Latest Job Vacancies at Solidarites International (SI), 19th July, 2019

Solidarites International (SI) is a French humanitarian organisation operating for over 35 years who is committed to providing aid in the event of conflict and natural disasters. Our mission is to provide aid as quickly and as efficiently as possible to endangered populations by meeting their vital needs: water, food and shelter. SI has started activities in North-eastern Nigeria in August 2016 in the fields of Wash and is now intervening in 4 areas of the state for Wash and Shelter activities. We are recruiting to fill the position below:     Job Title: Warehouse Program Manager for Monguno Common Storage Location: Monguno, Borno Beginning of contract: ASAP Contract duration: 3 months (with possibility of extension) Probation period: 1 months Delocalized status and related benefits: Applicable Mission/Objectives: Logistics Manager

  • To address logistics needs of humanitarian actors working In North-East Nigeria, Solidarites International (SI) Is providing partners with a logistic platform.
  • Under the responsibility of the Field Coordinator and with the support of the coordination team and HQ, the logistic Project Manager will:
    • Manage timely Implementation of the project In collaboration with the partners;
    • Guarantee that the overall project cycle management compiles with SI and donors standards;
    • Oversee monitoring of these activities;
    • Ensure smooth coordination with I/NGOs and other stakeholders;
    • Ensure a correct follow-up of the administrative and logistic aspects of the project;
    • Support the professional development of project staff;
    • Regularly report on activities (statistic. review monthly objectives, etc.);
  • More specifically: the logistic project manager Is responsible of the storage of the goods. He/she organizes, coordinate, supervise and manage reception, storage and handling of the goods.
Main Task
  • Design and ensure the implementation of the organizational framework for the logistic activity
  • Analyse the partners' needs
  • Organize and synchronize the logistic activities according to the partners' specific needs
  • Identify anomalies and malfunctions In the logistic chain and their causes
  • Analyze activities fluctuations and take them Into account
  • Decide on corrective measures In case of malfunction of the delivery chain
  • Be the Interlocutor for the logistic partners
  • Organize frequent meetings with the partners
  • Guarantee proper functioning of the infrastructures and equipment, organize maintenance, reconditioning and usual repairs
  • Ensure that hygiene and safety process are Implemented respected
  • Control partner's supply in order to avoid out of stocks and overstocks
  • Manage the project's budget
  • Optimize the logistic organization: identify equipment and material needs and plan necessary Investments with the coordination's agreement
Representation and external coordination:
  • Under the responsibility of the field coordinator, to represent Solidarites International In the project area with local, national and International organisations to facilitate the Implementation of project activities and explore potential areas for collaboration
  • Upon Field Coordinator's request, to participate in external meetings such as cluster and working groups;
Project management:
  • Storage:
    • Ensure management of the storage areas;
    • Analyze storage, accessibility and circulation of the goods;
    • Organize reception, storage and provision of goods In the warehouse;
    • Ensure that norms and regulations are Implemented and respected (according to the type of goods);
    • Ensure management of entries and out of stock, organization of the receptions on the field and respect the clients' deliveries;
    • Organize goods shipment;
    • Supervise preparation of the goods for shipment;
    • Supervise the Implementation and the monitoring of the storage documentation;
    • Implement stock management tools.
  • Construction and rehabilitation:
    • Control the conformity of the work of the supervisors who are In charge of the platform construction;
    • Control and monitor that platforms construction work Is being Implemented In a timely manner.
  • Implementation:
    • Contribute to the design of SI intervention strategy within his/her area of responsibility;
    • Provide the field coordinator with timely Information regarding the relevant national and international stakeholders In his/her area of intervention, anticipating potential gaps and overlaps;
    • Contribute to the production and review of project documentation and tools;
    • Constantly monitor the follow up of project setup, processes and tools at each Implementation level, In close collaboration with the Technical Advisors and the operational team;
    • Define project's needs and organize the project's resources efficiently to ensure the achievement of expected project's results;
    • Ensure a proper planning and implementation of the project's activities according to the defined strategy and targets. Compile and provide the monthly operational action plans;
    • Follow up and monitor the project activities and achievement of related objectives and Indicators;
    • According to analysts of the situation and evolution of needs, propose adaptations of the project, In tight collaboration with the operational team;
    • Organize needs assessments and surveys and contribute to the design of their methodology.
  • Database management:
    • Oversee Database Officer's work ensuring databases are up-to-date, cleaned up and accessible;
    • Ensure data are property archived and secured;
    • Help develop and provide support to the data collection systems with staff and partners (including Mobile Data Collection tools);
  • Support services:
    • Manage the project's budget: compile and provide monthly budget forecast and ensure regular budget monitoring (request reallocations and revisions if required)
    • Make sure a procurement plan exists and all purchases are properly approved.
  • Team management:
    • Contribute to the recruitment of the project staff and ensure the Integration of new team members (Induction);
    • Ensure a proper human resources supervision in collaboration with the administration department;
    • Ensure that the projects communication and coordination mechanisms within the team and between Its members are dear, well adapted and Implemented properly, especially through regular coordination meetings;
    • Support the operational team members In defining action plans and time-frame for reaching defined goals;
    • Plan and build the capacity of the operational team to Increase their knowledge of the project management cycle and reporting. The aim Is to rise their skills to Junior project manager level;
    • Ensure conflict resolution (personal and professional) within the team with the support of the line manager and participate in the disciplinary procedures if required;
    • In close collaboration with the Admin department, ensure a proper HR follow-up of the staff through regular individual interviews and appraisals;
    • Ensure strict application and respect of SI internal regulations;
    • Fill in attendance sheets and follow up leave requests, sick leaves, and staff movement plans;
    • Control and supervise payments of dally workers;
    • Conduct regular appraisals (on-the-Job and formal appraisal} of the supervised staff.
Internal coordination & reporting:
  • Participate actively to program meetings (weekly meeting, bi weekly operational meeting _,);
  • Liaise with the SI logistic coordinator In order to get the appropriate support to ensure quality requirements are met;
  • Liaise with support departments (Finance, Human Resources and Logistics) In regards with the project activities and In compliance with SI and donors' procedures and tools;
  • Ensure an effective coordination with other Project Managers of the mission;
  • Ensure regular reporting on his/her activities to the Field coordinator and/or mission upon request (coordination meeting, workshop meeting, etc.);
  • Compile and provide a monthly situation report (SITREP);
  • Compile and Provide a monthly Activity Progress Update (APU);
  • Contribute to other reports, project proposals and documentation as required;
  • Deliver a mission report and/or handover document at the end of the mission;
  • Attend debriefing In HQ and provide handover report at the end of the mission.
Lesson learning and institutional Knowledge Building:
  • Provide the Field and Program Coordinator with relevant Information In order to facilitate the Identification of interesting thematic areas for knowledge capitalization and lessons learning purposes;
  • If needed, contribute to the design/adaptation of tools to capture experience, knowledge and know-how;
  • Provide the Field and Program Coordinator with relevant Information In order to facilitate compilation of capitalization and lessons learnt tools.
Ethic and Confidentiality:
  • Respect the confidentiality of all Information and data received:
  • Restrict Information sharing only to relevant Internal staff and not to external sources;
  • Respect and promote Si's policies and report to his/her line manager any break of these policies by SI or partners staff;
  • Address needs and requests in a professional way;
  • Report any incident or act that causes any harm to beneficiary or to others.
Org Chart Position (reporting and functional relationships)
  • Line manager: Field coordinator
  • Line report(s) on base: Entire base logistics team
  • Functional manager: Logistics Coordinator
  • Functional report(s): Logistics Coordinator
Requirements Technical competences:
  • Training: BSc Economic, Management Administration Supply, Social Science
  • Logistics related skills : good knowledge supply chain management , Store management, ICT skill.
  • Microsoft Office ( Excel and Word skills).
  • Management related skills.
Personal abilities:
  • Professional experience: 3 years of experience in similar position (NGO/Private or Public sector)
  • Languages: English, (Hausa, Kanuri a plus)
  • Personal qualities: reliable, honest, very good organization, resistance to stress, good interpersonal skills (communication), team player, capacity to delegate and to manage, initiative and autonomy, capacity of prioritsation of tasks.
Salary and Conditions In accordance with SI’s Terms of Employment; for national staff in Nigeria.       Job Title: Regional Administrator Location: Maiduguri with frequent visits to other locations in Borno Beginning of contract: ASAP Contract duration: 6 months (with possibility of extension) Probation period: 2 months Delocalized status and related benefits: Applicable Job Description/Mission
  • Under the supervision of the administrative coordinator, the administrator carries out administrative, accounting and financial management of his/her base, in compliance with donor and Solidarites International procedures.
  • He/she supervises accounting operations and cash management, and carries out budget follow up in conjunction with the program managers.
  • He/she is also one of those charged with ensuring that Solidarités International’s Human Resources policy is properly implemented at the base.
  • He supports monitors and trains the members of his administrative team.
Main Tasks Administrative Management of Personnel:
  • Apply the formalities provided for sanctions and for termination or breach of contract
  • Supervise the collection of elements needed to establish wages and monitor their proper implementation
  • Calculate taxes, complete returns and make statements and payments to the necessary organizations
  • Assist in defining and applying Solidarités International’s salary and social policies
  • Evaluate risks linked to changes in compensation and social policies
  • Oversee the setting up of legal representation and consultation bodies for personnel at his/her base, and assist in conflict management and resolution
  • Conduct meetings and communication with personnel
  • Track the cost of living
  • Update the mission organization chart.
  • Assist in welcoming and integrating new personnel, ensure they receive administrative briefing
  • Supervise the administrative management of personnel recruitment and hiring at his/her base
  • Supervise the archiving, handling and security of Solidarités International personnel files
  • Draft employment contracts for employees at his/her base, and ensure that they are adhered to
  • Ensure that performance reviews are carried out according to defined procedure, and monitor the professional development of personnel
  • Centralise training requests from teams and set up a training plan
  • Assist in ordering and determining disciplinary measures
Team Management:
  • Define the needs of administrative personnel at his/her base, and recruit according to the resources allocated
  • Train, support and evaluate the administrative team at his/her assignment base
  • Plan and direct the activities of the administrative team
  • Lead meetings for the administrative team
  • Supervise account keeping at his/her base, monitor cash balances
  • Monitor bank books for his/her base and keep the safe
  • Prepare and supervise the monthly closing, review and integration of the accounting for his/her base
  • Verify the accounting files before they are sent to coordination
  • Manage his/her base's cash-flow and ensure that banks and cash boxes are well supplied
  • Manage transfers and monitor the security of funds
  • Formulate cash-flow forecasts with the logistics officer and the program managers
  • Supervise the upkeep and security of safes and cash-boxes
  • Validate all disbursements and commitments of expenditure, in compliance with Solidarités International procedures
Budgetary / FinancialMmonitoring:
  • Update allocation boards for his/her base
  • Update and analyze budget follow up in conjunction with logistic and program teams
  • Make connections between budgetary consumption and activity progress
  • Propose solutions if necessary
  • Monitor functioning costs at his/her assignment base
  • Oversee adherence to donor administrative procedures
  • Aid the administrative coordinator in formulating financial reports and carrying out audits
  • Assist in formulating budgets for new projects
Administrative Management of the Mission:
  • Verify and validate all contracts drafted at the base
  • Assist in selecting Solidarités International premises
  • Ensure administrative monitoring of insurance locations, claims and contracts
  • Establish and maintain relationships with local and regional administrative authorities, monitor regulations in force
  • Take part in meetings relating to administrative aspects, represent Solidarités International on request and/or by order
  • Supervise the sending of administrative files to the coordination
  • Ensure administrative and financial reports are made to the coordination according to the Solidarités administrative calendar
Requirements Technical Competences:
  • Professional experience: at least 3 year of experience in similar position in Finance and Human Resources especially with INGOs
  • Bachelor's Degree in Administration, Management, Accounting or any related fields
  • IT skills : Microsoft software practice, sound Excel skills
Personal Abilities:
  • Dynamic, organized, methodical, team player, with sound communication skills
  • Languages: fluent in English (additional languages a plus)
  • Personal qualities: reliable, honest, very good organization, resistance to stress, capacity to delegate and to manage, initiative and autonomy, capacity of prioritisation of tasks, work under tight deadlines.
Salary and Conditions In accordance with SI’s Terms of Employment; for national staff in Nigeria.       How to Apply Interested and qualified candidates should: Click here to apply Application Procedure/Notice
  • When the above link opens, select Regional Administrator fill the form and attach your CV
  • The CV attached must be named with your name and surname.
  • As position is required as soon as possible, Solidarites International reserves the right to select a candidate and finalize the recruitment before the final date.
  Application Deadline 31st July, 2019.

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