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Consultant at Education as a Vaccine (EVA)

May 14, 2020, 11:31 PM

Education as a Vaccine (EVA) is a youth-led, youth-focused non-profit organization created to work in partnership with children, adolescents and young people in particular adolescent girls and young women to advance their rights to health and freedom from all forms of violence by strengthening their capacities, providing direct services and influencing policies for improved quality of life.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:


Job Title: Consultant
Location: Abuja, Nigeria
Programme: Partnership to Inspire, Transform and Connect the HIV response (PITCH)
Duration of Engagement: June - September, 2020

Task Purpose

  • Conduct a situational analysis on healthcare financing and civil society participation.
  • Attend the global ‘training of trainers’ workshop organized by the Global Fund
  • Contextualize the Global Fund’s training curriculum for use in Nigeria
  • Facilitate capacity strengthening cascade workshops for Civil Society Organizations on health financing advocacy with focus on domestic resource mobilization for HIV and budget advocacy.

PITCH is a 5-year project (2016-2020) and is part of the policy framework; Dialogue and Dissent of the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The programme’s purpose is to fight HIV/AIDS in 9 countries (Kenya, Uganda, Nigeria, Mozambique, Nigeria, Myanmar, Indonesia, Vietnam and Ukraine) most affected by HIV with a focus on key populations and women and girls. PITCH is a strategic partnership between AIDSFONDS, Frontline AIDS and the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs. PITCH is committed to enabling these groups to transform national HIV responses by strengthening their advocacy skills and capacities and promoting innovative evidence-informed practices. With these skills, it is hoped that this will enable PITCH partners to advocate for a more effective response to ensure all people have equal access to sexual and reproductive health services, including HIV-related services.

PITCH’s Health Financing advocacy project aims to enhance the knowledge and technical expertise of PITCH partners in domestic resource mobilization for HIV and budget advocacy. The objective is to ensure that PITCH partners have the right skills, tools and evidence for credible and effective advocacy. With this project, PITCH will contribute to ensuring meaningful engagement of and advocacy by key and vulnerable populations for financing for HIV, influencing government budgets, ensuring equitable access to quality health services and financial protection for those most vulnerable.

PITCH Nigeria therefore, seeks to engage the services of a consultant in Nigeria to strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations in health financing advocacy. The consultant will be responsible for ensuring that the process is executed in a way that promotes coherence and constructive multi-stakeholder collaboration in an effort to hold the government accountable for the use of funds allocated to health, as well as improve the capacity of participants to advocate for more (domestic) funding for the HIV response.

To achieve this, the project will hire a consultant in Nigeria to strengthen the capacity of civil society organizations in domestic resource mobilization for HIV and budget advocacy in a way that promotes coherence and constructive multi-stakeholder collaboration in an effort to hold then government to account for the level and use of funds allocated to health.

The consultancy aims to:

  • Generate evidence on healthcare financing- domestic resource mobilization and budget advocacy through context analysis, technical brief, and case studies.
  • Develop a contextualized CSOs advocacy training manual on healthcare financing- domestic resource mobilization and budget advocacy.
  • Strengthen the knowledge and technical capacity of PITCH partners on healthcare financing-- domestic resource mobilization and budget advocacy.

Scope of Consultancy
The Consultant will be required to:
  • Conduct a contextual Analysis on Healthcare Financing and Civil Society Participation. The analysis aims to map different healthcare financing models in Nigeria including gaps as well as identify opportunities for civil society participation. It will also identify different mechanisms and requirements, and map civil society’s readiness to participate in the domestic financing mechanisms. The analysis will be done qualitatively through a desk review and interviews with relevant stakeholders, including national and state governments; legislators, private sector and HIV/AIDS and KP civil society organizations.
  • Attend the Global ‘Training of Trainers’ organized by the Global Fund in August 2020 on their Healthcare Financing training curriculum.
  • Contextualize the Global Fund’s Training Curriculum for Nigeria including adding additional sections on budget advocacy, community monitoring and domestic financing for key and vulnerable populations, human rights and community responses.
  • Facilitate Capacity Strengthening cascade workshop(s) on healthcare financing-- domestic resource mobilization and budget advocacy with support from the PITCH Country Focal Point and/or another person.

Key Deliverables:
  • A scan of laws with implication on CSO participation/ operations and Healthcare Financing Mechanisms in Nigeria. These review scans will cover laws related to registration, operations/ participation of CSO; and Healthcare investment, resource mobilization and resource allocation.
  • A Policy/technical brief with an overview of healthcare financing landscape in Nigeria.
  • 3 Case studies or examples of budget advocacy and/or domestic resourcing for health in Nigeria.
  • Attend global training of trainers on healthcare financing organized by Global Fund
  • A training manual on healthcare financing- domestic resource mobilization and budget advocacy.
  • Facilitate capacity strengthening cascade workshop(s) on healthcare financing-- domestic resource mobilization and budget advocacy.

Tentative Time Schedule
No Activity Time:
  • Contract 1-5 June, 2020
  • Development of study instruments:
    • Desk review instrument
    • Interview instrument
    • Agreement on instruments 8-12 June, 2020

  • Analysis on Healthcare Financing and Civil Society Participation 15 June - 6 July, 2020
  • Global Fund Training of Trainers 3-7 August, 2020
  • Adaptation to Global Fund Module:
    • Module development/writing 10-21 August, 2020

  • Training of Trainers Workshop Cascade 24 August - 4 September, 2020.

Qualifications and Experience
  • The Consultant should have at minimum a relevant University Degree.

In addition, the Consultant should possess the following:
  • At least 3 years of proven experience and expertise in health financing-- domestic resource mobilization and budget advocacy
  • Demonstrable experience in the development of training manuals
  • Demonstrable capability to facilitate capacity strengthening workshops for civil society organizations on health financing and budget advocacy
  • Ability to deliver on the different stages of the assignment in an effective and efficient manner
  • Flexibility, willingness to adapt and apply creative measures during the process of the consultancy,
  • At least three clearly stated references for similar assignments previously performed successfully.
  • Preference will be given to a consultant who is able to show the relevant expertise to deliver on all aspects of the assignment, and demonstrate the ability to work seamlessly with key populations of the HIV response.

Note: The consultant will participate in the Global Fund Training, and therefore, will be required to complete and show a completion certification of the full Health Financing Policy for universal health coverage (UHC) course offered online by WHO. The physical workshop is tentatively scheduled to hold in Kenya, and the selected consultant will be funded to participate, as this this is covered by the terms of this consultancy.



How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should submit their technical and financial proposal and other requested documents to: copying

The technical proposal should not be more than 5 pages (typed with font size 12), and should detail the following:

  • Consultant Profile and / or Curriculum Vitae (3½ pages).
  • A capacity statement, including demonstrable ability to handle the assignment, showcasing current linkage with working with CSOs and marginalized populations and highlighting any experience on healthcare financing or budget advocacy; and development of manuals (1 page).
  • A list of at least three recent and relevant organizations where similar services of the Consultant have been utilized including contact details and title of assignment(s) (½ page).

Required Attachment to the Application
  • At least three samples of recent relevant work done that is related to the development of manuals and conducting of context analysis related to the health financing landscape in Nigeria.
  • A budget and a detailed work plan showing your interpretation of the ToR as expressed in this vacancy announcement.

  • Applications should be shared with Education as a Vaccine not later than the deadline, and successful applicants will be contacted within a week with a contract which will outline detailed terms of reference; discussion on payment mode and schedule; timeframe and deliverable for this Consultancy.
  • The Consultant should be ready to start the assignment immediately


Application Deadline  30th May, 2020.

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