Cuso International Job in Nigeria for a Country Representative

Cuso International
is a North American leading international development agency that works
through volunteers to overcome poverty since more than 50 years.
Cuso International is currently implementing a five year project: Youth
Leadership, Entrepreneurship, Access and Development Project (YouLead).
Funded by Government of Canada through the Department of Foreign
Affairs, Trade and Development the project supports the creation of
youth-led enterprises and employment for young women and men in the
natural resource sector in Cross River State, Nigeria.

Cuso International therefore invites applications from qualified candidates for the job position below:

Job Title:  Country Representative
Location: Calabar, Cross River State, Nigeria
Contract type: Term, Length of program (March 2020)
Language requirements: English

Who can apply: 
This position is open to both local and international
candidates (for international applicants, please note reasonable
relocation benefits will be discussed & may be offered to the
successful candidate

The Country Representative in Nigeria will manage the development,
implementation and successful delivery of Cuso International’s
development programs that aim reduce poverty and inequality. Key to this
will be active networking and representation of Cuso International;
identifying and securing external funding streams to support and
optimize program results; effective management of the Country Program
Office staff and operations, ensuring that all key internal and external
program, volunteer support, administration and budget deadlines are
The country representative will oversee the implementation of Cuso
International two main projects in Cross River Sate: the YouLead project
supporting the creation of youth-led enterprises and employment for
young women and men in the natural resource sector and the VOICE project
on maternal, newborn and child health. The Country Representative will
also mobilize additional resources in order to scale up the reach and
impact of Cuso International in Nigeria.

Program Development & Delivery
A strategic and relevant gender sensitive program, which uses a range
of development interventions and actively engages marginalized groups,
is successfully delivered, monitored, evaluated and promoted, meeting
strategic and operational plan objectives.

Specific responsibilities

  • · Analyze and maintain an in-depth understanding of the development
    context and key stakeholders in Cross River Sate and in Nigeria.
  • · Lead on developing and shaping Cuso International’s strategic development plan for Nigeria.
  • · Ensure cross-cutting themes of gender, governance and environment are mainstreamed in programming initiatives.
  • · Analyze and plan resource allocations for program implementation,
    including determining placement numbers, volunteer targets, staff
    priorities and budget allocation.
  • · Ensure the smooth functioning of placement development and
    volunteer management systems and processes within the Country Program
    Office and with other Cuso International employees and teams in the
    region and in North America.
  • · Worth with HQ staff to ensure the program is monitored and
    evaluated and take lead in ensuring gender sensitive MEAL deadlines and
    milestones are understood and met by team, partners and volunteers.
  • · Ensure the impact of Cuso International’s development interventions
    in Nigeria and issues arising are captured and duly integrated into
    relevant practice and policy debates.
  • · In collaboration with Country Program Office staff, local partners,
    volunteers and other stakeholders, foster and promote a culture of
    ongoing learning.
  • · Ensure all Cuso International program and volunteer deadlines are met.
  • · Ensure all reporting requirements to HQ or external donors are understood and complied with.
  • · Take a lead role in developing, implementing, monitoring and revising budgets.
  • · Oversee all aspects of the implementation of the YouLead and VOICE
    projects and represent Cuso International to the Project Steering
  • · Develop and manage partnership agreements and good working relationships with key YouLead and VOICE stakeholders in Nigeria.

Partnership and Resource development
Productive partnerships with Government, corporate sector, civil
society and donors, are identified and developed. Cuso International’s
programming in Nigeria is growing and being supported through multiple
sources of funding and key partnerships.

Specific responsibilities

  • · Take the lead in developing and implementing a funding strategy for Nigeria.
  • · Seek out and actively participate in Nigeria, regional and other
    networks, coalitions, alliances, meetings, forums, debates or any other
    event pertaining to the development work of Cuso International in
    Nigeria and where possible to champion/represent Cuso International’s
    programs and projects with donors, other agencies, relevant government
    officials, partners etc.
  • · Working in close collaboration with the Head of Programs and
    field/HQ based funding staff, identify funding and/or partnership
    opportunities and take a lead role in following these up in a timely
  • · Lead or contribute to the development of concept notes and proposals.
  • · Develop realistic program and project plans and budgets, ensuring compliance with donor requirements.
  • · Actively seek to engage corporate sector in our projects and work with them to identify ways they add value to them.
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Volunteer and Placement Management
Cuso International’s volunteers working in Nigeria are adequately and
appropriately supported in their placements and working effectively
with their local partner organizations. Volunteers are engaged in all
aspects of program development, including helping to set priorities,
supporting work in seeking funding and partnership opportunities etc.
Specific responsibilities

  • · Oversee the planning and development of relevant and coherent volunteer placement documentation.
  • · Ensure relationships and communication between Country Program staff and volunteers are cooperative and professional.
  • · Ensure excellent communication channels between Country Program
    staff and other Cuso International staff in the Regional Office, North
    America offices and elsewhere, so that placement and program information
    is flowing between all parties and deadlines are being met by all
  • · Working closely with the Program Support and Finance Officer,
    participate in the development of volunteer in-country orientations,
    facilitating some of the learning and orientation events as appropriate.
  • · Keep abreast of volunteers’ progress and challenges in their
    placements and support any learning or professional development that
    they may require to achieve their objectives.
  • · Engage volunteers in program planning, development and resource diversification, as appropriate.
  • · Assist the Program Support and Finance Officer in handling any
    volunteer or partner complaints, conducting investigations where
    necessary; participate in discussions where policies and procedures do
    not offer a proper resolution to a volunteer’s concern or situation,
    involving the Regional Program Officer as deemed necessary.
  • · Be fully accountable for ensuring an emergency and risk-management
    plan is developed at the country level and that this is well
    communicated, implemented and reviewed on a regular basis, covering the
    safety and security of volunteers and Country Program Office staff.
  • · Keep the Head of Program and HQ security adviser informed of any
    potential security threat, whether low, medium or high, at all times.

Line Management
Country Program Office staff have clear job descriptions and
ambitious work plans, are supported in setting work objectives and
priorities, and are making positive contributions in all relevant
aspects of Cuso International’s program.
Specific responsibilities

  • · Foster a positive, fair, participatory and ambitious professional work culture among Country Program Office staff.
  • · Ensure our Nigeria team is delivering on annual work plans and that
    all relevant Cuso and external donor policies, procedures, milestones
    and deadlines are met.
  • · Model the expected attitudes, behaviors and work standards expected from Country Program Office staff.
  • · Be responsible for managing staff performance, providing regular
    feedback and conducting yearly performance appraisals with each
  • · Work with each employee to develop key objectives and approve work plans that are revised quarterly.
  • · Undertake monthly supervisory meetings with each employee to ensure
    work priorities and any challenges the employee faces, is addressed.
  • · Ensure Cuso International’s performance management culture is understood across the team.
  • · Maintain accurate written records of work plans, supervisory meetings and performance appraisals.
  • · In conjunction with each employee, identify learning and
    professional development needs and support the employee in getting these
    needs met appropriately and cost effectively.

Administration, Budgets and Finance
Ensure all Cuso International administration, budget and finance
systems are in place understood by staff, kept up to date, operate
smoothly, used effectively and related timelines are met.

Specific responsibilities

  • · Take the lead in developing the annual budget and in the revised budget setting process.
  • · Ensure performance to budget is tracked on monthly basis and appropriate and timely action is taken to remedy any variance.
  • · Ensure all Country Program Office based staff are aware of roles
    and responsibilities in relation to budget and finance issues and
    procedures and deliver accordingly.
  • · Ensure all Cuso International administration, health and security,
    volunteer support and logistic systems are in place, understood and
    followed by staff, volunteers and partners.
  • · Feedback and seek to work collaboratively with regional and HQ
    staff to improve performance and effectiveness of systems and processes.
  • · Ensure any external donor requirements are understood by staff and adhered to.
  • · Actively encourage a cost effective and efficient approach to use and expenditure of Cuso International resources.
  • · Ensure all staff understand and are able to use Cuso Internationals IT systems in an effective manner.
  • · Oversee completion of the Annual Quality Framework exercise and
    seek to improve performance of team in any areas of underperformance.
  • · Ensure Country Program Office compliance with record-keeping
    guidelines and filing of sensitive employee, volunteer, partner and
    donor information.
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Other duties

  • · Participate in regional and other staff meetings, as appropriate.
  • · Ensure Cuso International activities operate within the legal framework of Nigeria.
  • · Fulfill any other responsibilities as may be assigned from time to time by the Head of Programs and other senior managers.
  • · Identify and take steps to develop own professional and personal learning.
  • · Provide cover for other colleagues as necessary.


  • · University degree in a field relevant to the position and/or a relevant combination of education and experience.
  • · Excellent analytical and practical understanding of the social, political and economic context of Nigeria.
  • · Good understanding and appreciation of the volunteering, as a contribution to international development.
  • · Knowledge and experience related to Cuso International’s program
    in Nigeria, in particular in relation to national volunteering in local
    development processes and pro-poor rural economic development.
  • · At least five (5) years’ experience developing planning,
    resourcing, managing, monitoring and implementing development projects.
  • · At least three (3) years’ experience working with development programs, at the community level.
  • · Ability to think, plan and work strategically and creatively.
  • · Excellent understanding of the Project Cycle, its tools and phases.
  • · Proven track record in successfully securing external funding for development programs and projects.
  • · Ability to write coherent and strong proposals and concept notes.
  • · Experience and ability to develop and manage budgets and create financial reports.
  • · Experience of working successfully in a leadership role,
    supervising and coaching staff and leading them towards common
  • · Proven commitment to mainstreaming gender and equality issues within work.
  • · Excellent communication and presentation skills, both written and
    verbal and the ability to use different communication media effectively,
    including email, telephone, Skype and written correspondence.
  • · Fluency in written and spoken English.
  • · Excellent interpersonal skills, including the ability to
    negotiate, persuade coach, mobilize and develop positive relationships
    with others internally and externally.
  • · Ability to work well and respectfully as part of a diverse team and in cross-cultural contexts.
  • · Excellent planning, prioritizing and time management skills.
  • · Self-motivated and able to work with minimum supervision and guidance.
  • · Excellent problem-solving abilities, finding innovative solutions to difficult, complex and unpredictable challenges.
  • · Computer and internet proficiency (all Microsoft Office tools,
    databases, we research, web-based tools and transactions, etc.)
  • · Willingness and ability to travel and to spend up to 8 weeks away
    from home both within the country and on international trips.
  • · Willingness to work irregular hours of work and overtime, in order to successfully meet deliverables.
  • · Valid driver’s license and clear driving record.


  • · Experience of being a volunteering; working with or managing volunteers.

Your application must be forwarded to, with the competition number: Country Director, Nigeria, 2016-07 clearly marked as the subject number.

Applications must be received by Monday October 31st, 2016, 11:59 pm Eastern Time. No late applications will be considered. Your c.v. must not be longer than 4 pages in length and the covering letter, one page.

To be considered, your résumé and cover letter should demonstrate that all of the essential qualifications are met.
Applications that do not meet the above requirements will not be considered.

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