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Forensic Scientist Cover Letter

Forensic scientists use analytical and scientific techniques to examine evidence from crimes and prepare legal statements which summarise the results. Forensic scientists are employed by police laboratories,specialist private consultancies etc.

The majority of the work is laboratory-based: examining traces of substances such as blood, semen, hairs, fibres, paint, glass, explosives etc. in an attempt to associate or disassociate suspects with victims/crime scenes. They also screen athletes for performance-enhancing drugs.

Writing a good Forensic Scientist cover letter can make the difference between being invited for a job interview and having your application ignored by a recruiter.

Whether you're sending your Forensic Scientist cover letter as a hard copy or by email, the following Forensic Scientist cover letter samples will help you write a compelling cover letter that best highlights your experience, skills and qualifications. The templates can be edited to suit any Forensic Scientist with or without experience.

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