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General Surgeon Job Description

What is the job description of a General Surgeon? What are the duties and responsibilities of a General Surgeon? What does a General Surgeon do?

Job description of a General Surgeon

A General Surgeon is a medical specialist who performs surgery for a wide range of illnesses. They are educated and trained in the diagnosis, preoperative, operative and postoperative management of patient care.

This General Surgeon job description example includes the list of most important General Surgeon duties and responsibilities as shown below. It can be modified to fit the specific General Surgeon profile you're trying to fill as a recruiter or job seeker.

General Surgeon job description and responsibilities

General Surgeon Duties and Responsibilities

General Surgeon job description should contain a variety of functions and roles including:

  • Examine patients and make diagnoses to determine the need for surgery.
  • Review patient medical history and plan the best procedure for treatment.
  • Evaluate and advise patients on the risk involved with having surgery.
  • Perform surgical procedures to prevent or correct injury, disease, deformities and patient function while adhering to regulatory and ethical protocols.
  • Follow established surgical techniques during surgery.
  • Prescribe preoperative and postoperative treatment and procedures.
  • Ensure sterility in the operating room, and all equipment and instruments.
  • Direct and coordinate activities of hospital staff for proper patient care.
  • Oversee all treatment prior to and post-surgery, and identify associated risks.
  • Maintain the highest regard for patient dignity and observe the precepts of the American Hospital Associations Bill of Rights for patients.
  • Plan and execute disease/illness prevention and health promotion programs.
  • Coordinate follow up meetings with patients and monitor health condition after surgery or treatment.
  • Conduct research to develop and test surgical techniques in order to improve procedures and surgery.

General Surgeon Requirements / Skills / Qualifications

General Surgeon job description should include these common skills and qualifications:

  • Degree in Medicine (essential).
  • Relevant certification
  • x years of residency training in General Surgery (essential).
  • Current medical license (essential).
  • x years of experience practicing as a General Surgeon.
  • Ability to work under pressure in a fast-paced environment.
  • Emotionally resilient with the ability to make patients feel at ease.
  • Great management and leadership skills.
  • Fantastic manual dexterity, hand-eye coordination and visuospatial awareness.
  • Superb organizational and time management skills.
  • Excellent decision-making skills and communication.

As a hiring manager, recruiting an ideal General Surgeon starts with crafting a good job description. Use this General Surgeon job description template to save yourself time and help you attract the most qualified candidates. Feel free to revise it to meet your specific needs.

Job seekers interviewing for the role of a General Surgeon may also reference it in preparation for the interview.

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