My Answers to a Nairaland Thread – A must read Article for Job Seekers.

I made a post earlier saying Job seekers should stop complaining about unemployment, it’s their fault. You can find it here if you missed it. The post spun a thread of discussion on Nairaland here .
I responded to some of the questions on Nairaland. However, I decided to explain some things more extensively here on my blog.
Find below.

I totally understand how scarce resources could be and how hard things can get. I’m sorry about that.

But let me put this in another way. Maybe it’ll be more helpful.

Consider this scenario:

A good man gets to heavens gate and was queried why he cheated on his wife. He complained “My wife was a nagging and lazy woman who denied me of sex most of the time”. He was right. His wife pushed him to cheat. Every circumstance around him encouraged him to cheat. But……it was his fault that he cheated! He had the power to control his emotions. Maybe he didn’t realize it at that time. Unfortunately, he must take responsibility and bear the consequences of adultery.

My point is, life is what it is. We can’t keep crying over spilled milk. We can’t keep complaining about these employers. They are who they are and you are who you are. Are you hungry for success or not? What have complaints and blames brought you? Nothing i guess.

 I’ve learned that when i take responsibility for everything that happens in my life, whether i’m at fault or not, it helps me sort out issues and move on seamlessly.

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Often times when i’m confused and don’t have deliberate goals, it’s easier for me to blame on people, things and circumstances around me. Yes, I might have a point blaming those people or circumstances. However, it is what it is and the BIG question is “Do i want to be a success or not?”. Only then do i realize that the whole world has failed me, circumstances are against me, but i must make it.
Sheer determination and discipline can make you move like an unstoppable grenade and achieve anything you want to achieve.

I agree that it’s easier for a well-to-do guy to pay for a programme at NIIT, buy a high-end laptop and learn computer programming in his air conditioned home. It’s also possible for a less fortunate guy to save 1000 Naira every month for 2 years and buy a fairly used desktop computer, get ebooks and start learning in a hot and uncomfortable room at home. If the later is really determined, he’ll make it. And tomorrow, nobody will know the difference.

We all have the ability to change our lives whether we know it or not.

One can forgo ones BIS subscription for a month to buy a book on Financial Accounting or even French!

One could make it a point of duty to be more extroverted in order to sharpen ones sales/marketing skills.

A graduate engineer can take up a stressful 10,000 Naira monthly salary job to acquire instrumentation skills that will help him apply in Nestoil in 2 years, then ExxonMobil in 5 years.

One can consider entrepreneurship

One can also lament that things are rough, pay for internet subscriptions and read irrelevant news online everyday.

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The options are endless.

The choice is yours. You are on your own. Are gonna do something about it or not?


  1. Hmmmm.. When I read the first post, I was like "does this guy know some people can't even afford to buy themselves a meal let alone paying for a training?" then I read this post and I'm like "ok, he does!".. This is a well-arranged article that answers lots of questions.
    PS: you can't forgo your subscription because you have to be online to get latest job openings and mails as they enter your box. But there are online courses that are helpful and totally free too. Keep up the good work! God bless you

  2. Guy let's be realistic 90% of the youth v d ability to start up a business but the issue is were is the capital to start up I am I am not boasting I can give 1million youth 1million business ideas I swear to God. But dis country is just fucked no access to loan and facilities. The salaries we get from peanut jobs can only cater for Necessities that are essential for living. Please don't blame any unemployed everyone is trying his/her best after all we r all different. Subscription is part of necessity in today's world how do u expect me to b informed if I don't v facilities to internet, how do u expect me to apply for jobs without internet. God bless your good work I am a corp member and I even have a biz idea dat will employ about 50'000youths in Ogun state. No one to talk to about it

    • very important points you have highlighted here. A lot of youth ought to understand the place of personal growth and skill development; i think when you develop a passion for something; you will always find a way to get it through its initial difficult stage.

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