British Council Job in Abuja, Nigeria for a HR Business Partner

The British Council is the world’s leading cultural relations
organization and creates opportunities for people in the UK and
worldwide to understand each other, to work together and learn from one
another. We see this as crucial to building secure, more prosperous
and sustainable futures for us all.
We build trust and
understanding between different countries and cultures and develop
strong international links that are of benefit to people in Britain
and the rest of the world.

British Council is recruiting to fill the below position below:

Job Title: HR Business Partner
Region: SSA
Duration of job: Indefinite Contract
Reports to: Head of HR
Pay Band: 6
Purpose of Job

  • To support the Head of HR in the delivery of HR services in line with corporate standards.
  • The post holder will undertake specific work within HR to
    support the effective management of the BC operation, focusing on our
    Abuja and Kano operations.

British Council Operating Context

  • Nigeria is one of the largest economies in Africa. It is also
    the most populous country with over 180 million citizens. The UK is its
    largest trading partner. Nigeria holds significant political power in
    the region and internationally and its society retains a positive
    attitude to the UK.
  • Therefore, there continue to be major opportunities for the UK
    and BC to build on our strong existing relationships with the Nigerian
    government, institutions and customers/audiences. However, there are
    complex and substantial risks to this work i.e. security and
  • Nigeria is the British Council’s largest operation in
    sub-Saharan Africa with offices in 4 cities – Port Harcourt in the
    south, Kano in the north, Abuja the Federal capital and Lagos the
    commercial centre. We also have a number of project offices across the
  • Our 200 staff work across a range of states delivering large
    scale contracts, partnership programmes, examinations, projects as well
    as services in Arts, Education & Society and English & Exams.
    We are already achieving substantial impact and income (current annual
    income is £27.2 million) and have plans to grow and develop our
    impact further.
  • Partners and clients include government, public and private
    institutions, foundations, private sector organisations and civil
    society. We work closely with the wider UK mission including DFID and


  • 42% of Nigeria’s population is under 14. The government has
    recognised that its Vision 2020 must address the aspirations of this
    young population as part of its drive to achieve peace and prosperity.
    This has led to unprecedented interest and investment in Education, the
    Arts and good governance. This alignment with the UK’s priorities
    creates a growth environment for the British Council.
  • To be successful in this, we need to build understanding with
    our UK stakeholders of Nigeria as an emerging economy with substantial
    commercial and development opportunities as well as the challenges they
    may be more familiar with. In this we will seek to integrate our
    approach with that of the wider UK mission.
  • We intend to expand and scale up our existing programmes,
    contracts and services in the Arts, Education & Society, English
    & Examinations and develop offers to fill important gaps such as in
    Skills. We also intend to ensure that we have a good balance of
    partnership, customer services and client funded work across all these
  • To do all this we need to create the right enabling environment.
    In addition to developing the professional and technical expertise of
    our staff, we need to support them to build their relationships
    within Nigeria, the region and the wider global network. This will
    ensure we develop as well as adopt and use best practice.
  • We also need rigorous and compliant frameworks to support our
    work in areas such as finance, tax & status, security, procurement,
    compliance and quality management. We have new premises in Kano and
    have a major premises project under development in Abuja. However,
    there is still more work to be done, especially in Lagos and Port
    Harcourt to ensure our premises and technology support our brand
    reputation for integrity, innovation and professionalism.
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Accountabilities, Responsibilities and Main Duties
HR Operations:

  • To ensure that managers carry out recruitment and selection
    according to corporate and equal opportunity standards ensuring
    adherence to local employment laws. Ensuring utilization of the HRIS;
    e-recruitment in the selection of new staff.
  • Assist in managing communications for effective dissemination of
    information to employees on wages, Equality Diversity & Inclusion
    (EDI) issues, disciplinary procedures, grievances, benefits and other HR
    policies and practices.
  • Manages employee data with available HRIS (e-HR) system such as
    hires, promotions, transfers, performance reviews, terminations, and
    employee statistics for reporting. To prepare regular or special reports
    necessary for business decisions.
  • To support Head of HR on the delivery of corporate HR strategies
    and plans. To ensure HR plans, issues and failings and risk are
    actively managed and reported to Head of HR for reporting at FCCF and
    ERMF meetings.
  • To ensure adherence to Information Knowledge Management standards of the team.
  • To oversee the induction for all new staff and actively quality
    checking elements of the induction programme to ensure consistency in
    the process across all offices. Collecting feedback on induction
    programmes and acting on feedback provided to improve the process.
  • Manage all aspects of risk associated with the working staff
    including Health Insurance, Life Assurance and Employee compensation. To
    ensure that all staff is covered under the health and life insurance
    scheme. Manage day to day relationship with vendor teams; health
    maintenance organizations, insurance brokers etc. – providing feedback
    to vendor on performance, communicate issues back to Head of HR as
  • To contribute to HR team objectives by attending and contributing to staff meetings.

Learning & Development:

  • To promote a culture of learning, knowledge sharing and teamwork
    by aiding collaboration and creating models for change management.
  • To take responsibility of own personal development by
    undertaking relevant developmental programmes; self-learning, job
    shadow, on the job training. Etc.
  • To assist in arranging regular training on recruitment & selection, performance management etc.
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Employee Relations:

  • In consultation with Head of HR, to receive and respond to inbound employee relations enquiries.
  • To respond to request for information on HR policy interpretation from internal and external clients.
  • To encourage at least 90% of staff to complete the staff survey.
  • To maintain an up to date record of employee relations issues
  • In consultation with Head of HR, to provide guidance,
    consultation and assistance to Line Managers and Staff on matters
    relating to employee disciplinary actions.

Performance Management:

  • To assist Line Managers in ensuring that their team performance
    management system operates to corporate standards and guidelines.
  • Assisting Head of HR in coordinating annual moderations of performance reviews.

Equal Opportunity and Diversity:

  • Assisting Head of HR to ensure BC Nigeria’s strategy identifies and responds to EDI
  • To manage face to face training on specific EDI topics
  • Support head of HR in collating evidence for Diversity Assessment Framework ( DAF) submissions.

Financial Management:

  • To prepare operational budgets. Ensuring value for money in the procurement of services on behalf of the team.
  • In liaison with the Finance team, develop effective strategies for financial wellbeing of the team.

Key relationships: (include internal and external)

  • BC Employees, Staff Association, Senior Leader team Nigeria, SSA
    regional HR team, Local Labour Lawyers, Health Maintenance
    Organization, Insurance Brokers.

Other important features or requirements of the job: (e.g. travel, unsocial/evening hours, restrictions on employment etc):

  • The post holder is expected to visit all four centres of BC
    Nigeria regularly and may be expected to attend events in the evenings
    as required.

Person Specification
Behaviours (Essential):

  • Making it happen  (more demanding) Do I regularly review results
    and look for ways of raising levels of achievement for myself and
  • Connecting with others (more demanding) Do I integrate people of different backgrounds into teams to achieve business objective

Skills and Knowledge – Essential:

  • Managing Projects Level 2
  • Working together (more demanding) Do I work with clients to come up with solutions and gain support
  • Being accountable (demanding) Do I meet my commitments and take
    personal responsibility for the results? Required but not used for
  • Shaping the future (essential)
  • Creating a shared purpose (essential)
  • Communicating & Influencing L2
  • Planning & Organising L2
  • Analysing Data L2


  • About 3 years’ experience in HRM in a multinational organisation
  • Proven track record in:
    • HR Management, able to demonstrate understanding of best practice in HR processes and systems


  • Managing change
  • Knowledge of Nigerian Labour law


  • Degree level education – Essential
  • HR qualifications – Desirable

How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
Click here to apply

Click here to download job details (word)

Click here to download BC Behaviour (pdf)

Application Deadline  30th September, 2016.

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