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Orthodontist Interview Questions

Orthodontists specialize in the diagnosis, prevention, and correction of teeth and jaw irregularities. One of their primary job functions is to design, fabricate, or use orthodontic appliances to realign teeth and jaws in order to allow for normal functioning and to improve appearance.

Whether you're a job seeker preparing to be interviewed for the role of Orthodontist or an employer preparing to interview candidates for Orthodontist position, these Orthodontist interview questions will help you prepare yourself for the job interview session.

Orthodontist Interview Questions

Below are a list of some skill-based Orthodontist interview questions.

  1. What tools do you use when fitting a patient for braces?
  2. Describe your most successful orthodontics case. What factors contributed to your success?
  3. Are you familiar with the various types of orthodontic braces and retainers?
  4. What is your orthodontic training and experience?
  5. Why did you decide on orthodontics after dental school?
  6. Describe a time when you collaborated with other professionals, such as dentists or oral surgeons, to develop a treatment plan for a patient. Was it successful?
  7. Do you have experience working with children?
  8. What are some of the most common reasons patients need orthodontic treatment?
  9. What professional association memberships and affiliations do you have?
  10. How would you explain orthodontic treatment to a patient who is nervous about starting treatment?
  11. How do you stay up to date with new treatments and advancements in orthodontics?
  12. When would you recommend a patient start orthodontic treatment?
  13. What is your approach to working with patients who have special needs or disabilities?
  14. Provide an example of a time when you had to be flexible in your approach to a patient’s orthodontic treatment.
  15. If a patient is struggling to maintain their treatment schedule, how would you help them stay motivated?
  16. Which orthodontic techniques do you have the most experience with?
  17. What would you do if you noticed a patient’s teeth were moving back to their original position after they had started to straighten out?
  18. Describe your approach to making small adjustments to a patient’s treatment plan based on their progress.
  19. There is a new orthodontic technique that you’re interested in learning more about. How do you research it?

Orthodontist Interview Questions and Answers

Every interview is different and the questions may vary. However, there are lots of general questions that get asked at every interview.

Below are some common questions you'd expect during Orthodontist interviews. Click on each question to see how to answer them.

  1. Why Should We Hire You?
  2. What is Your Greatest Weakness?
  3. Why Do You Want To Leave Your Current Job?
  4. Are You a Leader or a Follower?
  5. What is Your Salary Expectation?
  6. Do You Have Any Questions for Us?
  7. Tell Me About Yourself
  8. What is Your Greatest Strength?
  9. Why Do You Want This Job?
  10. What Is Your Greatest Accomplishment?

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