Surgeon Salary in Nigeria

Find out how much a Surgeon earns across various companies in Nigeria.

Surgeons are physicians who treat diseases, injuries, and deformities by invasive, minimally-invasive, or non-invasive surgical methods, such as using instruments, appliances, or by manual manipulation. Surgeons specialize in the treatment of injury, disease, and deformity through operations.

Using a variety of instruments, and with patients under anesthesia, a surgeon corrects physical deformities, repairs bone and tissue after injuries, or performs preventive surgeries on patients with debilitating diseases or disorders. Although a large number perform general surgery, many surgeons choose to specialize in a specific area.

How much is a Surgeon paid in Nigeria?

Surgeon salary ranges can vary widely depending on many important factors, including education, certifications, additional skills, professional experience and even the hiring company. Jobzilla Nigeria analyzes the market remunerations and helps you negotiate your pay with confidence.

Surgeon Salaries in Nigeria

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