Steam Turbine Operator at Unicane Industries Limited

Unicane Industries Limited started business in Lokoja about 10 years ago. it has its plant sited at Jamata and is into Ethanol refining and Sheabutter production using local raw material (cassava). The company is the largest in Nigeria that is into this business and one of the biggest in Africa.

We are recruiting to fill the position below:


Job Title: Steam Turbine Operator
Location: Lokoja, Kogi
Employment Type: Full-time

Job Description

  • Steam turbine operators operate and maintain machinery which generates power.
  • They ensure the safety of the operations and monitor operations to detect problems, and react to emergency situations.


  • Operating mode of turbines according to the set load schedule
  • Maintenance of steam turbines and ensuring their continuous and economical operation
  • Start-up, stopping, pressing, testing of the equipment being serviced and switching in the thermal circuits of the turbines.
  • Control or maintain auxiliary equipment, such as pumps, fans, compressors, condensers, feedwater heaters, filters, or chlorinators, to supply water, fuel, lubricants, air, or auxiliary power.
  • Record and compile operational data by completing and maintaining forms, logs, or reports.
  • Take regulatory action, based on readings from charts, meters and gauges, at established intervals.
  • Control power generating equipment, including boilers, turbines, generators, or reactors, using control boards or semi-automatic equipment.
  • Operate, control, or monitor gasifiers or related equipment, such as coolers, water quenches, water gas shifts reactors, or sulfur recovery units, to produce syngas or electricity from coal.
  • Operate or maintain distributed power generation equipment, including fuel cells or microturbines, to produce energy on-site for manufacturing or other commercial purposes.
  • Operate, control, or monitor equipment, such as acid or gas carbon dioxide removal units, carbon dioxide compressors, or pipelines, to capture, store, or transport carbon dioxide exhaust.
  • Operate, control, or monitor integrated gasification combined cycle (IGCC) or related equipment, such as air separation units, to generate electricity.
  • Control of measuring instrument readings.
  • Operation of automatic regulators and alarm systems
  • Elimination of emergency situations
  • Identification of failures in eqipment operation and taking measures to eliminate them
  • Taking equipment out for repairs
  • Control, operate, or maintain machinery to generate electric power. Includes auxiliary equipment operation
  • Open and close valves and switches in sequence to start or shut down auxiliary units
  • Control or maintain auxiliary equipment, such as pumps, fans, compressors, condensers, feedwater heaters, filters, or chlorinators, to supply water, fuel, lubricants, air, or auxiliary power.
  • Inspect records or log book entries or communicate with plant personnel to assess equipment operating status.
  • Place standby emergency electrical generators on line in emergencies and monitor the temperature, output, and lubrication of the system.
  • Adjust controls to generate specified electrical power or to regulate the flow of power between generating stations and substations.
  • Control generator output to match the phase, frequency, or voltage of electricity supplied to panels.
  • Communicate with systems operators to regulate and coordinate line voltages and transmission loads and frequencies.
  • Collect oil, water, or electrolyte samples for laboratory analysis.
  • Examine and test electrical power distribution machinery and equipment, using testing devices.
  • Receive outage calls and request necessary personnel during power outages or emergencies.


  • Professional Education (minimum of B.Eng Degree in Heat Power Engineering and Heat Engineering).
  • A minimum of 5 years relevant work experience.



How to Apply
Interested and qualified candidates should forward their CV to: using the Job Title as the subject of the email

Application Deadline  25th November, 2021.

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