Video Editor Job Description

What is the job description of a Video Editor? What are the duties and responsibilities of a Video Editor? What does a Video Editor do?

Job description of a Video Editor

Video Editors manipulate film and video footage to create a coherent and complete project that accurately depicts the film Directors envision. They use complex editing software to piece together stills, footage, sound effects, dialog, and animation effects. Video editors handle the post-production phase of creating videos or films. They bring together raw footage and media and edit these to form videos that are fully ready for viewing.

This work can be laborious, as it involves selecting and organizing footage, sourcing additional media such as music, performing color grading and cleaning up audio, and working with directors for hours at a time, often while trying to meet brisk deadlines.

This Video Editor job description example includes the list of most important Video Editor duties and responsibilities as shown below. It can be modified to fit the specific Video Editor profile you're trying to fill as a recruiter or job seeker.

Video Editor Duties and Responsibilities

Video Editor job description should contain a variety of functions and roles including:

  • Manipulate and edit film pieces in a way that is invisible to the audience
  • Take a brief to grasp production team’s needs and specifications
  • Review shooting script and raw material to create a shot decision list based on scenes’ value and contribution to continuity
  • Trim footage segments and put together the sequence of the film
  • Input music, dialogues, graphics and effects
  • Create rough and final cuts
  • Ensure logical sequencing and smooth running
  • Consult with stakeholders from production to post-production process
  • Continuously discover and implement new editing technologies and industry’s best practices to maximize efficiency.

Video Editor Requirements / Skills / Qualifications

Video Editor job description should include these common skills and qualifications:

  • Bachelor’s degree in Film Studies, Cinematography or related field.
  • Previous work experience as a Video Editor.
  • Hands-on experience with editing software, including Adobe After Effects, Final Cut Pro X, Avid Media Composer, Lightworks, and Premier.
  • Creative and artistic skills.
  • Familiarity with 3D composition and special effects.
  • Portfolio of completed film productions.
  • Ability to work to a tight schedule.
  • Ability to translate ideas into complete projects.

As a hiring manager, recruiting an ideal Video Editor starts with crafting a good job description. Use this Video Editor job description template to save yourself time and help you attract the most qualified candidates. Feel free to revise it to meet your specific needs.

Job seekers interviewing for the role of a Video Editor may also reference it in preparation for the interview.