Another Eye-opening Response From Jobzilla to a User. Please Read.

I read another interesting comment on one of my posts by a user on my blog and I thought I should do yet another post on it. Find the interesting post here.
Here’s his comment:

Guy let’s be realistic 90% of the youth v d ability to start up a
business but the issue is were is the capital to start up I am I
am not boasting I can give 1million youth 1million business ideas I
swear to God. But dis country is just f*cked no access to loan and
facilities. The salaries we get from peanut jobs can only cater for
Necessities that are essential for living. Please don’t blame any
unemployed everyone is trying his/her best after all we r all different.
Subscription is part of necessity in today’s world how do u expect me
to b informed if I don’t v facilities to internet, how do u expect me to
apply for jobs without internet. God bless your good work I am a corp
member and I even have a biz idea dat will employ about 50’000youths in
Ogun state. No one to talk to about it  .

Here’s what I have to say:

Dear Anonymous,

Thank you for your contribution to my blog. I believe that directly or indirectly, your contribution will be of help to someone out there.
Believe me, I know that some people work hard and also make sacrifices, and that’s good enough. Kudos to them. I wish them the best of luck.
However, I also know that some others think they are trying hard enough and making enough sacrifices, when in fact, they aren’t. This post is targeted at the later.

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I’ve seen both kinds of people and I’m embarrassed to say that sometimes I’m guilty of falling into the later set of people.
I could think I’m putting in my best in a situation, and I find myself lamenting about how things are not working and how unfavourable circumstances are. Then I’ll have to consciously remind myself that worry and complaint solve no problems. Only then will my mind open and I start seeing possibilities in doing things better.

Again, consider this analogy:

A 10 year old boy managed to get a cup of milk from his wicked step mother. Unfortunately, he spilled it.
He can choose to look at it, cry and lament over how the cup handle broke, how the soil has quickly soaked it up in seconds, how ants are already taking advantage of his situation and how unfortunate he is.
The fact still remains; cups will break, the soil will always absorb fluid and ants will feed on any available sucrose. These are essential to balance the ecosystem. Whether he likes it or not. His milk is gone! Laws of life.

Alternatively, he could  plead for another cup of milk using various manners of approach.

Approach 1: He could flee the scene of spillage, run to his step-mum and say to her with a sly smile: “Mum I spilled my milk”.
Approach 2: He could also quickly clean up the scene, dispose the broken cup and say to the step-mum with a remorseful face: “Mum, I’m so sorry I spilled the milk you gave me, I was only trying to……….I have cleaned up the mess I made………It won’t happen again.”

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Yeah, I know, I know, both approaches may still not earn him another cup of milk. But who knows, he might still get one. Or a cup of water. Or even a hot slap (yeah let’s face it). But at least he tried and guess what? He’s learning new ways to get back a spilled milk.

I can go on and on and on.

At this point, I needn’t say more about the unemployment situation in Nigeria. Funds are scarce. Jobs are limited. Power supply is epileptic. Fuel is N145. Our problems in Nigeria are endless.

But my question to you again is: Do you want another milk or not? 


  1. Brilliant Response! You proffered solution to the complaints and then drove the point home with relevant analogy. I should have people like you in my inner circle. Can I meet you?
    It is mind transformation that brings about life transformation.

    But let me add a little something to your story to suit the status quo. This is just my thought..

    What if the milk spilled in the hand of the boy's older brother?

    I'd be excited to get a response to this, if you don't mind. My email is


  2. Hello…I am indeed impressed (both to the guy with the question and the one with the answer). Many at times I always feel am not doing enough. I keep striving and striving and every time I didn't get the outcome I envisage, I always have this feeling that the effort is not enough. I hate to blame anyone for my misfortune or otherwise. But haven read ur response to the question above and then correlating the scenario into my life experience something tells me that our reality is far more complicated than that.
    Now to the gentleman with the business idea, let's say I have a million naira waiting to be invested. Just one single viable investment idea will suffice.

    Thank you


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