Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) recruitment 2016 – https://vacancy.fedcivilservice.gov.ng

vacancy.fedcivilservice.gov.ng – Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) Recruitment 2016.
Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) recruitment, September 2016 (https://www.vacancy.fedcivilservice.gov.ng). FEDERAL CIVIL SERVICE COMMISSION INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL ADVERTISEMENT FOR JOB VACANCIES IN THE FEDERAL CIVIL SERVICE.

The Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC) – vacancy.fedcivilservice.gov.ng wishes to announce vacancies in the following MDAs:

Suitably qualified candidates with character and integrity who are interested in making career in the
Federal Civil Service are invited to complete and submit application online on FCSC Website
https://www.vacancy.fedcivilservice.gov.ng for any of the posts indicated in each of the MDAs.

For avoidance of doubt, completion /submission of application online is free and at no cost to applicants in line with the International Labour Organisation(ILO) Convention.

The completion/submission will run for six (6) weeks from the date of this publication (19th September 2016).

Mustapha L. Sulaiman
Director (PRS)
For: Hon. Chairman, Federal Civil Service Commission (FCSC)
Dated: 19th September 2016


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  1. I've been waiting for an activation code from the federal civil service website since morning but got non. I decided to check the website this night to read through all the positions that I might be qualified for only to see a message that the website is under a scheduled maintenance. Maintenance less than 24 hours after the job vacancies ad was published. I hope this will not be like the railway recruitment case where e-mails sent where returned to senders. God help us

  2. Still no activation or verification code sent to my mail , ii tried registering again thinking I didn't do it well but says email registered
    they haven't sent the code yet… Still waiting

  3. If it says your email has been used, don't worry create another email register and wait. It will log you in automatically. Apply for your choice of position, though the add URL is not responding.

  4. hello My own problem is that always after filling the form the form, when i try to submit it keeps loading till infinity. i never got any reply saying your submission was successful. May Allah help us all Ameen

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