Dancer Salary in Nigeria

Find out how much a Dancer earns across various companies in Nigeria.

Dancers are performers who move their bodies in creative and expressive ways to entertain audiences. Dancers use movement, gesture and body language to portray a character, story, situation or abstract concept to an audience, usually to the accompaniment of music. This normally involves interpreting the work of a choreographer, although it may sometimes require improvisation.

Dancers work in a variety of genres including classical ballet, modern stage dance, contemporary dance, street dance and African or Asian dance. They may perform to a live audience or take part in a recorded performance for television, film or music video.

How much is a Dancer paid in Nigeria?

Dancer salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, professional experience and even the hiring company. Jobzilla Nigeria analyzes the market remunerations and helps you negotiate your pay with confidence.

Dancer Salaries in Nigeria

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