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UNICEF New and Emerging Talent Initiative (NETI) recruitment for Young Professionals 2018

Oct 12, 2018, 9:10 AM

The New and Emerging Talent Initiative (NETI) is an entry point for dynamic professionals interested in an international career with UNICEF. As part of UNICEF’s global talent management strategy, the NETI Programme focuses on attracting, selecting, developing and retaining experienced professionals at mid-career level. NETI participants work actively in multicultural environments within the development and humanitarian arenas to contribute to delivering results for children.


Programme Structure

The New and Emerging Talent Initiative (NETI) is a two-year career support programme for high-caliber candidates who have successfully passed the NETI recruitment process and have been selected for a regular P-3 fixed-term position.*

The NETI programme features many unique components, such as a two-week Orientation in NYHQ, mentoring, external coaching and peer support. Once onboard, NETIs are mentored by seasoned and knowledgeable UNICEF staff members who can help them become organizationally savvy. An external coach will also support NETIs in their career development by guiding them to improve their personal and professional skills  in order to  maximize their performance. NETIs are part of a robust and vibrant community, with features such as a NETI Buddy programme, which connects NETIs from different cohorts, and NETINARs that foster knowledge exchange among NETIs.

Performance management is a key feature of the NETI Programme. All participants go through continuous performance assessments and are evaluated systematically throughout their assignments. At the end of their first year and based on performance review outcomes, NETI participants can be extended for a second year in their specific duty stations.


What Does NETI Offer?

NETI participants have the opportunity to undertake a unique learning and career development path, including a two-week orientation at UNICEF’s New York Headquarters (NYHQ). As part of the orientation, participants attend learning sessions and workshops that are designed to help them acclimate to their new roles and increase their familiarity with the processes of the organization. During the orientation, NETI participants get an overview of the organization’s strategies, initiatives and challenges. Participants will also have networking opportunities with NETI fellows around the globe and New York Headquarters’ staff.

Coaching, Mentoring & Support

NETI participants receive dedicated support for their career development throughout their appointments through the mentoring and external coaching components, which help develop their personal and professional skills and maximize their performance. Additional support is provided by each participant’s respective supervisor in his/her assigned duty station.


Each NETI participant has the opportunity to work with a personal coach to develop his/her competencies. Based on a mutually agreed development plan, the coach provides support to the participant’s interpersonal, communication and leadership competencies required for effective performance. NETIs will also get access to assessments to understand their career preferences and personality, as well as 360 feedback tools which helps with career planning, identifying strengths and potential developmental areas.


NETI participants have the opportunity to choose a mentor, who is a knowledgeable and experienced UNICEF staff member.  The Mentoring Programme is designed to:

  • Develop a better understanding of organizational priorities, policies, and recent developments
  • Identify the most relevant information/documentation from sources inside and outside UNICEF
  • Increase awareness and integration of cross-cutting issues to programming/operations work
  • Obtain a broader perspective on the challenges facing the organization, region, and/or country office
  • Gain insight into the culture and informal communication lines of the organization - how it is really done
  • Understand the organizational rationale behind the business processes (e.g. contracting, approval flows) to avoid misuse of resources and help the flow between process and results
  • Learn how UNICEF works in partnership with other UN agencies and key stakeholders

Supervisor Support

Each NETI participant will work closely with his/her supervisor in the duty station. The supervisor will be responsible for evaluating and reporting performance while providing support to the NETI participant by guiding him/her on specific development needs, which the participant will work on with the help of his/her coach or mentor. Supervisors are strongly encouraged to provide ongoing and continuous feedback on the NETI participant’s performance.


A Strong Community

The NETI Buddy Programme provides helpful peer support that connects new NETI participants with former NETIs to enjoy a more fluent onboarding experience upon joining UNICEF, and gain insight into the components of the NETI Programme.

NETINARS are periodic webinars for NETI participants that serve to foster knowledge exchange and provide updates on the NETI Programme. Responding to what NETI participants are interested in, NETINARS features information on organizational strategies and career development resources.

NETI participants  are also part of the NETI community network. During and after the NETI programme, NETIs continue to receive information about useful opportunities and services.


Eligibility and NETI Programme Requirements

The NETI Programme has lanched the 2018 recruitment campaign in the areas of Emergency and Operations at the P-3 level. Check out to the vacancies and programme details.

The NETI Programme is open for internal and external candidates irrespective of category and level, provided they meet the following minimum requirements. Please refer to the Generic Vacancy Announcement for detailed information.

  • Completion of an advanced university degree (master’s degree or equivalent*) at the time of application.

  • Proficiency in English and working knowledge (B2) of another official language of the United Nations (i.e. Arabic, Chinese, French, Russian or Spanish).

  • Readiness to be assigned to any UNICEF office worldwide, including hardship duty stations, non-family duty stations, and complex emergency operation duty stations

  • A minimum of five years of progressively responsible professional experience. Relevant experience should include, but not limit to, work in developing countries and multicultural environments.

Preference will be given to candidates under 38 years of age.

Educational Requirements
University degrees presented by applicants must satisfy the required level of education and come from accredited academic institutions. Please refer to the IAU list of acceptable higher education institutions at

NETI Competencies
The competencies for the NETI Programme reflect the organization’s core values and the effective work behavior competencies shared by all UNICEF staff. The UNICEF Core Values and Competencies specific to the NETI Programme are listed below.

UNICEF Core Values

  1. Diversity and Inclusion: Treats all people with dignity and respect; shows respect and sensitivity towards cultural and religious differences; challenges prejudice, biases and intolerance in the workplace; encourages diversity wherever possible.
  2. Integrity: Maintains high ethical standards; takes clear ethical stands; keeps promises; immediately addresses untrustworthy or dishonest behavior; resists political pressure in decision-making; does not abuse power or authority.
  3. Commitment: Demonstrates commitment to the organization and UNICEF’s mission; demonstrates UNICEF’s values in daily activities and behaviors; seeks out new challenges, assignments and responsibilities; promotes UNICEF’s cause.

NETI Competencies
  1. Communication: Speaks fluently; expresses opinions, information and key points of an argument clearly; makes presentations and undertakes public speaking with skill and confidence; responds quickly to the needs of an audience and to their reactions and feedback; projects credibility; structures information to meet the needs and understanding of the intended audience; presents information in a well-structured and logical way.
  2. Working with People: Shows respect for the views and contributions of other team members; shows empathy; listens, supports and cares for others; consults others and shares information and expertise with them; builds team spirit and reconciles conflict; adapts to the team and fits in well.
  3. Drive for Results: Sets high standards for quality and quantity; monitors and maintains quality and productivity; works in a systematic, methodical and orderly way; consistently achieves project goals; focuses on the needs and satisfaction of internal/external clients; accepts and tackles demanding goals with enthusiasm.
  4. Formulating Strategies and Concepts: Works strategically to realize UNICEF’s goals; sets and develops strategies; identifies and develops positive and compelling visions of the organization’s future potential; takes account of a wide range of issues across and related to UNICEF.
  5. Relating and Networking: Easily establishes good relationships with external partners and staff; builds wide and effective networks of contacts inside and outside UNICEF; relates well to people at all levels; manages conflict; uses humor appropriately to enhance relationships with others.
  6. Creating and Innovating: Produces new ideas, approaches, or insights; creates innovative ways of designing projects or outputs in own work area; produces a range of solutions to problems.
  7. Adapting and Responding to Change: Adapts to changing circumstances including emergencies and other crises; tolerates ambiguity; accepts new ideas and change initiatives; adapts interpersonal style to suit different people and situations; shows an interest in new experiences.
  8. Leading and Supervising: Provides others with a clear direction; motivates and empowers others; recruits staff of a high caliber; provides staff with development opportunities and coaching; sets appropriate standards of behavior.


Compensation and Benefits

NETI participants are entitled to the same benefits and allowances as United Nations staff members with regular Fixed-Term Appointments.

The remuneration for UNICEF staff in the Professional and above categories is made up of two main elements; a base salary and post adjustment.
Base Salary: The salary scales for the Professional and higher categories are based on five Professional grades (P-1 to P-5), two Director levels (D-1 and D-2) as well as the levels of Assistant Secretary-General and Under Secretary-General. The scales are expressed as gross and net base salaries and applied uniformly, worldwide, by all organizations in the United Nations common system. Please find the current salary scale at the following link: UN ICSC Website  
Post adjustment: Post adjustment is a cost-of-living adjustment designed to provide staff with equivalent purchasing power all duty stations. For further details about post adjustment, see UN ICSC web site.
Depending on the type of contract offered, other benefits include leave, sick leave, dependency allowances, health insurance and pension scheme. In addition, depending on the classification of the duty stations there are additional benefits that may be applicable such as Hardship Allowance, Non-family service allowance, Danger Pay, Rest and Recuperation and more. A more exhaustive list of UNICEF entitlements can be found here.
If you would like to find estimates for your entitlements, you may use the online estimate calculator provided by UNDP here.

NETI candidates in the Emergency P-3 Talent Group might be selected for Temporary Appointment (364 days) and participate the NETI programme for the duration of the assignment. Kindly note the benefits and entitlements for Temporary Appointment is slightly different from fixed-term positions.



How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should Click Here to Apply

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