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A well-crafted CV is essential for a Translator to showcase their language skills and expertise in delivering accurate and culturally sensitive translations.

This CV sample for a Translator provides a comprehensive overview of the candidate's education, work experience, skills, certifications, and references. It highlights their proficiency in English and French, attention to detail, and ability to manage multiple projects.

Whether applying for a position in a translation agency or working as a freelance translator, this CV sample will help the candidate stand out and demonstrate their qualifications to potential employers.

Translator CV Example

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John Doe

123 Main Street, Lagos, Nigeria

(123) 456-7890 | [email protected]


Highly skilled and experienced Translator with a strong proficiency in English and French. Committed to delivering accurate and culturally sensitive translations in a timely manner. Seeking a challenging position in a reputable organization where my language skills and attention to detail can contribute to the success of the team.


Bachelor of Arts in Translation Studies - University of Lagos, Nigeria (2010-2014)

Master of Arts in Translation and Interpretation - University of Paris, France (2015-2017)

Work Experience

Translator - XYZ Translation Agency, Lagos, Nigeria (2017-present)

  • Translate a wide range of documents, including legal, technical, and medical texts, from English to French and vice versa
  • Ensure accuracy and maintain the original meaning of the content
  • Proofread and edit translated materials to ensure high quality
  • Collaborate with clients to understand their specific translation needs
  • Manage multiple projects and meet tight deadlines

Freelance Translator - Self-employed (2014-2017)

  • Provided translation services to various clients, including individuals and businesses
  • Translated documents such as contracts, websites, and marketing materials
  • Developed strong research skills to ensure accurate translations
  • Established a reputation for delivering high-quality work within agreed-upon deadlines

  • Fluent in English and French
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Proficient in translation software and tools
  • Ability to work independently and as part of a team
  • Time management and organizational skills


Certified Translator - Nigerian Institute of Translators (2015)


Available upon request

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