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Wave Academy claims to be an NGO reducing unemployment in Nigeria. See what other Job seekers have to say about them..

Nov 2, 2015, 11:22 AM
A company, Wave Academy which claims to be an NGO focused on reducing unemployment in Nigeria commented on a thread on Nairaland and it spun off even more interesting comments from job seekers.

Below is a snapshot of a comment made by an individual accusing them of being scam.

And below is Wave Academy's response and other interesting responses from job seekers on Nairaland.

so? sir pls explain to me hw we are a scam, we an ngo with a simple task of reducing unemployment.
so for training we charge a token of 10k and after we have place trainees in a job, we ask for 1/3 of their 1st month salary
understanding that unemployed ppl are broke, we decided that training fee be paid after we have successfully gotten them a job which also can be paid in instalment, however it suits the trainee
even the 1/3 of 1st month salary is charged because we believe that if we spend our resources in getting you a job, you as a grateful person shld give back so we can help others too and in keeping with our transperency policy, we dont do automatic deduction on trainees salary after being successfully placed.
we ask that you give us a third of your first month salary after we have placed you, but its ultimately up to the trainees to pay or not.

@ waveacademy. You guys are just fustrating. Stop trolling nairaland spilling lies about helping people get jobs. For a jobless person to get a job wit u,one has to pay 10000 for the period of 3wks training and still pay out 1/3rd of their first salary. What an extortment. U guys will never include all dis hidden extortments in your flyer. TAW is an ngo that does d same tin,yet they do not charge any fee until uv bin placed and even at dat charge a token sum of 3000 after placement. Theifs.


@ibogirl1 well if you read my previous post properly, you will know that we dont charge a dime until we place trainees. TAW work with teenager, we work with unemployed youths. we have placed ppl from nairaland, who are currently work as, proof that we deliver on our promise. if you say we lie, suggest you provide proof to backup ur statement, otherwise hold ur peace and let people who need our help take it, rather than confused them with ur assumption

sorry, if i may ask, the 10k for thr training, wen is d unemployed applicant expected to pay ds? b4 job placement or after? Thanks

some ppl prefer to pay before, and some after the job, depending on how convenient it is for the person. we understand that an unemployed person is broke, hence the emphasis on convenience.


 that sounds good least to me. How can one apply, and where is the venue of the training. Also, wats d duration of the training? Thanks

our training centre is at yaba, while the training is for 3wks. to apply click this link:

I will not engage in quotes wit u but for this last time. For your information,I have been to your academy with a friend and I am speaking from experience cos we left your academy angry. After all the interview sessions,u guys ended up asking for 10k for d training of 3weeks and then u wud still take one third of d salary. Even when we pleaded to having no money yet and asked if you could deduct it from our first salary,u insisted that d 10k had to b paid so as to sort out academic learning logistics and to top it all,you guys said we were going to sign a 1year agreement to work at d given hotel if we get d job,reason been that we won't have to leave suddenly. Can u imagine? Lastly whenever you are on nairaland,please state that you only do hotel jobs because that is what you guys say when talking to potential employees and FYI,TAW does teenagers and youths/young adults,graduates etc. My friend just got a placement with1 of the companies they outsource for.

Aaaahhh! I run for my life oooo.


@ibogirl1 to show you are brandishing lies, 80% of our trainee didnt pay training fee and they are currently working.
on the one year contract, which company employs a person who will quit in year time, plus the one year contract is an IT program, that certify you are able to stay on the job for a year. upon completion of that one year IT, your salary increases by 188%
we have more than hotel jobs, we have teaching, PA, customer care, receptionist etc
so the question now is, wont it be better if you got something doing, than sitting at home losing value and rubbishing our genuine attempt to reduce unemployment

for those care for the truth:
none of the people in this video currently earn below 70k
so i suggest you let facts convince you rather than the rant of rejected applicants

Very funny,calling my statement a rant of a rejected applicant,for starters,u guys don't reject anybody cos u need all the money u can get and anybody that is comfortable with your proposal is accepted. U can scroll thru my profile very well if ur jaundiced eye allows it. I am a graduate of economics and am currently waiting to serve,just needed a partime job to keep mysef busy until may. I wonder how we could have been rejected for *hotel jobs* (waitresses) which we have even done so many times during school days. How do u reject sombody and stil demand for 10k for training materials. Oh I get it,u automatically label pple who don't buy ur idea of 10k upfront as rejected applicants. Very funny.once more, u and I know d truth and am not saying all these to discredit u but u guys myt need to change your system a bit and stop asking jobless nigerians for money upfront and signing a year of bondage to work in a hotel. During the interview u categorically stated that your salary scale was within 30-35k,stop with the 70k deceit uv bin spilling here. I got your info from nairaland bfor I came around. If uv hav workd sucessfully with so many nairalanders as u claim, y aint they coming out to testify. Y is your thread always filled with first time comers who are yet to get the grill or pple who discredit u.

1) again i will say you were rejected because we dont accept nysc corpers
2)anybdy who successfully graduate from our program starts with a 35k salary, then if you stay on the job for the one year duration, your salary get increased by a 188%, that 70k i put up was me being modest
again i will say you were rejected
over 80% 0f ppl we have successfully placed didnt pay training fee until they start working.
if the video doesnt convince you of the fact, then i need not continue this debate.

I need not watch your video cos u already shot ursef . If u guys don't accept corpers but stil demanded for 10K for training and bondage signatory and stil called me the day after to know if I could pay in installments,then it is as I have said. U guys are fraudulent. Quit trying to salvage an already distorted brand. As uv rightly stated, there's no need for this. Goodday!

@waveacademy You are not fair enough at all and I am disappointed that this is coming from supposedly registered high profile HR individuals. Sacking a whole batch 10 of over 20 jobless individuals whom you have been drilling unjustly for over 2 weeks just because of a chewing case is absurd and outstandingly ridiculous.
Why not tell these guys that you don't have any jobs for them?
This is high brow scam!!!

hmmmmm....i just dy read thru

@lighternote FYI they have been reinstated, and lecture resumes tmrw


@waveacademy Pls I will pay any thing u wnt me to pay as long as you can give me a job. 1/3 aint a big deal. Pls include me in the program, and when I get the job, u cn evn take half of it. Abeeegggggg. I hv a Bsc in government and public Admin (2.2) 

click the link and apply: 


eeemmm, I didn't really read d previous posts b4 I jumped to conclusion. I aint interested in your job anymore. Too much negativity. Not a single person cn vouch for ur brand. 10k for training. Phfff, una try 

I noticed dat too, not even a single person

@IBOGIRL1 I categorically confirm your claims with evidence!
I sent someone to them and the story is as exactly as you said it even worse. To cap it all, the high handed scammer sacked a whole batch of jobless individuals whom she has been drilling for weeks over a chewing case. She sacked them because she saw chewing gum sticked somewhere on her wall or so. Can you imagine? I know she has no job for them and sacked them out of frustration but why not tell them the truth. Wave academy is a a time bomb waiting to explode. So disheartening nothing works in Nigeria.
She can come here and call me a jobless rejected fellow too... I will only laugh it off grin
For her information, check my profile very well. I am gainfully employed and can NEVER go jobless. NEVER! 

the reviews here scares me.....mine is dat how sure will one get the job....where do they get the job from 

Orders from the CEO are to disengage from such baseless accusations. The truth sets us all free. Please call us on 01.291.6586 when you are ready to engage in a civilized evidence-based conversation.

dats quite ok, but then, wats ur say to the fact that no positive comment or response here regarding waveacademy? Not even one person can vouch for ur brand as pointed out by yungbeef and others.

And many more comments. What's your take on this?

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