7 things Every NYSC Corper should do after POP today..

I understand the excitement that goes with passing out of service. In fact, you are so excited, you want the whole world to know. A lot of people show this by sharing their POP pictures and NYSC Certificates on social media like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, BBM etc. You won’t have to go for the CDS again, no more khaki trousers, no more of those heavy orange boots, and for some, no more issues with your LI and so on and so forth. You just can’t wait to pick your NYSC Certificate and run!. The Big question is, run to where?

The truth is, it’s tougher out there in the Nigerian Labour Market. Ask your seniors.

As a Corper, at least you had a monthly income. But after POP, if not retained at your work place, many of you will go incomeless (if there’s a word like that) and hop into the world of job search.

The bad news is: Nobody really cares about you. It’s cold and rough out there and that’s not funny.
The good news? I care in my own little way. Consequently, I’ve compiled 7 tips to guide you in this process.

1) Exchange Contacts with Others and keep in Touch:

It’s very common for most of us to get so drowned in the excitement of passing out. During your POP, don’t just pout your lips and take selfies with your supposed Corper friends. Exchange phone numbers, emails, BB Pins with them and keep in touch afterwards. This way you can know what is going on in their lives and vice versa.

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 2) Create a Professional Profile:

I’ve come to realize that a lot of fresh graduates today underestimate the importance of a professionally drafted profile. Prepare a good CV and Cover Letter and keep them handy. Always have a copy in your mail box and if possible in your phone. You never can tell where they will be needed. You don’t want to lose that mouth watering job in an Oil Company in Lagos just because you couldn’t provide your CV when needed.

3) Relocate to Lagos, Abuja or Port Harcourt:

Talking about Lagos. The truth is, Lagos is a Haven of opportunities. No city in Nigeria has as much opportunities in Nigeria as Lagos. With lots of places to work and lots of things to lay your hands on, from banks to Oil firms, muiltinationals, NGOs, and even to the Entertainment industry!

Abuja is another good place to live if you are a job seeker. Though many claim that you have to know somebody who knows somebody that can give you a job. But in all, there are lots of opportunities in the Federal government parastatals, Ministries, International NGOs etc.

Last but not the least is Port Harcourt, the Oil city of Nigeria, with a bunch of opportunities in the Oil and Gas industry and other lucrative sectors.

My point is, these cities are the job hub of the nation. If you have long being a job seeker and not residing in any of these cities, I guess it’s high time you packed your bags and and made a smart move to these any of these cities.
This doesn’t mean you cant find jobs in other cities of Nigeria. But odds the are high here.

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4) Network: 
Leave your nest and start networking with other professionals. The jobs are out there. But you never might know until you seek.


5) Announce yourself:
Except for you parents and siblings, most people really do not care what you are doing. You have to tell them yourself. Let them know your are jobless and need a job. Be humble and stop ‘forming’.

6) Play:

 All work and no play makes you dull. Do you think Exxon Mobil is looking for a dull employee? Hell No! So make out time and play from time to time. It refreshes you. Believe me.

7) Subscribe to JobZilla: 

Lastly, you need to subscribe to an up-to-date job blog like JobZilla (**winks**) to keep yourself updated with the Latest Job Vacancies in Nigeria.

You can do that by:

If you know anyone passing out from NYSC today why not send this link to them. You can also share this post as much as you can on Facebook, Twitter, BBM etc. You never can tell who you will be helping.

 Good luck in all your endeavors.


  1. Guy your philosophy is so nice and well thought but there is great omission in this write up. Many have tried this method they were frustrated. 90% of corp members in these cities worked out their posting, yes they are ambition with many professional certificate (NIM PMP CISCO and others),
    These guys are smart and intelligent in fact their network is beyond their peers, they dine with Directors of their PA, all in vain.
    The essential factor above these, is sense of Direction and PURPOSE which can only be discovered through your MAKER, you are not what you study neither the certificate nor grade. Our generation is waiting for those who can discover the oil of gladness inwardly.I believe there is better oil than petrol in every Nigerian if only we can discover this.

  2. pls all d tins u said are nice but d truth is dat 95% of them does not work.i can tell u frm experience.is not by relocating in a big city or creating a professional CV dat makes u get d job.d only tin u need is God's favor and grace and never give up in applying for a job bcos d miracle process can neva be completed if u stop applying bt be very careful of fruadsters.i search 4 a job 3 yrs aft my NYSC and hv stay in big cities and didnt get d job bt wen God's favor and grace located me,i was in a remote village and got a job wt NLNG @ bonny island.dis was d least job i expectd to get among d whole interview i went wthin dat period bcos of d large numb of applicants dat came 4 d interview.also u can think of smtin u can do to be self employ though finance is always a major challenge in dis case.keep ur faith alive and neva giv up bcos victory is arund d corner.wishing all d corp members best of luck.

  3. I will like to appreciate this nice write-up, it's awesome! The issue of unemployment in Nigeria is one that requires a radical approach to curb. Before you conclude your NYSC Programme, you ought to already have plans ahead. However, in case you haven't planned already, just sit down and think of something you can do to add value to others and at the same bring you some income. Think of self employment guys. Wish you all the very best.

  4. Dis is a very good guidance, belief me wisdom is d principal thing as Rome was not built in a day getting post NYSC job might take some time yet wt God u will get there

  5. very nice write up, i adore you guys but d truth is not how good u are in writing c.v and other employment applications, d truth is u most know somebody if u really like to get job in Abuja, ph or any other big employment cities

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