Food and Beverage Manager CV Sample

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Food and Beverage Manager CV Example

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John Doe

123 Main Street, Lagos, Nigeria

(123) 456-7890 | [email protected]


Highly motivated and experienced Food and Beverage Manager with a proven track record of success in managing and optimizing operations in the hospitality industry. Seeking a challenging position to utilize my skills and expertise in delivering exceptional customer service, driving revenue growth, and ensuring the highest standards of quality and efficiency.


Bachelor of Science in Hospitality Management, University of Lagos, Lagos, Nigeria

Master of Business Administration (MBA), Lagos Business School, Lagos, Nigeria

Professional Experience
Food and Beverage Manager, XYZ Hotel, Lagos, Nigeria

• Oversaw all aspects of food and beverage operations, including restaurant, bar, banquets, and room service, ensuring seamless service delivery and customer satisfaction.

• Developed and implemented strategies to increase revenue and profitability, resulting in a 15% growth in food and beverage sales within the first year.

• Managed a team of 30+ staff members, providing training, coaching, and performance evaluations to ensure high standards of service and professionalism.

• Conducted regular inventory checks, monitored food and beverage costs, and implemented cost-saving measures without compromising quality.

Assistant Food and Beverage Manager, ABC Resort, Abuja, Nigeria

• Assisted in the overall management of food and beverage operations, including restaurant, bar, and banquets, ensuring efficient and effective service delivery.

• Collaborated with the executive chef to develop innovative menus and promotions, resulting in increased customer satisfaction and repeat business.

• Implemented standard operating procedures and trained staff on service standards, leading to improved efficiency and consistency.


• Strong leadership and team management abilities

• Excellent communication and interpersonal skills

• Proven ability to drive revenue growth and achieve targets

• In-depth knowledge of food and beverage operations and industry trends

• Proficient in budgeting, cost control, and inventory management


• Certified Food and Beverage Manager (CFBM)

• ServSafe Food Protection Manager Certification


Available upon request

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