Someone claims Nigerian Airspace Management Agency (NAMA) is Currently Conducting Secret Recruitment!!!

Here’s what a Nairaland user shared:

Nothing will probably come out of this but let me just put this out there.
Saw a thread where someone was looking for directions to get to Zaria from Lagos, specifically NCAT Zaria.
up my connects who informed me that there was an aptitude test for
today 17th May, 2017 and it was strictly for the high and mighty in
I followed up this evening with someone I asked to
‘gate-crash’ who reliably informed that attendees received invites or
text messages to attend. Those with text messages had invites with their
names already prepared waiting for them. ‘Gate-crashers’ were kicked
out after asking “who you be?, who send you? etc etc” with some talk of
organising another test for them. Attendees were people with connects to
ministers, senators et al (based off of eavesdropping on calls they
What bothers me is that previously, everyone was
invited and they inserted their people along with some ‘regular/normal’
people. But this government seems not to care what anyone thinks as they
blatantly exclude ‘regular/normal’ people and exclusively ‘invite’
their people as was the case with CBN, FIRS and other agencies.
What are we to make of these?

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