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Contract Administrator Interview Questions

A Contract Administrator manages a company’s contracts, such as rental, sales, purchase, new business proposal and employment contracts.

Whether you're a job seeker preparing to be interviewed for the role of Contract Administrator or an employer preparing to interview candidates for Contract Administrator position, these Contract Administrator interview questions will help you prepare yourself for the job interview session.

Contract Administrator Interview Questions

Below are a list of some skill-based Contract Administrator interview questions.

  1. Are you proficient with detecting errors and inconsistencies, and why would you say so?
  2. What would you do if you spot an error on a contract that the company has been using for a long time?
  3. What would you do if you discover a mistake you made in a contract that stands to cost your company money?
  4. How would you search for a file if you didn’t know the name?
  5. How do you ensure the confidentiality of both digital and physical contracts?
  6. What would you do if an employee or partner does not honor a contract agreement?
  7. How would you organize physical records of contracts?
  8. How do you ensure deadlines are tracked?
  9. How do you prioritize your workload and keep things on task?
  10. How do you keep track of various versions and updates of contracts?
  11. What’s your process for prioritizing tasks and functions that need to be completed first?
  12. What is your experience negotiating contract terms?
  13. Could you give examples from past experience that demonstrate your negotiation skills?
  14. How do you work through large volumes of information?
  15. Have you dealt with a stalemate in past experience, and how did you overcome this challenge?
  16. Could you give examples from past experiences where you selected accurate information from conflicting sources?
  17. What organization system do you utilize to ensure that contract-related deadlines are met?
  18. How do you identify and react when there has been a change to the contract?
  19. How do you stay current on changes in laws and regulations? Please recite three legal principles of contract administration.
  20. What’s the best way to organize physical records of contracts?
  21. How do you file updates to contracts?
  22. What resources do you use when writing terms of use for sales contracts?
  23. How would you help to improve employee compliance with contracts?
  24. How do you imagine your cooperation with managers, HR, and other bodies from a company?
  25. How do you prioritize your work when you have many documents to review?
  26. Describe a time when you struggled to communicate something to one of your colleagues, for example, some complex contract terms. How did you manage to get your message over?
  27. Share an experience in which you successfully located a vendor and interviewed them about product availability and terms of sale.
  28. Talk about the last time you prepared and processed a requisition and purchased the orders for supplies.               
  29. Share an experience in which you successfully developed and/or implemented purchasing or contract management procedures/policies.          
  30. Talk about the last time you maintained records of goods ordered and received.
  31. Describe the last time you prepared a bid award that required board approval.   
  32. Provide a time when you analyzed market and delivery systems and successfully assessed material availability.
  33. Share an experience in which you successfully resolved a grievance.
  34. Talk about specifications for issuing and awarding bids that you approved. How about specifications you did not approve?
  35. Share with me your last experience reviewing purchase order claims and contracts for conformance to policy.
  36. Talk about the last reports you prepared concerning market conditions or merchandise costs.
  37. Talk about your last experience administering online purchasing systems.

Contract Administrator Interview Questions and Answers

Every interview is different and the questions may vary. However, there are lots of general questions that get asked at every interview.

Below are some common questions you'd expect during Contract Administrator interviews. Click on each question to see how to answer them.

  1. Are You a Leader or a Follower?
  2. Why Should We Hire You?
  3. What is Your Greatest Weakness?
  4. What is Your Greatest Strength?
  5. Why Do You Want This Job?
  6. What is Your Salary Expectation?
  7. Tell Me About Yourself
  8. Do You Have Any Questions for Us?
  9. Why Do You Want To Leave Your Current Job?
  10. What Is Your Greatest Accomplishment?

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