Job at Uber for a Communications Senior Associate, West Africa

Uber started out to solve a simple problem: the need to get a ride
across town. Six years and one billion trips later, we’ve stumbled upon
something a bit bigger: a new way to help tackle congestion—one of the
most serious challenges cities face today.
Using technology, Uber
makes it quick and easy for people headed in the same direction at the
same time to share their journey. It’s carpooling at the press of a
button. And by getting more people into fewer cars we’ve proven you can
reduce congestion and pollution overtime. uberPOOL in Los Angeles, for
example, cut the number of kilometers driven across town by 12.7 million
and carbon dioxide pollution by 1,400 metric tons in just eight months.

term, we’re optimistic that smartphone apps like Uber can also offer a
real alternative to individual car ownership. After all, if you can
press a button and get an affordable ride across town in minutes
24-hours a day, why bother to own a car? There is an alternative to a
world that looks like a parking lot and moves like a traffic jam. Join
Uber to help make that future possible.

About Communications At UberThe
most successful consumer technology companies are brilliant
storytellers, who put their products—as well as the benefits of those
products—front and center in every communication.

team is responsible for telling Uber’s story to the media and third
parties: whether it’s transforming how we get around town and the lives
of people who value independent, flexible work; or cutting congestion in
cities by getting more backsides into fewer cars. That’s partly about
building lasting relationships with the key news outlets and journalists
in every country where we operate. It also about being creative in how
we tell our story, including the use of social media, as well as working
with the public policy team to develop campaigns that make the positive
case for reform.

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Job Title: Communications Senior Associate, West Africa

We Are Looking For Someone To Work On Our Communications Team In West Africa, Based In Lagos. This Role, Will Involve

  • Supporting Uber communications in West Africa;
  • Establishing Uber’s brand and profile with the media and third parties; and
  • Working
    to tell our story—and the story of ridesharing—in creative, inspiring
    ways that resonate with journalists and on social media.

What We’re Looking ForTo Succeed You’ll Need To Be

  • A self starter: Uber
    is a company of entrepreneurs and we want to work with people who enjoy
    building things from the bottom up too. Stuff changes fast in our world
    so you’ll need to be highly adaptable as well as calm under pressure;
  • A great advocate:
    We’re looking for people who can distill complex ideas into simple, but
    intellectually credible, arguments. You’ll need to write well and have
    the creative ability to tell stories—about our product, people and the
    ways we’re helping to improve life for passengers, drivers and cities.
  • A strong campaigner: Smartphone
    apps are disruptive, and the interests being disrupted are deeply
    entrenched. We succeed by putting together effective campaigns with
    third parties on behalf of the passengers and drivers who use the app.
    That means you’ll have a bias for action in everything you do—and a
    willingness to engage in debates, that can often become heated.
  • A team player:
    Success at Uber depends on the ability to organize different teams
    (internally and externally) around shared goals. It’s why we’re looking
    for well organized people who enjoy working with others to get stuff
    done—and who can deal with the ambiguity that sometimes comes from
    working cross-functionally.
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Ideally you would have 5+
years communications experience. But we’re open to people with
experience in other walks of life (e.g. marketing, journalism, the law),
who intuitively get this stuff and are interested in pursuing a
different career. Fluency in English, both oral and written, is

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should Click Here to Apply

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