Google Business Intern Programme 2017

at Google bring questions and build answers. We offer a range of
internships across EMEA and durations and start dates vary according to a
project and location. Applications will be reviewed on a rolling basis
and our recruitment team will determine where you fit best based on your

Business Internships are typically offered in the following business areas:
SMB Sales and Operations:
our millions of advertisers and publishers are happy, so are we! Our
team of entrepreneurial, enthusiastic and client-focused team members
are the “human face” of Google, helping entrepreneurs both individually
and broadly build their online presence and grow their businesses. We
are dedicated to growing the unique needs of small- and medium-sized
businesses. Our teams of strategists, analysts, advisers and support
specialists collaborate closely to spot and analyze customer needs and
trends. Together, we create and implement business plans broadly for
every type of small business.

Large Customer Sales:
Large Customer Sales teams partner closely with many of the world’s
biggest advertisers and agencies to develop digital solutions that build
strong businesses and brands. We enjoy a bird’s eye view on the massive
transformation occurring as advertising shifts to mobile and online
platforms. We’re uniquely situated to help shape how companies grow
their businesses in the digital age. We advise clients on Google’s broad
range of products across search, video and mobile to help them connect
instantly and seamlessly with their audiences.

Google for Work:
helped millions of employees and organizations around the world to “go
Google.” As masters of cloud computing, the Google for Work team helps
small and large businesses, educational institutions and government
agencies discover the wonders of “the cloud” and work smarter. Our
technical and sales teams design and implement solutions for these
organizations with custom features, security and support — all with
Google’s philosophy of innovation and ease of use in mind.

People Operations:
Great just isn’t good enough for our People Operations team (you
probably know us better as “Human Resources”). Made up of equal parts HR
professionals, former consultants and analysts, we’re the champions of
Google’s colorful culture. In People Ops, we “find them, grow them, and
keep them” – we bring the world’s most innovative people to Google and
provide the programs that help them thrive. Whether recruiting the next
great Googler, refining our core programs, developing talent or simply
looking for ways to inject some more fun into the lives of our Googlers,
we bring a data-driven approach that is reinventing the human resources

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Know the user. Know the magic.
Connect the two. At its core, marketing at Google starts with technology
and ends with the user, bringing both together in unconventional ways.
Our job is to demonstrate how Google’s products solve the world’s
problems–from the everyday to the epic, from the mundane to the
monumental. And we approach marketing in a way that only Google
can–changing the game, redefining the medium, making the user the
priority, and ultimately, letting the technology speak for itself.

Trust and Safety:
Google we work hard to earn our users’ trust every day. Gaining and
retaining this trust is critically important to Google’s success. We
defend Google’s integrity by fighting spam, fraud and abuse, and develop
and communicate state-of-the-art product policies. The Trust and Safety
team reduces risk and protects the experience of our users and business
partners in more than 40 languages and across Google’s expanding base
of products. We work with a variety of teams from Engineering to Legal,
Public Policy and Sales Engineering to set policies and combat fraud and
abuse in a scalable way, often with an eye to finding industry wide
solutions. Trust and Safety team members are motivated to find
innovative solutions, and use technical know-how, user insights and
proactive communication to pursue the highest possible quality and
safety standards for users across Google products.

Google Technical Services:
Google Technical Services team provides technical expertise across all
Google products to support our global Sales, Business Development and
Partnerships teams. We fix any issues on behalf of customers and
partners so that our sales teams can focus on what they do best. We
collaborate closely with Google’s engineering groups to create technical
solutions that enable our sales organization to help our customers’
businesses grow.

YouTube Partner Product Solutions:
just eight years, YouTube has grown into a video community that 1
billion people across the globe use to access information, share video,
and shape culture. The YouTube and Video team helps budding filmmakers
and musicians build careers, creates products like YouTube Live and runs
collaborative projects like Life in a Day and the YouTube Space Lab. We
are changing how people entertain, inform, share and change the world,
one video at a time.
The idea for Gmail began with 1 Googler. Today it has more than 425 million users and counting.

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Google, one Googler can make a huge impact, and it’s no different with
our interns–they are key players in our daily innovation. As an intern,
you’ll have the opportunity to work on projects core to Google’s
business, whether it be Sales, Google for Work, Finance, People
Operations (HR), Legal, Trust and Safety, or Marketing. Our intern
recruitment team will determine where you fit best based on your CV and
the preferences you indicate on the application form.

internships expose you to the technology industry, as well as provide
opportunities for personal and professional development. From being
challenged, to collaborating with a team, join our team to make an

Note: duration and start date of internship vary depending on the position.


  • Responsibilities and detailed projects will be determined based on your educational background, interest and skills.
Minimum qualifications:

  • Currently
    enrolled in a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree program and maintaining
    student status throughout the internship. Priority given to students
    graduating end of 2017 or in 2018.
  • Returning to education on a full-time basis upon completing the internship.
  • Ability to commit to a minimum of 10 weeks and up to 6 months at Google.

Preferred qualifications:

  • Previous
    internship experience in Sales, Advertising, Consulting, Analysis,
    Customer Service, Marketing, Finance or related fields.

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should Click Here to Apply

Note: By applying to
this position your application is automatically submitted to the
following locations: Dubai – United Arab Emirates; Vienna, Austria;
Brussels, Belgium; Zürich, Switzerland; Prague, Czech Republic; Hamburg,
Germany; Munich, Germany; Copenhagen, Denmark; Madrid, Spain; Helsinki,
Finland; Paris, France; Athens, GA, USA; Zagreb, Croatia; Budapest,
Hungary; Tel Aviv-Yafo, Israel; Milan, Italy; Lagos, Nigeria; Amsterdam,
Netherlands; Oslo, Norway; Warsaw, Poland; Lisbon, Portugal; Bucharest,
Romania; Moscow, Russia; Stockholm, Sweden; Bratislava, Slovakia;
Istanbul/İstanbul, Turkey; Kiev, Kyiv city, Ukraine; Johannesburg, South

will close Thursday, 1st of December, 11:59pm GMT. Our team will review
applications on a rolling basis. All hiring will be complete by the end
of May 2017. Thank you for your patience while we consider your

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