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Chemical Engineer Job Description

What is the job description of a Chemical Engineer? What are the duties and responsibilities of a Chemical Engineer? What does a Chemical Engineer do?

Job description of a Chemical Engineer

Chemical Engineers use their knowledge of science and mathematics to improve processes and equipment used in processing chemicals and find solutions to the problems many industries face. They analyze processes and data, perform research and tests, and develop plans to optimize plant operations.

A chemical engineer is involved in the design, development, construction and operation of industrial processes for the production of a diverse range of products, as well as in commodity and specialty chemicals. Relevant industries include oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, energy, water treatment, food and drink, plastics and toiletries.

Modern chemical engineering is also concerned with pioneering valuable new materials and techniques, such as nanotechnology, fuel cells and biomedical engineering.

This Chemical Engineer job description example includes the list of most important Chemical Engineer duties and responsibilities as shown below. It can be modified to fit the specific Chemical Engineer profile you're trying to fill as a recruiter or job seeker.

Chemical Engineer job description and responsibilities

Chemical Engineer Duties and Responsibilities

Chemical Engineer job description should contain a variety of functions and roles including:

  • Using scientific, mathematical, and engineering principles to solve problems and improve processes.
  • Designing, proposing, implementing, reviewing, and correcting plans to ensure company goals are achieved.
  • Observing production processes, conducting research, and finding ways to increase efficiency and quality.
  • Traveling to work sites and locations to learn about project needs and design, implement, troubleshoot, test, and improve processes, equipment, and facilities.
  • Using computers to compile and analyze data.
  • Establishing safety and waste management procedures.
  • Assisting with establishing budgets and timelines.

Chemical Engineer Requirements / Skills / Qualifications

Chemical Engineer job description should include these common skills and qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Chemical Engineering.
  • Strong understanding of chemistry, mathematics, biology, and engineering principles.
  • Experience or more education may be strongly desired.
  • Industry-specific knowledge may be required.
  • Some positions may require or prefer additional certificates or licenses.
  • Ability to cooperate and communicate with others, especially those without a technical background.
  • Computer literacy.
  • Exceptional problem solving, verbal and written communication, presentation, and project management skills.
  • Desire to travel

As a hiring manager, recruiting an ideal Chemical Engineer starts with crafting a good job description. Use this Chemical Engineer job description template to save yourself time and help you attract the most qualified candidates. Feel free to revise it to meet your specific needs.

Job seekers interviewing for the role of a Chemical Engineer may also reference it in preparation for the interview.

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