Ceramics Designer Salary in Nigeria

Find out how much a Ceramics Designer earns across various companies in Nigeria.

Ceramics designers create designs for a range of pottery objects that are then made by shaping and firing clay. These objects can include ceramic sculpture, domestic and commercial tableware and kitchenware, giftware, garden ceramics, jewellery and wall and floor tiles.

Ceramics designers who work for large companies interpret a product brief and turn it into a commercially successful design for mass production. Ceramics designers/ceramicists who are self-employed or work for small companies are more likely to both design and make their own, one-off or limited edition, designs.

How much is a Ceramics Designer paid in Nigeria?

Ceramics Designer salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, professional experience and even the hiring company. Jobzilla Nigeria analyzes the market remunerations and helps you negotiate your pay with confidence.

Ceramics Designer Salaries in Nigeria

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