensation scheme and renewal of insurance
    cover for employees
  • Coordinate the computation of monthly payroll, budget (monthly
    & annual), payment of consultants’ monthly salaries, pensions and
  • Salary Survey- Under the directive of the Management,
    periodically assess the compensation & benefits structure of the
    local/expat market through Salary Survey, networking and make
    recommendations for changes including structural design changes. Also
    conduct a compensation/market rate review analysis and the external
    competitiveness of the marketplace.
  • Develop the grading and pay structure of both existing employees and prospective employees.
  • Coordinate the confirmation steps, criteria and process of
    employees (previous employer reference, background screening &
    credential verification)
  • Attrition Management- Monitor and coordinate the exit process of
    separated staff. Ensures exit documentation is complete, review the
    final settlement (entitlement or indebtedness); and exit interviews
    where necessary.
  • Cultural Diversity- Collaborate with department leaders to
    continually develop and evolve initiatives and programs with respect to
    diversity and inclusion; understanding unique business and geographic
    challenges and needs to appropriately tailor those initiatives for

Legal & Compliance:

  • Stays current with laws and regulations affecting personnel
    issues, employment practices or trends and recommends new or revised
    policies and procedures as appropriate.
  • Ensures that the company complies with relevant legislation and
    regulation and maintains standards of corporate governance. Keeps the
    management informed of relevant legal responsibilities.
  • Employee Discipline- Manages and acts as an advisory channel of
    the company’s disciplinary process. Ensure employees strict compliance
    to the stipulated code of conduct, rules and regulations to ensure
    continual productivity and efficiency and forestall chaos, corruption
    and disobedience in the company.
  • Coordinate and monitor overall compliance with regards to
    certifying bodies and general company compliance to industry standards.
  • Monitor and coordinate internal compliance to stakeholders’ requirements.
  • Coordinate the overall compliance with regards to company
    procedures, statutory and regulatory requirements with key emphasis to
    critical business units.
  • Monitoring changes in relevant legislation, taking appropriate
    action and advising on the legal implications of proposed policies.
  • Liaising with external regulators and advisors such as lawyers where required.
  • Reviewing and or drafting contractual agreements with employees, contractors, consultants, vendors and customers.
  • Contributing to meeting discussions as and when required, and
    advising members of the legal, governance, accounting and tax
    implications of proposed policies
  • Taking responsibility for the health and safety of employees and
    managing matters related to insurance and property. Advising on
    renewing insurance cover for employees
  • Reviewing contractual agreements with employees, contractors, consultants, vendors and customers

Organization Design & Development:

  • Monitors the overhead cost and headcount.
  • Ensure the regular update of company organization charts and employee directory.
  • Coordinate role review and alignment in line with approved employee job functions & role responsibilities.
  • Facilitate organizational restructuring projects as well as design
  • Change Management- Act as a change catalyst during the company’s restructuring programs.

Training & Support:

  • Employee Records- Oversee the upload of employees’ data on the
    company’s HR software database. Ensure an effective record and file
    management system is maintained.
  • Coordinate the defining and evaluation of the competency registry and benchmarks
  • Monitor the coordination of needs analysis and employee training
    needs through consultation with the respective line supervisors/ H.O.D.
  • Effective management of training and evaluation of learning programs.
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Talent & Performance Management:

  • Coordinate the implementation of policies and strategies for the
    development of employee performance matters as well as monitoring of
    service delivery performance standards.
  • Coordinate the development and implementation of monitoring
    systems for performance indicators and standards, including ensuring
    data quality and compliance with internal and external audit
  • monitor the facilitation of discussions with employee(s) and managers on performance issues and service improvement measures
  • Talent Management- Oversee the execution of the Company’s
    Retention Strategies; Employee Career progression & Management;
    Employee Promotion and Transitioning; Employee Leadership Development
    and Talent Gaps identification
  • Drive the talent management process and program, including
    initiatives, identifying, assessing, developing, and reviewing high
    potential talent
  • Succession planning- Actively pursuing and ensuring that
    employees are constantly developed to fill each needed role thereby
    guaranteeing that there are suitable employees on hand ready and waiting
    to fill new roles.

Strategy & Administration:

  • Formulate, develops, implements and updates personnel policies,
    procedures and forms for the effective management of the employees
  • Set up and manage human resources information systems for payroll and HRMS module.
  • Ensure cost effectiveness by the delivery of full range of effective human resources services.
  • Act as a central point of reference for internal and external
    queries with reference to employees. Ensure telephone and email
    enquiries are dealt with to a high professional standard and maintain
  • Monitoring the implementation procedural/administrative systems within the company
  • Serves in an advisory capacity to HR administration. Provide
    advisory services on Policy & Procedures, Talent Management,
    Separation, Training & Development, Reward Management, Performance
    Evaluation, Resourcing, Organization Design & Development and Change
    Management frameworks respectively.
  • Monitors and co-ordinates the various aspects and process of the
    department i.e. Payroll, Reward, Budget, Benefits, Retention,
    Separation, Resourcing, orientation, Performance Management, Training
    & Development and Talent Management.
  • Safety and Security – the individual actively promotes and
    personally observes safety and security procedures, and uses equipment
    and materials properly.
  • Quality Control – the individual demonstrates accuracy and thoroughness and monitors own work to ensure quality.
  • Document Control – Reviewing and keeping records of transaction of sale and purchase goods and services
  • Departmental Reports- Coordinates and review the required
    departmental reports and presentations. To provide comprehensive,
    effective and efficient administrative support. Review all employee
    employment records.
  • General coordination and supervision of the department’s deliverables.
  • Performs other duties or projects as required or as assigned.

Educational Qualifications

  • A university Degree/HND holder in Human Resources or Social Science related courses is desired

Experience Required

  • 5 – 10 years

Skills/Qualifications Required

  • A university degree/HND holder is desirable.
  • Atleast 6years related experience
  • Meticulous & Detail-Oriented
  • Flexibility & Creativity Skills
  • Strong Analytical & Problem-Solving Skills
  • Customer Centric Orientation
  • Excellent interpersonal, and relationship building skills.
  • Business Writing Skills
  • Communication Skills – Articulation, Enunciation & Elocution
  • Communication Skills – Written
  • Detail-Orientation – Meticulous, Punctilious & Conscientious
  • Diplomacy, Discretion & Business Ethics
  • Interpersonal & Relational Skills
  • Excellent Leadership Skills
  • Excellent Numerical & Data Literacy Skills
  • Presentation Skills – Charisma, Poise, Aura & Comportment
  • Good Research Skills
  • Statutory Laws & Regulations Familiarity
  • Excellent Supervisory Skills
  • Team Orientation & Spirit
  • Detail oriented but able to quickly grasp the big picture
  • Microsoft Excel Proficiency
  • Microsoft PowerPoint Proficiency
  • Microsoft Word Proficiency
  • Exhibits initiative, responsibility and flexibility.
  • Positive attitude and approach towards assignments and successfully operate under guidelines.
  • Exercise good judgment in safeguarding confidential or sensitive
    information and adhere to high standards of confidentiality and
  • Planning/organizing – the individual prioritizes and plans work
    activities, uses time efficiently and develops realistic action plans.

Physical Demands:

  • Occasional travel by airplane and automobile in conducting
    business is necessary. Regular use of the telephone and e-mail for
    communication is essential.
  • Sitting for extended periods is common. Hearing and vision
    within normal ranges is essential for normal conversations, to receive
    ordinary information and to prepare or inspect documents.

Work Environment

  • The job is performed indoors in a traditional office setting.
    Activities include extended periods of sitting and extensive work at a
    computer monitor and/or calculator.

Interested and qualified candidates should:
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