HSE Officer Job Description

What is the job description of a HSE Officer? What are the duties and responsibilities of a HSE Officer? What does a HSE Officer do?

Job description of a HSE Officer

HSE officers, also known as health, safety, and environment officers and environment health and safety officers, monitor health and safety, assess risk, and offer safety advice to reduce potential hazards within an assigned workplace or geographic area.

Private companies and government offices hire HSE officers to work full daytime weekday hours, both in office environments and out in the field. HSE officers manage and train other health and safety staff members and frequently travel to perform field investigations and respond to incident reports.

This HSE Officer job description example includes the list of most important HSE Officer duties and responsibilities as shown below. It can be modified to fit the specific HSE Officer profile you're trying to fill as a recruiter or job seeker.

HSE Officer Duties and Responsibilities

HSE Officer job description should contain a variety of functions and roles including:

  • Making regular site inspections
  • Planning safe working practices and making necessary changes
  • Keeping up to date and ensuring compliance with current health and safety legislation
  • Ensuring that equipment is installed correctly/safely
  • Writing reports, bulletins and newsletters
  • Undertaking risk assessments
  • Identifying potential hazards
  • Determining ways of reducing risks
  • Liaising with relevant authorities
  • Organising/attending health and safety meetings
  • Safely handling hazardous substances
  • Compiling statistics
  • Making recommendations following accidents/incidents
  • Keeping up to date with developments within the profession
  • Making presentations to groups of employees/managers.
  • Providing health and safety training courses for employees and managers
  • Investigating/recording incidents, accidents, complaints and cases of ill health
  • Writing internal health and safety policies/strategies
  • Drawing-up safe operational procedures

HSE Officer Requirements / Skills / Qualifications

HSE Officer job description should include these common skills and qualifications:

  • A bachelor’s degree in a health, safety, or environmental field of study
  • x years’ experience in health and safety.
  • HSE Qualification such as NEBOSH General Certificate or equivalent
  • In depth knowledge of legislation (e.g. OSHA/EPA) and procedures
  • Proficient in all Microsoft Applications.
  • Excellent written and verbal communication skills
  • Good organization skills
  • Good analytical skills and the ability to think critically
  • Good public speaking skills
  • Leadership skills

As a hiring manager, recruiting an ideal HSE Officer starts with crafting a good job description. Use this HSE Officer job description template to save yourself time and help you attract the most qualified candidates. Feel free to revise it to meet your specific needs.

Job seekers interviewing for the role of a HSE Officer may also reference it in preparation for the interview.