Planning Controller at APM Terminals

APM Terminals is the global terminal operating arm of the A.P. Moller-Maersk Group. APM Terminals operates a Global Terminal Network of 76 operating port and terminal facilities and 117 Inland Services operations in 59 countries around the globe.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:



Job Title: Planning Controller

Ref.: AT-275029
Location: Lagos, Nigeria
Category: Terminal Operations/Engineering

Key Responsibilities

  • Ensure all equipment necessary to work vessel is ready and at the correct yard location prior to start of operations.
  • Ensure operations are executed in accordance to priorities set by the Shift Manager, report any problem areas of operations and implement the agreed changes to resolve the problems.
  • Maintain a watch over the terminal area for unsafe working practices.
  • Contribute to “on the job” training of staff and undertake other duties within capabilities as required by management.
  • Plans for meal breaks and relief of equipment operators.
  • Monitors the TOS to identify potential clashes and delays in the yard.
  • Ensure the optimum utilization and reduction of idle time for all equipment employed during the designated shift, by monitoring equipment work in the Terminal Operating System (TOS) and allocating equipment where required to achieve planned productivity levels.
  • Develop a thorough understanding of the TOS with regards to equipment control and planning functionality and utilize them to the full in terminal operations.

Yard Equipment Controller (RTG, RS, ECH):

  • At the time of shift change/commencing operation look after all the Yard equipment are logged in VMT/RDT as planned based on manning allocation.
  • If any operator not reported/logged-in VMT/RDT, report to yard foreman/supervisor to trace operator to deploy on machine.
  • Allocate equipment according current workload, rearrange CHE range if required.
  • Monitor the idle time of all Equipment and ensure that the idle time does not exceed beyond a specified limit. Follow up with the concerned operator to resolve problems if any.
  • Follow-up long standing trucks and coordinate with yard supervisor to prioritize the job.
  • Coordinate with gate controller, if any exceptions.
  • Coordinate with execution supervisors to manage exceptions.
  • Monitor operator callback request in TOS and contact the operator on time.
  • In the event to system breakdown/failure, communicate with equipment operators over VHF radio to facilitate execution of operations.
  • Report all exceptions and preparations to Planning superintendent and Shift manager.
  • Always analyze, status of the equipment’s (e.g. breakdown, working, under planned or corrective maintenance).
  • Create Move hour recap (yard operation forecast report) prearrange for following hour operation.
  • If equipment not available or yard congestion advice Vessel planners to change vessel plan or crane program in advance.
  • Inform yard planner about the availability of yard equipment’s in advance to align yard plan accordingly.
  • Follow-up RTGs block to block transferring and movements, Rearrange CHE ranges during real time operation as required.
  • Ensure to allocate RTGs in designated area if scheduled for PM Service and not to interrupt yard operation.
  • Logout all equipment VMT/RDT from XPS prior shift change (5 minutes before shift change).
  • Handover all operational details to following shift and report to Planning supervisor
  • Monitor CHE uncovered jobs and arrange equipment to execute the job.
  • Reduce and increase Equipment’s in operation according operational requirements. Ensure equal distribution of jobs for similar equipment’s at all times.
  • Monitor vessel discharge and loading in progress containers, assure no long waiting trucks in yard for grounding or loading.
  • Report to technical planner if any equipment breakdown and to define priorities. update internal report for further reference.
  • Performs any other tasks assigned by superiors to improve terminal efficiency or performance.

Terminal Truck Controller:

  • At the time of shift change/commencing operation, look after all the TTs are logged in as planned based on manning allocation requirement.
  • If any operator not reported/logged-in VMT, report to TT foreman/Supervisor/OLM to trace and to manage the situation.
  • Communicate the discrepancy between planned and actual figures to OLM and Share the details with Shift Manager.
  • Update all exceptions and preparations to Planning superintendent and Shift manager.
  • Monitor actives jobs and in progress transactions to track trucks waiting/idling and delay.
  • Coordinate with RTG controller to manage longstanding Trucks.
  • Communicate to Yard/vessel planners for rerouting any trucks from planned locations.
  • Analyze at all times, status of the equipment (e.g. breakdown, working, under planned or corrective maintenance). arrange ITV to send to workshop if scheduled for PM service.
  • Logout all ITV from XPS prior shift change (5 minutes before shift change).
  • Communicate with Planning superintendent/Shift Manager to understand the priorities in order to deploy TT in pool associated to POW and turn dispatch mode to truck.
  • Monitor Vessel/Yard related activities to re-arrange Trucks for specific Crane/Yard location, TT to be reduced from busy yard location or special handling at quayside for specific POW.
  • Follow-up ITVS idle time and performance communicate with execution supervisors to handle exceptions.
  • Manage Trucks refuel, break, shift change preparation and any other exceptions by coordination with TT foreman/Supervisor/OLM.
  • Handover all operational details to following shift and report to Planning

We are looking for:

  • High School Diploma plus a College Degree in Logistics, Operations Management, or related discipline.
  • Requires at least two years of work experience as a dispatcher preferably in a container terminal, else within a transportation environment.
  • Must have a proactive approach to improving systems and procedures that will improve operational efficiency.
  • Requires some knowledge of TOS vessel and yard planning systems.
  • Requires an understanding of vessel & yard planning, vessel and yard operations.
  • Has familiarity with the strict implementation of international standards of safe working practices within marine, stevedoring and terminal operations.
  • In depth knowledge of logistics, yard planning/lay-out and container terminal operations.
  • Require a certificate in hazardous cargo handling.
  • Possess effective analytical, numeracy, reporting and problem-solving skills.

Critical Skills:

  • Planning and Organizational skills.
  • Customer Centricity.
  • Problem solver mindset.
  • Lean knowledge.
  • Collaboration.

We Offer

  • APM Terminals offers tremendous growth, career and leadership opportunities for those with the ambition, drive and dedication to become one of the best.
  • An opportunity to be part of a high performance team that ensures APM Terminals is the most efficient, safe and profitable terminals in the region.
  • Working with partners, shareholders, authorities and other stakeholders.



How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should:
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Application Deadline  18th July, 2021.

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