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Ongoing Recruitment at Action Against Hunger

Jan 17, 2020, 12:08 PM
Action Against Hunger is the world’s hunger specialist and leader in a global movement that aims to end life-threatening hunger for good within our lifetimes. For 40 years, the humanitarian and development organization has been on the front lines, treating and preventing hunger across nearly 50 countries. It served more than 21 million people in 2018 alone.
We are recruiting to fill the positions below: Job Title: Grants and Compliance Manager Location: Damaturtu, Yobe Job Type: Full Time Start Date: As soon as possible Direct Line Manager: Grants & Compliance Coordinator
Objective 1
  • Coordinate and Supervise the production and submission of quality and timely donor reports
Tasks and Responsibilities:
  • In collaboration with the Coordination Team (Program, WASH, FSL, Nutrition and Health, Log, Finance, MEAL coordinators), address any further follow-up question/s, comment, etc., to ensure compliant and quick submission of additional and/or revised information required.
  • Coordinate responses to any donor feedback and ensure timely submission of requested feedback.
  • Ensure high quality and timely grant reporting from technical support staff and programme managers for submission to the HOD Grants and Compliance; undertake a qualitative review, grammatical edit and ensure compliance to guidelines and donors’ requirements, use of proper templates
  • Ensure that internal timelines and external deadlines are met; maintain the reporting tracker developed by HOD, follow up on inputs from project teams and technical staff and update archive on NHF and in the base.
Objective 2
  • Identification, coordination, preparation, writing, and submission of quality and timely concept notes and full proposals, following Action Against Hunger’s validation processes and taking into account the donor guidelines
Tasks and Responsibilities:
  • Under the supervision of the HOD Grants and close collaboration with area co and technical/program team, he/she will identify interventions to be presented to international/local donors when necessary.
  • Assist with research on funding opportunities, and potential donors, partners, and their strategies.
  • Under the supervision of  the HOD Grants and in close collaboration with area co and technical/program team Formulate concept notes and proposals; develop context, compile and edit narrative components, ensure budget templates are shared, monitoring and compose other documents as necessary;
  • Under the supervision of the HOD Grants and in close collaboration with area co and technical/program team, he/she will analyze and capitalize assessments (Rapid Needs Assessment), baselines, and field observations for needs identification.
Objective 3
  • To support internal coordination and communication within the Action Against Hunger Nigeria mission
Tasks and Responsibilities:
  • Assist to identify potential opportunities for partnerships with local and international organizations and participating in the development of agreements and vetting processes.
  • Ensure comprehensive grant files are maintained up to date and are available for use in both hard and soft copy (proposals, contracts, amendments, reports, etc.).
  • Facilitate the dissemination of knowledge management products, publications, factsheets;
  • Develop internal knowledge of Action Against Hunger internal policies and reporting mechanisms; communication, advocacy, and cross-cutting policies, internal reporting APRs, situation reports, project updates, beneficiary count and technical evaluations report.
  • Ensure compliance with donor visibility requirements, edit and draft human interest stories, success stories and photographs for donor reports and presentations.
  • Assist the HOD Grants and Compliance and area coordinator in the development of grant portfolio summaries, project, and donor brief/updates;
Objective 4
  • Provide Strategic, Technical, and Coordinated support to Grants Management
Tasks and Responsibilities:
  • Facilitate training and capacity building for field teams, in particular, Program Managers and Field Coordinators on the Project Cycle Management Tools and internal reporting tools.
  • Build the capacity of field staff to write and incorporate feedback on donor reports;
  • Identify and communicate to program/technical, field and M&E staff gaps in reporting/data collection.
  • Maintain an in-depth knowledge of Action Against Hunger internal policies and proposal guidelines for donor organizations funding Nigeria programs/projects among project managers, technical as well as operational support staff.
  • Facilitate kick-off, review and closing meetings to ensure project objectives are being met and identify and challenges, delays or deviations from the project plan; and communicate with donors, support on any internal or external realignments as appropriate.
  • Follow up with Program Managers and Technical Coordinators on Program Implementation and collection of data according to means of verification, from the kick-off meeting to contract closure, to allow pro-activeness in the monitoring of the grant and related tasks (such as ad-hoc donor requirements or extension/amendment requests).
  • Under the supervision of the HOD, Grants develop grant revisions, cost extensions, budget realignments and modifications
Internal & External Relationship Internal:
  • Support high‐quality and timely grant reporting with support from Area Director and Coordinator, technical staff and programme managers and provide technical support to staff on donor regulations and compliance.
  • Support  field coordinator and project managers for grant and internal project and programme coordination meetings; grant opening, review, and closing meetings.
  • Work in close collaboration with MEAL staff of the mission on gender-sensitive data collection, management and quality for the purposes of reporting and story-telling.
  • Ensuring high‐quality and timely grant reporting with support from DCD Program and technical coordinators and proving technical support to staff on donor regulations and compliance.
  • Represent ACF and support the development of visibility materials for the presentation of the project portfolio with relevant stakeholders
  • Participating in donor engagement in close collaboration with Area Director and Coordinator
  • At least 5 years’ experience in international development, humanitarian assistance, international relations or related sector.
  • Degree and / or Master's Degree in Humanitarian Action or any related field (international relations, political science, law, etc.)
Skills and Experience: Essential:
  • Ability to write donor reports and proposals in excellent English.
  • At least 3 years as Grant Writer or similar (i.e. Project Officer)
  • Knowledge of key institutional donors, including ECHO, USAID (FFP, OFDA), SDC, SIDA, GAC, OCHA, AECID.
  • knowledge of Humanitarian principles, Sphere project minimum standard, gender, protection, and conflict sensitivity
  • Fluency in English and an additional advantage if fluency in Hausa and Kanuri
  • Excellent experience in proposal and report writing, donor rules and regulations, validation procedures, coordination of processes.
  • Experience in Project Cycle Management, theory of change and project implementation tools
  • Strong commitment to Mission objective and general knowledge of programmatic areas (FSL, WASH, Nutrition and Social Protection)
  • Ready and willing to travel to remote locations, remain calm and under pressure and adapt to changing circumstances.
  • Proven ability to work independently under minimal guidance, pressure and tight deadlines;
  • Problem solver with a work style that builds confidence in others.
  • Well organized, attentive to detail and ability to manage multiple tasks
  • Detail-oriented, organized, and able to manage to compete for urgent requests and priorities;
  • Ability to work in a multicultural context and be a team player;
Minimum Basic Salary
  • N 424,310 per month.
Job Title: Management Information Systems Officer Location: Maiduguri, Borno Job Type: Full Time Starting Date: As Soon as Possible Direct Line Manager: Monitoring and Evaluation Manager
Objective 1
  • Support management of beneficiaries for Action Against Hunger projects
Tasks and Responsibilities:
  • Timely reporting for accountability purposes of all beneficiary’s transactions
  • Ensure safe management and protection of beneficiary information and data at the base level
  • Support comprehensive data management of the program beneficiaries
  • Carry out timely programming, printing, and reprinting of beneficiary’s card
Objective 2
  • Support the management of MIS technologies and platforms (Including Red Rose, PowerBI, Kobo etc…)
Tasks and Responsibilities:
  • Ensure the timely configuration of vendor devices.
  • Direct management and safekeeping of all the programs smartphones for data capturing.
  • Supports M&E and Program Team on database management software usage when necessary
  • Support the M&E team in coding and creating new forms and questionnaires
  • Create Monthly reports via the use of infographic software.
  • Ensure adequate management of the programs databases and RedRose platforms at the base level
  • Carry out timely device configuration for Red Rose platforms and Bluetooth printers
  • Carry out troubleshooting of devices and find solutions where necessary to ensure timely implementation of program activities
  • Ensure routine monitoring of the Red Rose and ODK/Kobo devices and software upgrades when necessary in conjunction with the M&E Assistants / Officers
Objective 3
  • Ensure proper and timely implementation, management and capacity building on MIS technology at the base level
Tasks and Responsibilities
  • Generate MIS related reporting on trends in all-cash programs context and progress (using graphs, pie charts, bar charts, etc.) for internal and external reporting in consultation with the M&E Manager
  • Train local field staff, state government stakeholders and key community beneficiaries in how to establish and use simple MIS in coordination with the project management team
  • Build capacity of program staff through on the job training, mentoring, shadowing and technical support to ensure MIS compliance
  • Assess and support the integration of MIS in all programs to include other on-going AAH projects in Northern Nigeria
  • Take a lead in data storage, processing, retrieval and reporting to project management team and key community stakeholders in consultation with the M&E team
  • Undertake regular visits to all programs operational LGAs to support technical capacity in usage and management of MIS and its associated technology
  • Coordinate and share learning related to MIS knowledge, data collection, use of device, behaviors, and practices at base office level, and AAH at large
Objective 4
  • Support formulation and integration of Geographic Information System technology and other related spatial information applications, for operational programming needs
Tasks and Responsibilities:
  • Support creation, organization and archiving of mapping product for ACTION AGAINST HUNGER areas of operations
  • Compile geographic data from a variety of sources including field observation, satellite imagery, and existing maps
  • Support collection of information and study trends for the preparation of maps and its documentation, as required for analysis or reporting needs
Objective 5
  • Represent Action Against Hunger in relevant local forums and technical working groups where necessary
Tasks and Responsibilities:
  • In consultation with the M&E Manager, participate in programs based on technical discussion and sharing forums during the visit of other project stakeholders to the project sites
  • Participate in base level MIS planning, training and sharing forums as appropriate.
  • Where necessary represent Action Against Hunger internally in community and state-level MIS forums on issues related to the information management system, MEAL and reporting (consortia, alliances, and clusters)
Internal & External Relationship Internal:
  • M&E Field Officers / Assistants: exchange of information, collaboration, coordination
  • Project Officers: Ensure exchange of information, collaboration and coordination
  • Other ACF M&E and program staff: exchange of information, collaboration and coordination
  • M&E Manager: Operational hierarchical relationship– exchange of information, reporting, collaboration, coordination
  • MIS Manager : Technical supervisor - exchange of information, collaboration, coordination
  • Representatives of international aid organizations: Exchange of information
  • Representatives of donors: Exchange of information, technical discussions, project-related exchanges
  • Governmental and non-governmental partners: Exchange of information, coordination, training, supervision, influence on the choice of technical options
Position Requirements Qualifications:
  • Minimum of three (3) years of working experience
  • Fluency in English and Hausa (both written and spoken skills).
  • Degree in MIS, IT, Computer Science, Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Demography or related subject, with previous experience working in humanitarian projects.
Skills and Experience: Essential:
  • Knowledge and experience in using database specific software
  • Excellent communication, writing, and analytical skills
  • Fluent in English
  • Experience designing and leading capacity building and training for national teams.
  • Commitment to AAH mission, values, and policy.
  • Professional, motivated, open, creative, mature, responsible, flexible and culturally sensitive
  • Minimum of three years of working experience
  • Excellent working knowledge of Microsoft Office programming (Access, Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, and Word)
  • Proven ability to create management information systems for large amounts of data within a complex program
  • IT troubleshooting capabilities
  • Previous experience with AAH.
  • Fluent in Hausa
  • Previous experience in M&E, MIS of cash-based interventions (i.e. cash for work, cash transfers or cash vouchers)
Minimum Basic Salary
  • N236,585 per month.
Job Title: FSL Agroforestry Assistant Location: Damaturu, Yobe State Starting Date: As Soon As Possible Direct Line Manager: FSL Agroforestry Officer
Objective 1
  • Undertake Agricultural assistance interventions at the LGA level under the direction of the Agriculture Officer
Tasks and Responsibilities:
  • Support in the implementation of agricultural capacity building training for the target beneficiaries at the LGA level.
  • Directly implement in the field the activities defined in the program in close collaboration with the agriculture officer.
  • Implement a detailed work plan for the agriculture team at LGA level activities in collaboration with agriculture officer.
  • Facilitate community mobilization, meetings, and training during community-led agriculture activities;
  • Work with traditional committees to ensure the identification and selection of the most vulnerable IDPs and host communities and provide information to ensure accountability, fairness, and transparency during the implementation of activities.
  • Work closely with community structures to follow up on the implementation of agriculture planned activities with support from the agriculture officer.
Objective 2
  • Collect information and data on food security at LGA level through surveys, assessments, market price monitoring and regular post distribution monitoring of beneficiary households
Tasks and Responsibilities:
  • Support the M&E team in the analysis of beneficiary data collection through the various tools that the department uses.
  • Participate in the registration beneficiaries and distribution of beneficiary ID card
  • Support the preparation of documentation required for the implementation of field activities
  • Collect information to ensure that the surveillance of the agriculture situation in the area of implementation of the program is achieving the expected result when required.
  • Collect the required information in the field to facilitate the capacity building and training program, with the support of the Agriculture Officer.
Objective 3
  • Mobilization and awareness-raising about the organization, program objectives, and activities to local authorities and the population, and act as a link between the Organization and the beneficiaries (at LGA level)
Tasks and Responsibilities:
  • Support in the verification of the beneficiaries to ensure the identification and selection of the most vulnerable population is verified before agricultural assistance is made.
  • Support the Agriculture Officer in ensuring that targeting of beneficiaries to receive agricultural assistance is carried out in a transparent way and with the active participation of women and minority members of communities.
  • Facilitate the good working relationship between government extension workers and target beneficiaries.
  • Support the Agriculture Officer to ensure that beneficiaries’ access to the provider guarantees protection and gender sensitivity in the field
  • Contribute to the development of project community mobilization strategies for targeting and registration of beneficiaries for the Economic and Livelihoods Restoration.
  • Implement sensitization activities for targeted communities about agricultural activities and strengthening livelihood restoration activities with support from SEMA, Extension workers, Community Volunteers, traditional leaders and other key stakeholders in feasible livelihood restoration activities at LGA level.
Objective 4
  • Reporting
Tasks and Responsibilities:
  • Report any change in context to allow for timely changes in program activity.
  • Produce project activity reports from the area of operation as per reporting schedule or when needed (Bi-weekly and monthly updates, success stories, case studies, etc.)
Internal & External Relationship Internal:
  • FSL Program Manager: exchange of information, reporting, collaboration, coordination
  • Other Programme Assistants and Officers: Nut/FSL/WASH/M&E: exchange of information on programs, coordination and monitoring and evaluation (integrated approach
  • Agriculture Officer: hierarchical relationship
  • FSL DPM: Technical oversight, technical support, coaching
  • Local authorities: communication, exchange of information in collaboration with the FSL PM and DPM
Position Requirements Qualifications:
  • Minimum of one-year work experience in humanitarian contexts within conflict/insecure contexts.
  • Diploma in FSL related studies e.g. Agro-Economy, Natural Resource Management, Anthropology, Disaster Risk Management, etc.
Skills and Experience Essential:
  • Willing and able to be based and travel regularly within remote areas, where services are limited.
  • Fluency in Hausa, English
  • Commitment to AAH missions, values, and policy
  • Good team spirit.
  • Professional, motivated, open, creative, mature, responsible, flexible and, culturally sensitive
  • Previous experience with food security and livelihoods programming.
  • One year relevant work experience
  • Microsoft Office Skills (Outlook, Excel, PowerPoint, Word)
  • Previous humanitarian programming experience
  • Good knowledge of the intervention area/s and local.
  • Previous experience with FSL interventions (i.e. IGA, agriculture/livelihoods)
  • Previous experience with ACF
Minimum Basic Salary
  • NGN156,995 per month.
Job Title: Logistics Assistant Location: Damaturu, Yobe Starting Date: As Soon As Possible Direct Line Manager: Logistics Officer
Objective 1
  • Facility Management
Tasks and Responsibilities:
  • Ensures the water pump and level is monitored and notify Base Logistician when low on water for the residence and office;
  • Ensure that toiletries are available in all bathrooms in the office and residence;
  • Ensure premises and facilities are in good order and manage the replacement of damaged items bulbs, switches, plugs, furniture, taps, etc.;
  • Supervise the repair and maintenance of structures needed for the functioning of the office and residence facilities.
  • Assist the Base logistician to ensure the building meets Heath and safety requirements
  • Ensure facilities (office & residence) comply with legislation and that they are clean and free from environmental hazard;
  • Conduct daily/weekly facility assessment and submit a report to base Logistician.
  • Ensure residence areas, including tables, surfaces, bathrooms, floors, offices, guest rooms, and compound are clean at all times.
Objective 2
  • Manage Hibernation kits and Support
Tasks and Responsibilities:
  • Communicate ACTION AGAINST HUNGER’s expectations to the guards and follow up their work with the support of the security manager
  • Follow up and ensure that tea and other relevant supplies for staffs are in place;
  • Prepare procurement request for guesthouse and office supplies, and follow up with procurement unit on the status and update base Logistician.
  • Conduct monthly inventory of hibernation kits, and submit the report to Logistic officer.
  • Work with the security manager to ensure all hibernation kits meet the standard.
Objective 3
  • Reporting and General Logistics Support
Tasks and Responsibilities:
  • Support the Logistic Officer in preparing all the logistic Reports as per the kitlog 3.6v
  • Assist in monitoring the application of logistic procedures on the base
  • Participation in defining and improving logistical procedures
  • Assist in the preparation of external audit
  • Provide technical support to the team as necessary
  • Update the inventory of office and Guesthouse materials and equipment and submitting the report weekly/monthly to Base Logistician.
  • Support the Storekeeper in updating the SFU and preparing stock reports
  • Meeting deadlines for all planned activities and submission of reports.
  • Responding appropriately to emergencies or urgent issues as they arise at the office and Guesthouse.
Objective 4
  • Security Management - Action Against Hunger
Tasks and Responsibilities:
  • Ensure that all houses / offices have proper locks and limited access to keys
  • Ensure the guards maintain a logbook of each visitor, personnel and vehicle movements.
  • Receive daily reports from guards talking note of any irregular occurrences in these locations and report to the Base Logistician.
  • Manage and supervise the guards
  • Ensure that all guards, internal and contracted, report to their duty station punctually and remain there until relieved by other guards; and that the office and other AAH houses are not left unattended at any time.
Internal & External Relationship Internal:
  • Liaise with all staff  for individual requests
  • Liaise with all Logistics staff, and Cleaners
  • Directly reporting to Logistics Officer
  • Suppliers and government stakeholders
Position Requirements Qualifications:
  • Diploma in Business Administration / Logistic and Supply chain Management or equivalent
Skills and Experience Essential:
  • Good capacity to work in a team
  • Good Computer Skill, MS Word, MS Excel
  • Minimum of 2 years experience in office administrative work
  • Some experience in Logistics and stock control
  • Experience working for NGO.
Minimum Basic Salary
  • NGN156,995 per month.
How to Apply Interested and qualified candidates should: Click here to apply
    Application Deadline 23rd January, 2020.

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