Hydrographic Surveyor Salary in Nigeria

Find out how much a Hydrographic Surveyor earns across various companies in Nigeria.

A hydrographic surveyor specialises in precise positioning, data acquisition and processing in marine environments. The role involves measuring and mapping the world’s underwater surfaces and studying the morphology (construction) of the seabed.

Hydrographic surveyors are expected to work in a wide range of differing situations and applications, from inland waters and rivers, to ports and oceans. The work may be onshore or offshore, depending on the specialist area. The role also demands an understanding of and consideration for environmental issues.

How much is a Hydrographic Surveyor paid in Nigeria?

Hydrographic Surveyor salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, professional experience and even the hiring company. Jobzilla Nigeria analyzes the market remunerations and helps you negotiate your pay with confidence.

Hydrographic Surveyor Salaries in Nigeria

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