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Choir Director Interview Questions

Choir Directors lead and direct choirs during musical performances. They are also responsible for scheduling choir rehearsals, selecting appropriate musical pieces, and managing annual choir budgets.

Whether you're a job seeker preparing to be interviewed for the role of Choir Director or an employer preparing to interview candidates for Choir Director position, these Choir Director interview questions will help you prepare yourself for the job interview session.

Choir Director Interview Questions

Below are a list of some skill-based Choir Director interview questions.

  1. How would you address a choir member who was constantly late for choir rehearsals?
  2. What factors should you consider when creating choir formations?
  3. What would you do if an entire choir did not approve of a musical piece that you had selected?
  4. What would you do if a soloist called in sick on the day of a performance?
  5. How would you deal with jealousy or animosity among choir members?
  6. When a choir does not like the piece they are working on, how do you solve the problem?
  7. How has choir impacted you?
  8. How many choruses should there be in a choir program?
  9. How important are choir festivals in your estimation?
  10. Speak about a time where you gave a solo to the wrong student. How did you change your course of action the next time?
  11. What question do you have about our choral program?
  12. How do you create a healthy culture with a mixed choir?
  13. How do you create different choir formations?
  14. When should a student begin private lessons and why?
  15. How important is an accompanist in a choir setting?
  16. What makes a quality choral sound?
  17. How do you handle a situation where a choir member is also on the football team, and there is a conflict with both things happening at the same time?
  18. How do you attract male voices to choir?
  19. How does chorus impact a community?
  20. How many public choir performances should take place in a school year?
  21. What do you think through when planning a trip with a choir?
  22. How would you build a choir culture?


Choir Director Interview Questions and Answers

Every interview is different and the questions may vary. However, there are lots of general questions that get asked at every interview.

Below are some common questions you'd expect during Choir Director interviews. Click on each question to see how to answer them.

  1. What is Your Greatest Strength?
  2. Why Do You Want This Job?
  3. What is Your Salary Expectation?
  4. Are You a Leader or a Follower?
  5. What Is Your Greatest Accomplishment?
  6. What is Your Greatest Weakness?
  7. Why Should We Hire You?
  8. Do You Have Any Questions for Us?
  9. Why Do You Want To Leave Your Current Job?
  10. Tell Me About Yourself

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