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Job Opportunities at Sinoma Cargo International Nigeria Limited

Sinoma Cargo International Nigeria Limited is wholly-owned subsidiary invested by Sinoma Cargo in Nigeria, founded in June 2016, located in Nigeria, Lagos. Sinoma Cargo is the first branch set up in West Africa in the process of implementing globalization strategy.

Currently, Sinoma Cargo has obtained the clearance qualification and provides overseas warehousing and distribution services, equipped with 40 normal trailers and 10 tow-beds, Sinoma Cargo Nigeria can deliver general cargoes, heavy lifts, over-sized goods and self-owned custom house broker has been set up as well. There are 12 Chinese employees and 100 native employees at present.

We are recruiting to fill the positions below:


Job Title: Truck Driver
Location: Lagos
Employment Type: Full-time

Job Description

  • Trailer drivers transport a range of materials, merchandise, or equipment using heavy-duty vehicles. They often drive for long periods, carrying out long-distance deliveries, adjusting to driving conditions appropriately and safely.

Job Responsibilities
Driving Long Distances:

  • Trailer drivers transport different types of goods, from materials and equipment to livestock.
  • They drive long distances, maneuvering the truck into unloading and loading positions along the way. They follow applicable traffic and driving laws, staying aware of and reporting any incidents on the road.

Securing Cargo:

  • Trailer drivers need to ensure that any cargo they’re transporting is fully secured to the trailer, using blocks, chains, covers, or ropes.
  • They need to ensure that transportation meets safety compliance and regulations.

Maintaining a Record of Hours:

  • Trailer drivers carry out various deliveries throughout the course of the day, maintaining a record of each of these, along with their working hours be cross-referenced if issues arise in the future, as well as for compliance with federal and state regulations.

Reporting Issues:

  • Trailer drivers report mechanical issues or problems with a delivery to their line manager, ensuring a thorough log of the problem is kept for future records.

Keeping Trailer Equipment in Working Order:

  • Trailer drivers keep their trucks and the equipment they work with in good working order and tidy.
  • They inspect the trailer after each trip and record defects they find.

Skills and Qualifications
Typically, employers require a high school diploma, a clean and valid driver’s license, and a CDL qualification, as well as the following abilities:

  • Safety compliance: to comply with health and safety regulations, trailer drivers monitor safety requirements, ensuring that procedures are followed so as not to endanger themselves and others through careless driving.
  • Physical health: federal regulations demand that drivers be physically fit without medical conditions that could affect their ability to drive, such as epilepsy or high blood pressure.
  • Hand-eye coordination: to respond quickly to situations in case of an accident or incident on the road.
  • Hearing and visual abilities: to meet regulation requirements, trailer drivers have to pass hearing and vision tests to ensure that it’s safe for them to be driving long distances.
  • Time management: to manage their time effectively, prioritize tasks, and plan routes to stay on schedule




Job Title: Statistician Chinese
Location: Lagos
Employment Type: Full-time

Job Description

  • A statistician gathers numerical data and then displays it, helping companies to make sense of quantitative data and to spot trends and make predictions. 
  • Designing data acquisition trials
  • Assessing results
  • Analysing trends
  • Applying statistical methodology to complex data
  • Acting in a consultancy capacity
  • Designing and implementing data gathering/management computer systems and software
  • Supervising junior statistical staff
  • Using statistics to make forecasts and to provide projected figures
  • Presenting information in a variety of formats
  • Conveying complex information to people who may not be specialists
  • Liaising with colleagues
  • Attending meetings

Key Skills for Statisticians:

  • Good IT skills
  • Numerical skills
  • Analytical skills
  • Written and verbal communication skills
  • Self-confidence
  • Good interpersonal skills




Job Title: Fleet Manager
Location: Lagos
Employment Type: Full-time

Duties and Responsibilities
Purchasing Vehicles:

  • When the construction company needs to purchase or lease a new piece of equipment or replace a current piece, the fleet manager does the research to find the best vehicle or piece of equipment for the job.
  • Construction vehicles and equipment include everything from pickup trucks to bulldozers to forklifts.
  • For large and expensive equipment, such as excavators and cranes, the fleet manager submits proposals for bids, compares prices, and negotiates with vendors to find the best possible product at the best price.

Maintaining the Fleet:

  • Construction vehicles take a beating and need a lot of upkeep and preventative maintenance.
  • The fleet manager ensures that each vehicle receives the necessary maintenance to prevent issues or major repairs.
  • Additionally, the fleet manager makes sure each vehicle adheres to industry standards and regulations for emissions, usage and operation.

Overseeing Fleet Logistics:

  • During a construction project, the fleet manager decides which vehicles need to go to which work site, based on each type of project. For example, digging projects need excavators and bulldozers, while road work projects require graders and pavers.
  • He sets up the transportation of the vehicles to and from a work site, takes care of proper storage and housing of vehicles, and manages the fuel consumption for the vehicles.
  • The fleet manager tracks the use of each piece of equipment, including monitoring costs associated with operating each piece, making sure that he stays within the company’s fleet budget. He also looks for ways to cut equipment and vehicle costs.

Job Requirement

  • Candidates should possess relevant qualifications




Job Title: Human Resources Manager
Location: Lagos
Employment Type: Full-time

Job Description - HR & Management Executive

  • Providing Innovative and Progressive Expertise in the Business Institutes.
  • An accomplished HR & Management Executive with experience in presenting and delivering solutions and services, in the administration and HR field.
  • A results driven executive that works well in breaking down the barriers between the functions and the business, communicating a clear value proposition and delivering momentum with greater efficiency and effectiveness for goals to be achieved.
  • Recognized for HR management skills and the ability to design and reflect back the desired outcomes aligned with actionable solutions.

Job Objectives

  • Able to formulate short and long-term strategies, communicate values, and drive critical administrative decisions in order to meet or exceed stated objectives.
  • Define strategic direction for the Human Resources & Administration function and develop HR
  • Strategies and policies/processes aligned to the overall strategic direction of the company.
  • Driver manpower planning processes to ensure all resources requirements are based on periodic business plans and are justified vis-avis revenue and growth estimates.
  • Conduct new employee induction training and administer as well as formulating and implementing an annual training plan according to the training needs analysis.
  • Lead performance management activities (i.e performance planning/target setting, performance monitoring and periodic performance appraisals); ensures employee performance results adequately reflect corporate  and departmental performance levels
  • Track corporate, departmental and employee competency level against requirements; works with functional managers to determine gaps and ensure adequate and effective training and competence development programs are in place to provide staff with the competencies required for success in their current and future planned roles.
  • Develop and implement compensation strategy and processes that attract, motivate and retain the right talent required
  • Oversee recruitment and selection, reward systems, performance management, training and development, employee relations and welfare in efficient manner.
  • Generated various periodical HR reports included appraisal system, competency assessment for training, benefits system and other form of reports and analysis.

Job Requirement

  • Candidates should possess relevant qualifications.




Job Title: Maintenance Manager
Location: Lagos
Employment Type: Full-time

Job Purpose

  • Responsible for overseeing maintenance efforts across an organisation.
  • Manages maintenance activities for the upkeep of buildings, landscapes, vehicles, and offices.
  • Oversees a range of custodial and maintenance activities. Resolves problems as they arise whether directly or by assembling teams to solve those issues.

Job Duties

  • Coordinate maintenance worker efforts to make sure employer property like buildings and grounds are kept up
  • Identify areas for improvement and assign workers to take care of issues
  • Develop maintenance schedules and enforce them among maintenance staff
  • Respond to emergency calls for maintenance
  • Manage the set up and take down of different events
  • Perform troubleshooting to solve minor repair issues
  • Communicate plans for upper level improvements to maintenance worker staff
  • Contact and schedule repairmen and extra help as needed

Job Requirement

  • Candidates should possess relevant qualifications.




Job Title: English-Chinese Interpreter
Location: Lagos
Employment Type: Full-time

Job Description

  • English-Chinese interpreters assist with communication between English- and Chinese-speaking people.
  • English-Chinese interpreters convert the verbal communication of one these languages into the verbal form of the other.
  • However, English-Chinese interpreters do more than just convert individual words from one language into another.
  • They are knowledgeable in specific subject areas and convey ideas or attitudes that may be lost in translation due to cultural differences.





Job Title: Fleet Dispatcher
Location: Lagos
Employment Type: Full-time

Job Description

  • The primary role of truck dispatchers is to schedule drivers to make deliveries and pick up packages or shipments from customers.
  • Truck dispatchers communicate with customers to record details about shipments, arrange pick up times and discuss any special handling issues.
  • They also set up driver routes.
  • In addition, truck dispatchers review drivers’ logs and maintain various records, such as those pertaining to dispatched calls, vehicle repair, freight bills, and arrival times.

Job Requirement

  • Candidates should possess relevant qualifications.




Job Title: Financial Staff
Location: Lagos
Employment Type: Full-time

Job Purpose

  • Facilitating and improving the financial practices and procedures within a company or organisation. Ensuring an employer's adherence to financial regulations and legislation.

Finance Job Duties

  • Implement and adhere to the company's or organisation's financial procedures and policies
  • Create efficient and effective methods for tracking financial data
  • Use spreadsheets and sophisticated calculation software to gather and record financial information
  • Coordinate and execute financial transactions and activities, such as bill payment, invoicing, payroll, etc.
  • Assist in the audit process by providing information and data as requested
  • Complete administrative tasks, such as filling out paperwork and filing records
  • Create organised records and files to assist in tax preparation
  • Analyse financial information for trends and errors
  • Find solutions to discrepancies by working with other employees and correcting any erroneous information



How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should send their CV to: [email protected] using the Job Title as the subject of mail


Application Deadline  16th June, 2021.

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