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Monitoring and Evaluation Officer Interview Questions

A Monitoring and Evaluation Officer, also known as an M&E Officer, is responsible for observing and ensuring high quality and timely inputs, and for ensuring that a project maintains its strategic vision and that its activities result in the achievement of its intended outputs in a cost effective and timely manner.

Whether you're a job seeker preparing to be interviewed for the role of Monitoring and Evaluation Officer or an employer preparing to interview candidates for Monitoring and Evaluation Officer position, these Monitoring and Evaluation Officer interview questions will help you prepare yourself for the job interview session.

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer Interview Questions

Below are a list of some skill-based Monitoring and Evaluation Officer interview questions.

  1. What are your educational qualifications?
  2. What experience do you have in the field of M&E?
  3. Describe a typical day for an M&E Officer
  4. How have you shown leadership and problem-solving capabilities in your career?
  5. What is the difference between monitoring and evaluation
  6. Tell us two functions of project monitoring and two functions of project evaluation
  7. When does an evaluation take place? Name the types of evaluation according to these times
  8. Why is it important to involve stakeholders in project designing and evaluation
  9. Tell us any methods used to analyze problems and objectives in project planning
  10. What are “SMART” objectives
  11. What are “CREAM” and “SPICED” indicators
  12. Tell us any two indicator metrics
  13. What is a database?
  14. Are you a team player? 
  15. What skills have you developed from working in project data management
  16. What is an M&E plan? Tell us any 4  components of an M&E plan
  17. Tell us any four participatory data collection methods
  18. Tell me a suggestion you have made that was implemented in this collections field?
  19. What major challenges and problems did you face on the job? How did you handle them?
  20. What have you done to improve your knowledge for the M&E officer position in the last two years
  21. How well do you work under pressure?
  22. Why should you be hired? What sets you apart from the rest of the candidates?

Monitoring and Evaluation Officer Interview Questions and Answers

Every interview is different and the questions may vary. However, there are lots of general questions that get asked at every interview.

Below are some common questions you'd expect during Monitoring and Evaluation Officer interviews. Click on each question to see how to answer them.

  1. What is Your Salary Expectation?
  2. Why Do You Want This Job?
  3. Why Should We Hire You?
  4. Do You Have Any Questions for Us?
  5. Are You a Leader or a Follower?
  6. Why Do You Want To Leave Your Current Job?
  7. What is Your Greatest Strength?
  8. Tell Me About Yourself
  9. What Is Your Greatest Accomplishment?
  10. What is Your Greatest Weakness?

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